Legislation # 14-0011 Enactment Number none
Type Planning Actions - Use Permit Effective Date none
Introduction Date 1/8/2014
Title Use Permit No. 1084-2013: by the Trustees of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church and the City of Hampton for a private school at a portion of 5 Harris Creek Road [LRSN 8003578], a portion of Fox Hill Road parallel to the west side of Willow Oaks Boulevard [LRSN 8003574], 21 Harris Creek Road [LRSN 8003587], a portion of Harris Creek Road [LRSN 13002446], and Harris Creek Road [LRSN 8003606]. The property is zoned Neighborhood Commercial (C-1) District, with conditions, and One-Family Residence (R-11) District, which permits private schools subject to the approval of a Use Permit. This application accompanies a rezoning application (RZ #1314-2013) to rezone the property listed above from R-11 and C-1 to R-11 with conditions. The existing use of the site is a private school, vacant land, and a borrow pit.
Legislation History 14-0011
DateNotice Of ActionDescription
1/8/2014 Approved subject to 13 conditions. One vote was taken on item numbers 14-0009, 14-0010, 14-0011, 14-0012 and 14-0007.
1/8/2014 Moved to divide the question so that a separate vote is taken on each of the five related items.
1/8/2014 Approved subject to receipt of a proffer that it not be a 24 hour pharmacy. The motion died for lack of a second.
1/8/2014 Presented by Katherine Glass, the Clerk of Council, reading the titles of 14-0009, 14-0010, 14-0011, 14-0012, and 14-0007, with the staff presentation being given by Mike Hayes, Senior City Planner. A joint public hearing was held on these five items.
12/23/2013 Received By Clerk's Office
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Application UP 1084-2013.pdf Application 3862K Application
Compiled Plat.pdf Other 857K Plat
Court Order_Appt of Trustees.pdf Other 317K Court Order Appointing Trustees
Gloria Dei_Assoc Letters.pdf Letter 1780K Letters
Gloria Dei_School Layout.pdf Other 630K School Layout
Petition.pdf Other 9381K Petition
Staff Report UP 10842013.doc Staff Report 2143K Staff Report
UP10842013 School conditions amended by Planning Commission.doc Other 37K Conditions as amended by PC
UP 1084-2013.pdf PC Resolution 553K Resolution
Letter from Dan Quarels_Willow Oaks Shopping Center.pdf Letter 1669K Letter from Willow Oaks Shopping Center
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