Legislation # 08-0481 Enactment Number none
Type Discussion by Council Effective Date none
Introduction Date 11/17/2008
Title Council Discussion of Threshold Questions
Legislation History 08-0481
DateNotice Of ActionDescription
12/17/2008 Moved to to accept the changes as captured by Mary Bunting, Assistant City Manager, during the course of the meeting and as memorialized in the revised document which will be annexed to the minutes of this meeting.
12/17/2008 Council discussed the survey results and Mary Bunting, Assistant City Manager, made changes as appropriate during the discussion. She also noted those items which should be properly discussed in a closed session.
12/17/2008 Presented survey results - Mary Bunting, Assistant City Manager.
12/17/2008 Council continued the discussion which originally began on November 17th. In the time between that retreat work session and today's meeting, Council has utilized various survey tools to express their wishes with respect to the funding available for projects. Council also used survey tools to identify those projects which the majority of Council supports.
12/17/2008 Presented information on the FY09 expenditure projections - Chris Snead, Budget Director.
12/17/2008 Presented information on FY09 revised revenue projections - Karl Daughtrey, Director of Finance.
11/17/2008 No Action Required
11/5/2008 Received By Clerk's Office
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Fy09 Revised Revenue Projections.ppt Power Point Presentation 110K Revised Revenue and Expenditure Projections
SURVEY RESULTS COUNCIL RETREAT.xls Other 44K Survey Results - Pre-Meeting
SURVEY RESULTS COUNCIL RETREAT AS AMENDED BY COUNCIL 12-17-08.xls Other 45K Survey Results - Post Meeting - Corrected
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