Legislation # 07-0662 Enactment Number none
Type Rezoning Application Effective Date none
Introduction Date 12/19/2007
Title Rezoning Application No. 1259 by the Hampton Redevelopment and Housing Authority (HRHA) to Rezone 3.2456+/- Acres at Old Point Avenue and Woodland Road from One Family Residence District (R-9), and Limited Commercial (C-2) to One Family Residence District (R-9) and Multiple Dwelling District (MD-2) for up to five single family homes and up to 30 townhouse units. [LSRNs: 12003597, 12003599, 12003596, 12003595, 12003594, and 12003590]
Legislation History 07-0662
DateNotice Of ActionDescription
1/9/2008 Approved
1/9/2008 Held Public Hearing
12/19/2007 Approved on First Reading
12/19/2007 Held Public Hearing - There was one speaker, Patricia Gross. Ms. Gross had concerns about having too much rental property as opposed to owner-occupied housing and additional traffic burdens being placed upon Woodland Road.
12/19/2007 Presented by James Freas, Senior City Planner. Philip Page, Development Manager with HRHA, also presented information.
12/7/2007 Received By Clerk's Office
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RZ1259_cc presentation.ppt Power Point Presentation 31804K PowerPoint Presentation
Rezoning 1259 HRHA Staff Report.pdf Staff Report 3253K Staff Report
Rezoning 1259 HRHA Site Plans.pdf Exhibit 607K Proposed Site Plan
Rezoning 1259 HRHA Illustrations.pdf Exhibit 1236K Illustrative Drawings and Photos
Rezoning 1259 HRHA Application.pdf Application 663K Application, Proffer Statement
RZ1259_Resolution.pdf PC Resolution 43K PC Resolution
Legislation Text 07-0662
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