Legislation # 08-0020 Enactment Number none
Type Resolution Effective Date none
Introduction Date 1/23/2008
Title Resolution in Support of Locating Air Force Cyber Command in Hampton, Virginia
Legislation History 08-0020
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1/23/2008 Adopted - John Eagle, Assistant City Manager presented information. He was accompanied by Business Development Manager, Mike Yazkowsky.
1/11/2008 Received By Clerk's Office
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City of Hampton, Virginia


22 Lincoln Street

Hampton, VA 23669



File Number: 08-0020


Enactment Number: -


Resolution in Support of Locating Air Force Cyber Command in Hampton, Virginia



WHEREAS ,the Air Force recognizes cyberspace as a warfighting domain, along with air and space, in which the United States must fight to gain and maintain superiority over enemies that view technology as a potential weapon to use against us, and


WHEREAS, in that regard, the Air Force has determined that in order to gain and maintain this superiority in cyberspace it must create a new command, Cyber Command, dedicated to this warfighting domain, and


WHEREAS, Senator Warner, Senator Webb, Congresswoman Drake, Congressman Forbes, Congressman Scott, the Hampton Roads Mayors and Chairs Caucus, and a number of regional entities have all publicly extolled the virtues of Hampton as the ideal home for the new command, and


WHEREAS, a compelling business case can be made that locating Cyber Command in Hampton would allow the Air Force to leverage existing military cyberspace efforts by locating it adjacent to other military, government and private entities engaged in cyberspace-related research, and


WHEREAS, consolidating Cyber Commands activities with other military activities will achieve operational efficiencies and provide savings for the Air Force in this time of lean budgets, and


WHEREAS, the Global Cyberspace Integration Center is located in Hampton directly outside of Langley Air Force Base, and has already been designated as a major contributor in the work of Cyber Command, and


WHEREAS, the City of Hampton owns 250 acres of state of the art research park space contiguous to the Global Cyberspace Integration Center which can be custom built to Air Force specifications for use for Cyber Commands headquarters, and


WHEREAS, the City of Hampton also has a number of additional options for housing the command, including readily available space at the Global Cyberspace Integration Center, as well as the Air Operations Center and the National Institute of Aerospace, and


WHEREAS, the Hampton Roads region is already home to many world-class military installations, including the Air Forces Air Combat Command headquarters, Joint Forces Command, Naval Fleet Forces Command, NATO Allied Command Transformation, and other defense installations providing a collection of synergistic military talent exclusive to Hampton Roads, and


WHEREAS, the Hampton Roads region also offers the benefit of an incredibly capable and ready workforce, contributed to by the exceptional higher education presence in the Commonwealth, the large number of personnel exiting the military annually in the region, as well as the many defense related sub-contractors in the area such as Northup Grumman, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, CSC, CACI, L-3 Communications, Boeing, SAIC and others


WHEREAS, the Hampton Roads region has a track record for responsiveness and has demonstrated their ability to partner with the Air Force to provide quick solutions and rapid turn-around,


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the City of Hampton is perfectly suited to provide a quality, responsive, capable, sustainable, and fully-ready site for Air Force Cyber Command to perform its critical mission, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the City of Hampton expresses its unwavering support for making Hampton, Virginia, the permanent site of the AFCYBER Command Headquarters, and, hereby requests that the Air Force will personally visit the City of Hampton in order to see first-hand the wealth of assets and resources available to the Air Force in the region


Adopted at the regular meeting of the City Council of the City of Hampton, Virginia held on January 23, 2008.




Signed by ____________________________ Date _________________

Ross A. Kearney, II, Mayor




Attested by ____________________________ Date _________________

Katherine K. Glass

Clerk of the Council