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Introduction Date 3/23/2011
Title Budget Worksession
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3/23/2011 Presented by Mary Bunting, City Manager, who shared the format for the work session. The following individuals from Hampton Roads Transit were present. Ray Amoruso, Chief Planning and Development Officer, spoke on their efficiency study. David Sullivan, Chief of Staff and Interim Chief Financial Officer, spoke about Vision 31 and also the proposed FY 12 budget for Hampton. They were accompanied by Brandon Singletary, the Budget Director. City staff made the following presentations: Robin McCormick, Communications Strategist, presented an overview and update of the citizen budget polling process. Karl Daughtrey, Finance Director, gave an overview of updated revenue projections. Gloria Washington, Budget Director, gave updated information on budget expenditure adjustments and potential budget balancing strategies. Diane Bohlman, Director of Human Resources, gave a compensation overview.
3/15/2011 Received By Clerk's Office
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1 - Pruning the System Final -2.ppt Power Point Presentation 467K HRT Presentation
2A - FINAL - polloverview.pptx Power Point Presentation 558K Polling Overview
2B - FINAL - 2011 Polling Results.ppt Power Point Presentation 9487K Polling Detail
3 - FY12 Updated Revenue Projections Council Table.ppt Power Point Presentation 967K Revenue Presentation
4 - FINAL FY2012 Budget Update March 23 2011 (2).ppt Power Point Presentation 105K Expenditure Presentation
5 - FY12 Comp Council Briefing 03-23-11 Final.ppt Power Point Presentation 712K Compensation Presentation
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