Legislation # 09-0238 Enactment Number none
Type Ordinance - Zoning Map Effective Date none
Introduction Date 6/10/2009
Title Rezoning Application No. 1280 by the City of Hampton and the Hampton Redevelopment and Housing Authority (HRHA) to rezone four parcels totaling 7.81± acres from One Family Residence District (R-9), Neighborhood Commercial District (C-1), Limited Commercial District (C-2), and Special Public Interest District – Buckroe (SPI-B) to Special Public Interest – Buckroe Bayfront District (SPI-BBD) for single-family, multi-family, and mixed use commercial and residential development. The area to be rezoned consists of four parcels; the first being four City-owned lots totaling 3.96+ acres in the block bounded by North Mallory Street, Pembroke Avenue, South 2nd Street, and Point Comfort Avenue, and excluding 220 Point Comfort Avenue; the second being one City-owned lot totaling 1.36+ acres bounded by Point Comfort Avenue, South 2nd Street, Coaster Way, and South 1st Street; the third being one City-owned lot totaling 1.66+ acres bounded by South 2nd Street, Buckroe Avenue, South 1st Street, and Boardwalk Way; and the fourth consisting of an area that includes four Hampton Redevelopment and Housing Authority lots and one City-owned lot totaling .82+ acre, located on the north side of Pembroke Avenue, between North Mallory Street and South 2nd Street, and south of the first alley parallel to Pembroke Avenue at a depth of 115 feet.
Legislation History 09-0238
DateNotice Of ActionDescription
7/8/2009 Council - on July 8, 2009, the Buckroe Beach Bayfront Park Committee filed peitions for referendum according to Section 3A-10 of the Hampton City Charter. On July 10, 2009, additional petitions were filed. Pursuant to Section 3A-11 of the Charter, the Clerk will present the petition to the Council at its next regular meeting, and thereupon the Council shall consider the ordinance.
6/10/2009 Approved
6/10/2009 Moved to vote on each lot individually. The motion died for lack of a second.
6/10/2009 Held Public Hearing - There were 26 speakers on this item.
6/10/2009 Presented by James A. "Pete" Peterson, Assistant City Manager; Terry P. O'Neill, Director of Planning and Neighborhood Services; and James Eason, Director of Economic Development. James Freas, Senior City Planner, also made a presentation specifically on Rezoning Application No. 1280.
5/29/2009 Received By Clerk's Office
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