Legislation # 13-0154 Enactment Number none
Type Briefing / Presentation / Hearing Effective Date none
Introduction Date 5/1/2013
Title Public Hearing to Receive Citizens' Comments Relative to the Fiscal Year 2014 Budget, and proposed taxes and fees, including: General Operating Budget (“General Fund”) Capital Projects Fund Budget Solid Waste Management Fund Budget Stormwater Management Fund Budget Wastewater Management Fund Budget Fleet Services Fund Budget Risk Management Fund Budget Information Technology Fund Budget Steam Plant Fund Budget Hampton Coliseum and Arts Fund Budget Hampton Roads Convention Center Fund Budget The Hamptons Golf Course Budget The Woodlands Golf Course Budget Economic Development Fund Budget Proposed Personal Property Tax Rate Proposed Real Estate Tax Rate (Increase) Proposed Stormwater User Fee (Increase) Proposed Hotel Lodging Fee (New)
Legislation History 13-0154
DateNotice Of ActionDescription
5/1/2013 Held Public Hearing - Beverly Mack, Claudia Dickens, Norma Vonda Salaam, Tracy M. Synaker, Yusef El Amin, and Dawud “Abby” Abayomi spoke in support of keeping Old Hampton Community Center open. Alan Booth, Michael York, Gaylene Kanoyton, Eleanor Kimball, Valarie Watts, Ja’Rae Bolton, Jason Samuels, Gineff I. McKinney, Carlton Ashby, Jennifer Flowers, Milan Brooks, and Katherine Forny Duval spoke in support of Hampton City Schools. Chaunce Brown spoke about community. Rudy Langford thanked Michele Woods-Jones, Jim Wilson, Dr. Shifflette and Ms. Bunting and indicated the City should support Hampton University and renovate the Old Hampton Community Center. Peggy Mertz spoke in support of Hampton City Schools and indicated that military families use parks, libraries and community centers. Archie Allen commended Jim Wilson for the work in Mill Point Park and indicated that Downtown Hampton is a jewel. He thanked Council for leaving the boat and RV tax alone. Haywood Holder and Kate McOmber Mona spoke in support of the Downtown Hampton Child Development Center. Yousra Nafea spoke in support of the arts. David Dietrich indicated he supports teachers but not administrators, the City Council or the School Board. Edwin Boone spoke about properties acquired by the City and taken off the tax rolls. Tony Casparriello spoke about taxes other than the real estate tax and supports the school budget. He asked that a homestead policy be considered. Joan Charles spoke about wants and needs and said the City doesn’t need a tax increase that large. She stated the City shouldn’t buy more property and should hold up on the courthouse. Lisa Cumming stated that the real estate tax lowest in the region but when you add in fees, it equals out. She suggested that non-departmental funds and Youth & Family Services have redundant services and that golf courses run at deficit. Grace Lassiter gave her support to Hampton City Schools, Downtown Hampton Child Development Center and Old Hampton Community Center. Tom Newton and Rusty Gates talked about crime in Wythe and the need for more resources. Hugh Bassette stated he is not against a tax increase but .23 is too much. He supports renovating the Old Hampton Community Center. Frank Ottofaro, Jr. asked how Hampton reached the point of being $13 million short. Martha Mugler, Chair of the Hampton School Board, advocated for spending on the education budget. Cody Prosozo thanked everyone for their opinions and spoke on attaining goals. Ricky Rochelle signed up to speak but wasn’t present when called.
4/25/2013 Received By Clerk's Office
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