Legislation # 13-0305 Enactment Number none
Type Planning Actions - Use Permit Effective Date none
Introduction Date 8/14/2013
Title Use Permit Application No. 1086-2013: Proposal by Manx Developers to operate a shelter for the purpose of accommodating the Salvation Army Transitional Housing Program for United States Veterans and the Emergency Family Housing Program at 3361 Commander Shepard Boulevard [LRSN 6000970].
Legislation History 13-0305
DateNotice Of ActionDescription
10/9/2013 Denied
10/9/2013 Held Public Hearing - there were 14 speakers on this matter. Council took a 5 minute recess.
10/9/2013 Presented by Alison Alexander, City Planner. Major Kim Feinauer and Paul R. Greggs, representing the applicant, also spoke.
8/14/2013 Deferred (10/9/2013)
8/14/2013 Held Public Hearing - no speakers were present as the potential deferral of this item was stated earlier in the meeting.
8/2/2013 Received By Clerk's Office
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UP1086_completeapplication.pdf Application 2350K Application
UP1086_letters of support.pdf Letter 3384K Letters of Support
UP1086_staff report.doc Staff Report 5860K Staff Report
UP 1086_PC resolution.pdf PC Resolution 258K PC Resolution
UP1086_conditions.pdf Other 1120K Conditions - Updated
UP 1086-2013.ppt Power Point Presentation 4432K Presentation - Updated
Legislation Text 13-0305
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