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Type Miscellaneous Consent Item Effective Date none
Introduction Date 6/20/2007
Title Amendment to the City Channel (Cox Channel 47) Station Operating Policy to Provide Greater Flexibility for Programming.
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6/20/2007 Approved consent agenda items 1 through 8, 10, 14 through 17, 20 and 21.
6/20/2007 Presented by John Eagle, Assistant City Manager.
6/8/2007 Received By Clerk's Office
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City of Hampton, Virginia

Miscellaneous Consent Item

22 Lincoln Street

Hampton, VA 23669



File Number: 07-0338


Enactment Number: -


The City Channel (Cox Channel 47) Station Operating Policy


Mission: The City Channel serves the citizens of Hampton by providing information about policies, services and activities of Hampton City government and video programming of community interest that will improve the quality of life for all of our residents.




The government access channel exists to inform and involve citizens. Specific objectives include:


  1. Increasing citizen awareness, understanding, and participation in all areas of municipal governance and civics
  2. Serving as a forum for an on-going dialogue on issues pertaining to the community
  3. Enhancing interaction between citizens and their City government and elected officials
  4. Encouraging debate and discussion of ideas and a diversity of viewpoints on local issues
  5. Providing information about community services and programs
  6. Producing programming that informs, educates, enlightens and encourages participation in local, state or federal government services, activities and decision-making;
  7. Producing programming that informs, educates and enlightens citizens about our community, our neighborhoods, businesses, industry, history, celebrations and other activities.




The City Channel is managed by the citys Public Communications Division. All programs must meet the mission statement of The City Channel. All programs will be previewed and approved by the Public Communications Officer or designee prior to scheduling for broadcasting.


Review and Approval


Programs are subject to approval by the Public Communications Officer. Any disputes shall be resolved by the Public Communications Officer whose decision is final.


Broadcast Scheduling


Approved programming will be broadcast at a time and date specified by the Public Communications Officer or designee. An estimated timeframe from program approval to broadcast is based on current scheduling requirements and station workload.


Programming accepted for broadcast from other sources may be retained for repeat broadcasting at the discretion of the Public Communications Officer or designee.

Priority programming


Priority programming is at the sole discretion of the Public Communications Officer and it will preempt all other programs. Examples include, but are not limited to, City Council meetings and emergency bulletins.




Technical quality shall be equal to or better than the acceptable standards set by the television industry.


All programs submitted for broadcast must be provided in DVD or DVDCAM formats.


Prohibitions and Restrictions


Commercial programming is prohibited. Commercial programs are defined as those having as the primary purpose to promote specific commercial/profit-making services, products, trade or business or, advertising material designed to promote the sale of specific commercial products, trade or services.


Religious programming is prohibited. Religious programming includes those produced under the auspices of a religious organization or institution which focuses on subject matter of a religious or sectarian nature.


Political programming is prohibited. Political programming is defined as that programming which is used to influence the election of any candidate for any political office. The channel is not intended to be used as a mechanism for building political support for a particular person or group.


The following are considered news events and are not political programming:

  • meetings of and hearings before the City Council and City boards and commissions;
  • interviews of and debates/forums among candidates for election to Hampton City Council if such debate/forum or interview program is conducted and produced by a neutral third party under the sponsorship of the City, each candidate is asked identical questions by a neutral moderator or interviewer and each is given the same time to respond, and all candidates for such election are invited to attend such debate or invited to be interviewed.


Fund solicitation is prohibited. The City Channel does not have a role in raising money for projects, individuals or agencies.


Prevailing community standards of good taste will be adhered to at all times. Obscene, offensive, or defamatory material is not permitted.


Copyrighted materials will not be broadcast without proper copyright authorization. Those parties submitting programs for broadcast are responsible for obtaining all necessary copyright clearance and permission for on-camera appearances and shall hold The City Channel and the City of Hampton harmless in any case of copyright infringement.


Policies Regarding Outside Agencies. The City Channel will on occasion provide programming produced by third parties. Programs for consideration will be reviewed based on the following guidelines and must meet the mission statement for the station and be determined to be of interest or useful to the citizens of Hampton:


  • Other governments and educational institutions
  • Non-profit or public organizations
  • Generally recognized community councils and organizations
  • Arts, cultural, sports, major festivals and similar organizations of general interest to Hampton citizens
  • Tourist information of a non-commercial nature


Copies of Programs


VHS and DVD copies of The City Channel programs are available for check-out from all Hampton Public Libraries.


Individuals who wish to purchase VHS or DVD format copies of programs or of public meetings may do so by contacting the Cable Station Manager. The fee for this service will reflect the cost of time and materials for each VD or videotape ordered. Allow five working days for copies to be made.


Bulletin Board


The City Channel runs a video bulletin board in between regular programs that contains items of general interest. Requests can be made to run items on the citys video bulletin board provided:

-          The item is sponsored or co-sponsored by a city department, agency, other governments or educational institution, or a non-profit or public organizations

-          The item meets the mission statement for the station and is determined to be of interest or useful to the citizens of Hampton

-          The item contains no political or religious messages

-          The item contains no commercial advertising

-          The item does not otherwise violate the Prohibitions and Restrictions set forth in this Policy


Bulletin board requests are reviewed and approved by the citys Public Communications Officer or designee.

General Procedure:

1.      Bulletin board postings from a city department or agency must be approved by the agency or city department head, or his or her designee, prior to submission.

2.      Postings must be submitted at least ten days before an event or activity

3.      Postings must be submitted to the Station Manager via e-mail, or in writing.

4.      Requesters should allow three days from submission for the posting to appear on the bulletin board.

5.      If the posting is not approved, the Station Manager will return the request to the agency or department along with a reason why the posting was turned down.




The council hereby delegates the authority to amend this policy to the City Manager. Amendments may be made from time to time with the approval of the City Manager.



Amended at the regular meeting of the City Council of the City of Hampton, Virginia held on June 20, 2007.




Signed by ____________________________ Date _________________

Ross A. Kearney, II, Mayor





Attested by ____________________________ Date _________________

Katherine K. Glass

Clerk of the Council