Legislation # 06-0113 Enactment Number none
Type Motion Effective Date none
Introduction Date 2/22/2006
Title Proposed Amendment to Channel 47 Station Operating Policies/Procedures to Permit City Council Candidates Forum/Interviews and Implementation Guidelines
Legislation History 06-0113
DateNotice Of ActionDescription
2/22/2006 Moved to amend and reenact the TV-Channel 47 Station Operating Procedures by adding thereto objectives and by revising the definition of political programming to permit city office candidate debates, forums and interview programs as “news events” under the criteria set forth in the amended rules.
2/22/2006 Presented by Joyce Melvin-Jones, Deputy City Attorney. Action to be taken in evening session with a clarification that this pertains to City Council election forums only.
2/13/2006 Received By Clerk's Office
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Channel 47-Guidelines-Forums-02-14-06-Final.doc Other 27K Guidelines for Political Candidate Forums, Debates and Interviews
Channel 47-Motion-Amending Station Operating Procedures (2)-Final.doc Other 24K Proposed Motion Language
Channel 47 Station Operating Procedures-Amend 1-red-lined Ed.rtf Other 36K Station Operating Guidelines - Redlined
Channel 47 Station Operating Procedures-Amend 4-Final-02-16-06.rtf Other 30K Station Operating Procedures
Legislation Text 06-0113
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