Legislation # 10-0404 Enactment Number none
Type Briefing / Presentation / Hearing Effective Date none
Introduction Date 9/22/2010
Title Minority Business Program - One Year Update
Legislation History 10-0404
DateNotice Of ActionDescription
9/22/2010 Presented by Carolyn Boyer, Chair of the Purchasing and Procurement Oversight Committee. She acknowledged the other members of the committee who were present: Eddie Deerfield, William Pearson, and Michael Graves. A power point presentation was given by Jessica Spencer, Minority Business Coordinator.
9/13/2010 Received By Clerk's Office
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Mrty Bus Prgm_City Council_Oct 2010.ppt Power Point Presentation 1106K Minority Business Program Update for City Council
REVISED - Mrty.Bus.Prgm.CityCouncil.2010.ppt Power Point Presentation 2210K REVISED - Final Presentation
Legislation Text 10-0404
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