Legislation # 06-0767 Enactment Number none
Type Planning Actions - Plan Amendment Effective Date none
Introduction Date 1/10/2007
Title Community Plan Amendment #009-2006 – Buckroe Master Plan: Bayfront Initiative proposal by the City of Hampton to amend the Bayfront Initiative portion of the adopted Buckroe Master Plan.
Legislation History 06-0767
DateNotice Of ActionDescription
1/24/2007 Moved to suspend Roberts' Rules of Orders and make the previous vote of Council a unanimous vote in favor of the motion as stated.
1/24/2007 Moved to endorse the Option B package of amendments to the 2005 Buckroe Master Plan: Bayfront Initiative with the following changes/additions: 1. The illustrated concepts for development on both sides of the publicly owned and privately owned property should be viewed as only one concept and not the only type of development that could be considered. These recommendations should be flexible to allow for a variety of exposures to market conditions. 2. The Bayfront Initiative should be flexible to allow a mix of housing types ranging from high-density detached single-family units, to mansion-style condominiums, townhouses and higher density condominiums “flats” and “stacked” condominiums. City Council can evaluate both the timing and quality of the development proposals for each respective development parcel on their individual merits as they are submitted for review. 3. Generally the public developed sites (generally known as “B” blocks) identified in Option B, should be developed at a lower density than the private development sites located south of Point Comfort Avenue (Abbott, Dixon, Huff, Riley). 4. The proposed curved extension of Point Comfort Avenue to Resort Boulevard should terminate at the proposed Buckroe Pier site and should not permit vehicular traffic to connect to Bayshore Lane. 5. A small green area should buffer the pier parking lot from the residential area to the south. Pedestrians and bicycle connections should connect the terminus of Resort Boulevard to Bayshore Lane to permit pedestrian and bicycle connections to the proposed beach and recreation area at the north end of Fort Monroe. 6. South First Street should be designated as the main connection to Atlantic Avenue and to proposed northern connection to Fort Monroe.
1/24/2007 Held Public Hearing
1/10/2007 Held Public Hearing - Action on this item is scheduled for the Council meeting on January 24, 2007. There were twelve (12) speakers on this item.
1/10/2007 Presented by Terry P. O'Neill, Planning Director; Jessica Norgren, Senior Architect; James Freas, Senior City Planner; Joan Kennedy, Director of the Neighborhood Office; and Jim Wilson, Director of Parks and Recreation.
12/27/2006 Received By Clerk's Office
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Council Notebook Other 0K Council Notebook
Buckroe Bayfront Amendment Recommendation Memo.pdf Memorandum 18K Buckroe Bayfront Amendment Recommendation Memo
Buckroe MP Option E Recommendation.pdf Other 50K Buckroe MP Option E Recommendation
Buckroe Redesign_Analysis.pdf Other 3192K Buckroe Redesign Analysis
Buckroe_Presentation.pdf Power Point Presentation 4453K Buckroe Presentation
Buckroe_Timeline.pdf Other 32K Buckroe Timeline
CitizenPlansNotes_Oct3&4_2006.pdf Other 56K Citizen Plans Notes October 2006
LetterUDABuckroe.pdf Letter 3719K Letter UDA Buckroe
NeighborhoodOffice_Memo.pdf Memorandum 166K Neighborhood Office Memo
OptionA_Plan.pdf Other 3776K Option A Plan
OptionB_Plan.pdf Other 3764K Option B Plan
OptionC_Plan.pdf Other 3696K Option C Plan
OptionD-1_Plan.pdf Other 3704K Option D1 Plan
OptionD_Plan.pdf Other 3676K Option D Plan
OptionE_Plan.pdf Other 3791K Option E Plan
Parks&Rec_Memo.pdf Memorandum 317K Parks and Recreation Memo
Buckroe 1 24 07 Council Supplemental Package.pdf Other 22180K Supplemental Information from Planning - 1/24/07
BMP Presentation City Council_12407.ppt Power Point Presentation 19331K Presentation - January 24
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