Legislation # 14-0470 Enactment Number none
Type Rezoning Application Effective Date none
Introduction Date 12/10/2014
Title Rezoning Application No. 14-00004: Proposal by Mawusi Scott Properties II, LLC to rezone + 4.606 acres at 3217 Commander Shepard Boulevard (LRSN 6000976) and (LRSN 6000977) in the Langley Research and Development Park from Limited Manufacturing (M-1) District to Limited Commercial (C-2) District with proffers, to facilitate the development of a day care, greenhouse, and a second-hand store. Approval of this application would permit a day care establishment for children, a greenhouse for growing fruits, vegetables, and plants, and a second-hand store. This application accompanies Use Permit Application No. 14-00016 for Day Care 3, where the applicant is requesting permission to operate a day care for a maximum of 100 children, ages 0 months to 12 years old.
Legislation History 14-0470
DateNotice Of ActionDescription
1/14/2015 Approved
12/10/2014 Deferred (1/14/2015)
11/28/2014 Received By Clerk's Office
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Attorney Certificate of Title.pdf Other 3588K Certificate of Title
NAO-2014-01016_AgapeFoundation_PrelimJD.pdf Other 2612K Wetlands Deliniation Prelim
RZ 14-00004 Agape Application_FINAL.pdf Application 509K Application
RZ 14-00004 Agape Concept Plan.pdf Other 404K Concept Plan
RZ 14-00004 Agape Narrative.docx Other 22K Narrative
RZ 14-00004 Agape SCC Proof.docx Other 266K SCC Proof
RZ 14-00004 Agape Staff Report - CC FINAL.docx Staff Report 9391K Staff Report
RZ 14-00004 Agape Traffic Circulation Plan.pdf Other 304K Traffic Circulation Plan
RZ 14-00004 Proffer Agreement SIGNED.pdf Other 98K Proffer
RZ 14-00004 Resolution.pdf PC Resolution 297K Resolution
RZ Survey and Legal Desc.pdf Plat 684K Survey
RZ Wetland Determination Form.pdf Other 1809K Wetland Determination Form
RZ14-00004 Agape Community Meeting Letter.pdf Letter 283K Community Meeting Letter
REVISED_RZ14-00004 Agape CC Pres.pptx Power Point Presentation 13539K Revised Presentation
Legislation Text 14-0470
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