Legislation # 07-0627 Enactment Number none
Type Discussion by Council Effective Date none
Introduction Date 11/19/2007
Title Review of Mid-Cycle Capital Improvement Projects
Legislation History 07-0627
DateNotice Of ActionDescription
11/19/2007 Council discussed various out of budget cycle capital initiatives.
11/19/2007 No Action Required
11/8/2007 Received By Clerk's Office
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Compiled Listing Council Initiatives_11082007doc.pdf Other 88K Compiled Listing Council Initiatives
OTHER COUNCIL INITIATIVES2.xls Other 23K Council Initiatives - Other
DREDGING INITIATIVES2.xls Other 44K Dredging Initiatives
DRAINAGE INITIATIVES2.xls Other 44K Drainage Initiatives
COMMUNITY AND MASTER PLAN INITIATIVES2.xls Other 54K Community and Master Plan Initiatves
OPERATIONAL INITIATIVES2.xls Other 68K Organization Initiatives
CITY MANAGER AND STAFF RECOMMENDATIONS2.xls Other 29K Manager's Recommendation
Organization Initiatives.jpg Other 699K Chart - Organization Initiatives
Comm Master Plan Initiatives.jpg Other 906K Chart - Community and Master Plan Initiatives
Council Initiatives.jpg Other 664K Chart - Council Initiatives
Drainage Initiatives.jpg Other 766K Chart - Drainage Initiatives
Dredging Initiatives.jpg Other 839K Chart - Dredging Initiatives
Comm Master Plan Initiatives.jpg Other 906K Chart - City Manager Recommendation
Legislation Text 07-0627
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