Legislation # 06-0687 Enactment Number none
Type Briefing / Presentation / Hearing Effective Date 12/13/2006
Introduction Date 12/13/2006
Title PUBLIC HEARING regarding the sale of approximately 17,610 sq. ft. and the franchise of 1,433 sq. ft. of real property located at Settlers Landing Road and known as 602 Settlers Landing Road, portion of RPC No. 2002990 to WSMZ, L.L.C. pursuant to the authority set forth in ยงยง15.2-1800 and 15.2-2100 of the Code of Virginia of 1950, as amended.
Legislation History 06-0687
DateNotice Of ActionDescription
1/16/2007 Removed This item was replaced by 07-0013 which is the same item with the exception that the advertising was CORRECTED. Item 06-0687 was advertised as 17,610 sq. ft. for 12/13 and was deferred to 1/24. It has now been readvertised as 18,608.9 and is scheduled for 1/24/07.
12/20/2006 Deferred (1/24/2007)
12/13/2006 Moved to remove item 06-0687 and direct the City Manager to stop further efforts on the proposed development. The motion died for lack of a second.
11/21/2006 Received By Clerk's Office
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Legislation Text 06-0687
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