Legislation # 14-0012 Enactment Number none
Type Planning Actions - Use Permit Effective Date none
Introduction Date 1/8/2014
Title Use Permit No. 1092-2013: by the Trustees of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church and the City of Hampton for a daycare at a portion of 5 Harris Creek Road [LRSN 8003578], a portion of Fox Hill Road parallel to the west side of Willow Oaks Boulevard [LRSN 8003574], 21 Harris Creek Road [LRSN 8003587], a portion of Harris Creek Road [LRSN 13002446], and Harris Creek Road [LRSN 8003606]. The property is zoned Neighborhood Commercial (C-1) District, with conditions, and One-Family Residence (R-11) District, which permits daycare 3 subject to the approval of a Use Permit. This application accompanies a rezoning application (RZ #1314-2013) to rezone the property listed above from R-11 and C-1 to R-11 with conditions. The existing use of the site is a private school.
Legislation History 14-0012
DateNotice Of ActionDescription
1/8/2014 Approved subject to 13 conditions. One vote was taken on item numbers 14-0009, 14-0010, 14-0011, 14-0012 and 14-0007.
1/8/2014 Moved to divide the question so that a separate vote is taken on each of the five related items.
1/8/2014 Approved subject to receipt of a proffer that it not be a 24 hour pharmacy. The motion died for lack of a second.
1/8/2014 Presented by Katherine Glass, the Clerk of Council, reading the titles of 14-0009, 14-0010, 14-0011, 14-0012, and 14-0007, with the staff presentation being given by Mike Hayes, Senior City Planner. A joint public hearing was held on these five items.
12/23/2013 Received By Clerk's Office
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Application UP 1092-2013 Updated.pdf Application 4017K Application
Court Order_Appt of Trustees.pdf Other 317K Court Order Appointing Trustees
Gloria Dei_School Layout.pdf Other 630K School Layout
School Building Layout.pdf Other 1700K Building Layout
Staff Report UP 1092-2013 - REVISED.doc Staff Report 2141K Staff Report
UP 1092-2013_Conditions Amended by PC.doc Other 36K Conditions as amended by PC
UP 1092-2013.pdf PC Resolution 568K Resolution
Letter from Dan Quarels_Willow Oaks Shopping Center.pdf Letter 1669K Letter from Willow Oaks Shopping Center
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