Legislation # 10-0138 Enactment Number Z10-10
Type Briefing / Presentation / Hearing Effective Date none
Introduction Date 5/12/2010
Title Consideration of application for dance hall permit by Marching Elites Association for 227 East Mercury Boulevard.
Legislation History 10-0138
DateNotice Of ActionDescription
11/1/2010 Enactment Number Z10-10
5/30/2010 Removed - may be brought back at a later date under a new agenda item
5/12/2010 Deferred Generally
4/5/2010 Received By Clerk's Office
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Yeatts Memo.DOC Memorandum 27K Memorandum
Marching Elites #2.doc Letter 25K Neighborhood Letter
Legislation Text 10-0138
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