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Order of business--Regular meetings. At every regular meeting of the council, the order of business shall be as follows: (1)   Call of the roll. (2)   Invocation. (3)   Pledge of allegiance. (4)   Consent agenda for the meeting, as prepared by the clerk of the council and to include consideration of the minutes of the previous meeting, first readings of ordinances believed to be routine and noncontroversial, final readings of ordinances which receive unanimous vote at a previous meeting, requests for bingo and raffle permits and any other items believed by the clerk of the council to be routine and not controversial in nature; provided that, a member of the council may, by request, have any item moved from the consent agenda to the regular business agenda. The consent agenda shall be approved in toto by motion and roll call vote. (5)   Regular business agenda, as prepared by the clerk of the council and to include all items of which he has been notified by the mayor, members of council, the city manager or the city attorney by 12:00 p.m. on each Friday following the second and fourth Wednesdays, the regular meeting days. Members of the general public recognized to speak at public hearings on the regular business agenda or to speak to other matters on the regular business agenda shall only be permitted to use the city audio-visual equipment during their allotted speaking period after submission of the material to be displayed to the office of the clerk for virus screening and software compatibility no less than two (2) business days prior to scheduled meeting. (6)   Audience to the general public desiring to address the council. Unless changed by the consent of four (4) members of council, any such address by any member of the general public shall be limited to five (5) three (3) minutes without regard to any attempt by others to yield time to the speaker. No person permitted to speak pursuant to this subsection (6) shall make another presentation on the same general subject matter within three months of the first presentation or employ electronic audio-visual aids in the presentation without the consent of council expressed by a majority vote. (7)   Miscellaneous new business, to include and be limited to the opportunity for members of the council, the city manager and the city attorney to be heard concerning matters relating to the business of the city. No initiative requiring a vote by council, except when subject to a specific time constraint or determined to be an emergency by a majority vote of council, shall be presented on the floor by a council member under new business. Such order of business shall not be departed from except by the consent of four (4) members of the council. (Code 1956, Ї 2-14; Ord. No. 328; Ord. No. 399; Ord. No. 613, 2-28-79; Code 1964, Ї 2-16; Ord. No. 745-A, 2-23-83; Ord. No. 1317, 11-14-01) Adopted at a regular meeting of the City Council of the City of Hampton, Virginia held on ______________________, 2005. ___________________________ MAYOR _______________________________ Clerk ) 9 ћ § - ‚ ƒ €‚щѕћ (-akm‡˜Иг?@#ost{ЊЋќїќэхсќснгЩПЕПгЋгЋЁЋгЋЕПЁПсŽ{qсg]g]gHhЦІІh#C4HhЩІІh#C4Hh”9Іfh˜vј%h#C4h˜vјcHdhdhdh”9Іf%h˜vјh˜vјcHdhdhdh”9ІfHhИ:ІfhзPHhЖ:ІfhзPHhХ:Іfh•tЩHhЗ:ІfhзPHhФ:Іfh•tЩHhД:ІfhзPhзPh#C4h]h#C45HhЭІІh] h]5h]$& ' ( ќ § - . ‚ ƒ › œ Ў Џ Ы Ь W X ABњѕѕ­­ЈЈЈЈЈЈЈЈЈЈЈЈЈЈgd#C4GC$EЦ€ЭІІgd#C4gd]gd]&§ЋЌ­ЙРСктёZbn†•–˜UVP%&ѕыѕсѕсзсЭУыЭЙЭЏœ˜Ž˜Š†h7 h]Hh—9Іfh#C4h#C4%h yбh•tЩcHdhdhdhЩ:ІfHhЩ:Іfh•tЩHhЪІІh#C4HhЦ:Іfh•tЩHhШІІh#C4HhЧ:Іfh•tЩHhЧІІh#C4HhЩІІh#C4HhЦІІh#C4B™šVWУФPQRЫЬЭ№§ўџ%&њњњњњњњњњѕѕѕѕѕѕѕѕѕѓgd]gd#C4,1hАа/ Ар=!А"А# $ %ААаАа а†œ@@ёџ@ NormalCJ_HaJmH sH tH DAђџЁD Default Paragraph FontRiѓџГR  Table Normalі4ж l4жaі (kєџС(No List6B@ђ6 ] Body Text5aJ&"џџџџ&'(-.ƒ›œЎЏЫЬWXAB™ š W У Ф Ы Ь Э № § ў џ %(š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€š@0€€&'(ќ§-.‚ƒ›œЎЏЫЬWXAB™ š V W У Ф P Q R Ы Ь Э № § ў џ %(˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€Ћ& B& &—Ї48" ( ) 3 4 @ и л ц щ є ї  ! 7 : (jw,q ˜ S Ъ (333rs„Отш%xyƒƒ…ŸЮЮћћ‚€@   # к т  Z • ˜ š š     J J U V O $%(" ( (ЅЊf'Њf'Ёn’Њf'зAЅїР,С‘2С‘2Њf'у{4н AjГ:ƒ8Њf'ЃFи9Њf'Ÿ‚?Њf'\юB^OМJ^OМJЊf':,KЊf'ВZQ;RЮpжЃYЁn’Д=Z\Г:ƒ8н AjЊf'“m1lЃFи9дUЁnŸ‚?;RЮpЊf'L.`qЊf'Txxw:,KхT/]7 зP #C4*c7–L@‘-YНAuXSxk:‹—1В•tЩ yб˜vјM§ћ$(YЇ0YЇ0џ@€p ћ&`@џџUnknownchudsonџџџџџџџџџџџџG‡z €џTimes New Roman5€Symbol3& ‡z €џArial"1ˆˆ№аh№:Іf№:Іfя:Іf  ш№ЅРДД4d2ƒQ№IP)№џ?фћџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџ#C42џџSecchudsonkkglassўџр…ŸђљOhЋ‘+'Гй0|˜ ЌИШдр№   , 8 D P\dltфSecchudsonNormalkkglass2Microsoft Office Word@FУ#@ђIŠЦ@8уРIŠЦ@8уРIŠЦ ўџеЭеœ.“—+,љЎ0 hp˜ Ј АИРШ а рфCity of Hampton, VA.Ј Sec Title ўџџџўџџџ !"#$ўџџџ&'()*+,ўџџџ./01234ўџџџ§џџџ7ўџџџўџџџўџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџRoot Entryџџџџџџџџ РF@хNЧIŠЦ9€Data џџџџџџџџџџџџ1TableџџџџcWordDocumentџџџџ."SummaryInformation(џџџџџџџџџџџџ%DocumentSummaryInformation8џџџџџџџџ-CompObjџџџџџџџџџџџџqџџџџџџџџџџџџўџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџўџ џџџџ РFMicrosoft Office Word Document MSWordDocWord.Document.8є9Вq