Legislation # 10-0503 Enactment Number none
Type Discussion by Council Effective Date none
Introduction Date 12/8/2010
Title Discussion of Resolution of the City of Hampton Wetlands Board Requesting City Council to Adopt a Coastal Primary Sand Dunes and Beaches Ordinance Pursuant to Virginia Code Section 28.2-1403
Legislation History 10-0503
DateNotice Of ActionDescription
12/9/2010 Removed - This matter will be considered at a later date. added to my 'pending' list - won't come back to Council until after Waterways committee has concluded their work
12/8/2010 Deferred Generally to be considered later in the context of the Waterways Management Plan that is being developed at this time by a citizen committee and at such time as the staff can come forward with data and a recommendation.
12/8/2010 Presented by David Morris, Vice Chairman of the Wetlands Board. He briefly explained that this service is currently being provided by the Virginia Marine Resources Commission but the Wetlands Board believes it might be better for the City to take on this role.
11/24/2010 Received By Clerk's Office
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Coastal Primary Sand Dunes & Beaches Act.doc Exhibit 50K Model Ordinance
Resolution Coastal Primary Sand Dunes & Beaches.pdf Exhibit 112K Resolution from Wetlands Board
Legislation Text 10-0503
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