Legislation # 15-0302 Enactment Number none
Type Rezoning Application Effective Date none
Introduction Date 10/14/2015
Title Rezoning Application No. 15-00003: by Franciscus Homes, Inc. and property owners Rosalind Slater, James Hunsucker, Hunsucker Family Living Trust, and Glenn and Celia Hudgins to rezone 28.05+ acres at 1625, 1633 and 1635 Power Plant Parkway, along with unaddressed parcels off of W. Queen Street [LRSN: 3004765, 3004766, 3004773, 3004774, 3004775, 3004776] from One Family Residence [R-11] District to Multiple Dwelling (MD-2) District with proffered conditions for the development of multifamily residences.
Legislation History 15-0302
DateNotice Of ActionDescription
10/14/2015 Approved with proffered conditions.
10/14/2015 Held Public Hearing - there were no speakers on this item.
10/14/2015 Presented by Mike Hayes, Chief Planner. The applicant's attorney, Larry Cummings, and Gary Werner also gave a presentation.
10/5/2015 Received By Clerk's Office
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Combined Application RZ15-00003.pdf Application 5464K Application
Proffers RZ15-00003.pdf Other 7479K Proffered Conditions
Concept Plan RZ15-00003 20150623.pdf Other 1682K Concept Plan
Elevations RZ15-00003.pdf Other 5875K Elevations
Letter of Support September 22, 2015.pdf Letter 370K Letter of Support
Title Certificate RZ15-00003.pdf Other 5997K Title Certificate
Staff Report RZ 15-00003.doc Staff Report 1046K Staff Report
RZ15-00003 PC Resolution.pdf PC Resolution 381K PC Resolution
RZ15-00003 PP.ppt Power Point Presentation 6940K Presentation
Legislation Text 15-0302
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