Legislation # 06-0722 Enactment Number none
Type Ordinance - Zoning Map Effective Date none
Introduction Date 12/13/2006
Title Rezoning Application No.1236 by Spivey Disposal L.L.C to rezone 228 Salters Creek Road from Limited Manufacturing District (M-2) to Heavy Manufacturing District (M-3) with conditions for a Material Recovery Facility.
Legislation History 06-0722
DateNotice Of ActionDescription
1/10/2007 Approved
1/10/2007 Held Public Hearing - Items 18 and 19 were heard together. There were no speakers present.
12/20/2006 Adopted on First Reading
12/20/2006 Held Public Hearing
12/3/2006 Received By Clerk's Office
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RZ1235 Salters Creek.ppt Power Point Presentation 506K PowerPoint Presentation
RZ1236.SR.doc Staff Report 614K Staff Report
V2T22.BMP Exhibit 1835K Building Elevation 1
V2T26.BMP Exhibit 2298K Building Elevation 2
1236survey.pdf Legal Description 68K Property Survey
1236 proffer statement.pdf Application 87K Proffer Statement
1236Application.pdf Application 519K Application
1236finalresolution.pdf PC Resolution 77K Planning Commission Resolution
Legislation Text 06-0722
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