Legislation # 08-0091 Enactment Number none
Type Planning Actions - Use Permit Effective Date 3/12/2008
Introduction Date 3/12/2008
Title Use Permit Application No. 1034 by New Mount Olive Baptist Church for a school at 66 Big Bethel Road. [LSRN: 3005819, 3005821, 3005822, 3005823, 3005824, 3005826 and 3005828]
Legislation History 08-0091
DateNotice Of ActionDescription
3/12/2008 Approved
3/12/2008 Held Public Hearing - There were no speakers on this item.
3/3/2008 Received By Clerk's Office
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UP1034_Application.pdf Application 494K Application
UP1034_Staff_Report_Scan.pdf Staff Report 5639K Staff Report
Scan_PC_Resolution_UP1034.pdf PC Resolution 66K PC Resolution
UP1034_SitePlan.pdf Other 559K Site Plan
UP_1034_Elevations.pdf Other 6504K Elevations
UP_1034_ARF.pdf Advertisement 87K Agenda Review Form
Revised_UP#1034 conditions.doc.pdf Other 106K Conditions
CityCounci_UP_1034_POWERPOINT.ppt Power Point Presentation 5414K PowerPoint
Legislation Text 08-0091
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