Legislation # 06-0736 Enactment Number none
Type Planning Actions - Use Permit Effective Date none
Introduction Date 12/13/2006
Title Use Permit Application No. 1019 by Marcellus “Boo” Williams to construct and operate a 130,000 square foot sports complex with accessory uses at Armistead Pointe.
Legislation History 06-0736
DateNotice Of ActionDescription
12/20/2006 Approved
12/20/2006 Held Public Hearing
12/3/2006 Received By Clerk's Office
View Attachments 06-0736
UP1019 Boo Wms Sportsplex.ppt Power Point Presentation 3646K PowerPoint Presentation
term_sheet_final.DOC Other 73K Summary of Terms
boo_Staff Report.doc Staff Report 886K Staff Report
Boo Wil A-1D.PDF Exhibit 395K Building Layout
Boo Wil Site 3.PDF Exhibit 671K Conceptual Site Plan
SPORTSPLEX_30_Oct2006.pdf Exhibit 13461K Conceptual Diagram of Armistead Pointe
APPLICATION.pdf Application 308K Application
PC RESOLUTION.pdf PC Resolution 148K PC Resolution
Legislation Text 06-0736
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