Legislation # 07-0496 Enactment Number none
Type Discussion by Council Effective Date none
Introduction Date 9/24/2007
Title Discussion of Hampton's Legislative Priorities
Legislation History 07-0496
DateNotice Of ActionDescription
9/28/2007 No Action Required
9/24/2007 Council had a discussion with members of the legislative delegation about Hampton's priorities for the upcoming General Assembly session.
9/12/2007 Received By Clerk's Office
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Fire Fingerprinting One Pager (2).doc Advertisement 25K Fire Department Background Checks
Eminent Domain One-Pager (2).doc Advertisement 26K Eminent Domain
K-12 Rebenchmarking One-pager (2).doc Advertisement 27K K-12 Rebenchmarking
Comm Tax One-Pager (2).doc Advertisement 34K Communications Tax Legislation Amendments
Virginia Enterprise Zone Program One Pager (2).doc Advertisement 26K Virginia Enterprise Zone Program
Predatory Lending One-Pager (2).doc Advertisement 26K Predatory lending
400th Anniversary One Pager (2).doc Advertisement 32K 400th Anniverary Celebration
Workforce Development One Pager (2).doc Advertisement 27K Workforce Development Study
Pilot Wireless One Pager (2).doc Advertisement 27K Pilot Wireless Project
Fort Monroe One-Pager (2).doc Advertisement 26K Reimbursement for Expenses Related to Fort Monroe
HRBT Study One-pager (2).doc Advertisement 31K Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel Study
NIA One-Pager (2).doc Advertisement 44K National Institute of Aerospace Research Building
Cyber Command One Pager (2).doc Advertisement 31K Support for Air Force Cyber Command
Final 2008 Leg Chart (2).doc Advertisement 49K Legislative Priorities - 2008 General Assembly
Legislation Text 07-0496
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