Legislation # 07-0177 Enactment Number none
Type Briefing / Presentation / Hearing Effective Date none
Introduction Date 3/28/2007
Title Briefing on the Hampton River Navigation Improvement Project (Dredging).
Legislation History 07-0177
DateNotice Of ActionDescription
3/28/2007 Presented by Ken Dierks and Pete Crum of Kimley-Horn.
3/20/2007 Received By Clerk's Office
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Presentation 3.28.07 v2.ppt Power Point Presentation 24031K Presentation
Planimetric Ancillaries 5&6 (8.5x11).pdf Other 183K Planimetric Ancillaries 5 and 6
Planimetric Ancillaries 7&12 (8.5x11).pdf Other 181K Planimetric Ancillaries 7 and 12
Planimetric Ancillaries Zone 3 (8.5x11).pdf Other 183K Planimetric Ancillaries Zone 3
Planimetric Ancillary 11 (8.5x11).pdf Other 172K Planimetric Ancillary 11
Planimetric Ancillary 15 (8.5x11).pdf Other 181K Planimetric Ancillary 15
Planimetric Ancillary 16 (8.5x11).pdf Other 161K Planimetric Ancillary 16
Planimetric Ancillary Zone 1 (8.5x11).pdf Other 147K Planimetric Ancillary Zone 1
Project Overview (Aerial).pdf Other 11530K Project Overview (aerial)
Project Overview (Planimetric).pdf Other 738K Project Overview (Planimetric)
Legislation Text 07-0177
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