Legislation # 06-0362 Enactment Number none
Type Resolution - Bond Effective Date none
Introduction Date 6/14/2006
Title Electrical Design for Nighttime Illumination of the Fort Wool Flagpole
Legislation History 06-0362
DateNotice Of ActionDescription
6/14/2006 Approved Items 1 through 4 and 7 through 18 on the Consent Agenda. Item 5 was deferred in Council's afternoon session and Item 6 was pulled by Councilwoman Leary.
6/2/2006 Received By Clerk's Office
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Legislation Text 06-0362


City of Hampton, Virginia

Resolution - Bond

22 Lincoln Street

Hampton, VA 23669



File Number: 06-0362


Enactment Number: -


Electrical Design for Nighttime Illumination of the Fort Wool Flagpole



WHEREAS, a project has been established to install a 90 ft tall flagpole on Fort Wool with a garrison size U.S. flag; and


WHEREAS, it is the Citys desire to illuminate this flagpole so that it can be visible at night; and


WHEREAS, electric service is needed from the bridge tunnel island to the location of the flagpole for the flag illumination; and


WHEREAS, this work will require coordination with Virginia Power and a design for the panel, lighting circuits, spotlights, etc.; and


WHEREAS, the downtown Hampton firm of J.P. Harvey Engineering Solutions has provided the staff with a proposal to perform this electrical design, at a cost of $6,290, which has been discounted by $3,875 as a donation to the project.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the engineering consulting firm of J.P. Harvey Engineering Solutions is thereby designated to provide electrical design services for the Fort Wool Flagpole project.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that $6,290 is hereby allocated from Series 2005 Bond Fund Council Initiatives for these design services.


Adopted at the regular meeting of the City Council of the City of Hampton, Virginia held on June 14, 2006.




Signed by ____________________________ Date _________________

Ross A. Kearney, II, Mayor





Attested by ____________________________ Date _________________

Katherine K. Glass

Clerk of the Council