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Traffic Signal Installation of a traffic signal)Big Bethel Rd./Roberta Dr. Traffic SignalGNew traffic signal at the intersection of Big Bethel Rd. and Roberta Dr#Closed Circuit TV Cameras/City WideDEPTEngineering SrvsHRC South access to HRC ParkwayWProvide vehicle access from Hampton Roads Center South to Hampton Roads Center Parkway. Public WorksEconomic Development?Mercury Blvd/Cunningham Dr Red Light Collision Avoidance SystemhInstallation of new technology signal equipment which will detect a vehicle running through a red light.2Mercury Blvd/Pembroke Ave Raised Median/New SignalrInstallation of a raised concrete median and converting the span wire signal system to a mast arm and pole signal.8Mercury Blvd Crosswalks @ Martha Lee Dr and Pembroke AveSaunders Rd ImprovementsGWidening of Saunders Rd from Big Bethel Rd to Newport News City line. ;TOTALS FOR PROJECT REQUESTS FOR STREETS AND INFRASTRUCTURE: DESCRIPTION2Installation of pedestrian signals and crosswalks.Closed circuit TV cameras will be installed at street intersections throughout the City. These cameras will tie into the City's central traffic control center to manage traffic signal timing.PW Traffic/ Engineering Srvs!Street Resurfacing/ReconstructionlThis project resurfaces and/or reconstructs arterial and residential streets throughout the City of Hampton.Building Maintenance PW FacilitiesFunds for tentative projects based on a Facilities planning/inventory study conducted in FY05 and to cover unanticipated repairs for the fiscal year.Maintenance & Modernization~Funds designated for major renovations needed for City buildings, such as HVAC repairs, roof repairs, and electrical upgrades.5TOTALS FOR PROJECT REQUESTS FOR BUILDING MAINTENANCE:Parks & Recreation*Blighted Property Acquisition & DemolitionNeighborhood Task ForcenFunding for the acquisition and demolition of strategic (and generally blighted) properties and neighborhoods.Planning/ Engineering Services%Darling Stadium Parking Lot ExpansionzConstruct a 176 car parking lot on the vacant lot at the intersection of Armistead Ave, Newport News Ave and Thornette St.$Dredging Gosnold's Hope Park ChannelEDredge the boat channel from the boat ramp to the Back River Channel.$I-64/Mercury Interchange LandscapingWTo provide additional landscaping, ponds and fountains in the I-64/Mercury Interchange.Landscape Upgrade CitywideReplace overgrown shrubs, flower beds and ground covers at selected citywide public buildings, major thoroughfare medians and neighborhood's entryways. Neighborhood Improvement FundingFunding for neighborhood level public improvements such as neighborhood parks, residential street improvements, landscaping on public property, etc.Athletic field and court improvements at schools, parks and recreational facilities to include resurfacing tennis courts, basketball courts, softball, football and soccer field improvements.Playground Improvement ProjecthTo remove defective playground equipment from selected schools and parks and replace with new equipment.8Complete Phase 4 of the construction of the soccer park.6TOTALS FOR PROJECT REQUESTS FOR COMMUNITY ENHANCEMENT:School Maintenance School BoardMFunding to support the basic maintenance of the school buildings and grounds.School Maintenance ProjectsbFunding to support the School's major maintenance projects needed for the school buildings and grounds, such as technology improvements, roof replacements, AC replacements, Gym Floors, bleachers and lighting, boiler replacements, fire alarm systems upgrades, parking lot paving, locker refurbishment, masonry repair, and exterior window walls and lights.Thomas Nelson Community College Budget OfficefFunding for parking lot construction, campus-wide exterior improvements and campus parking operations.*TOTALS FOR PROJECT REQUESTS FOR EDUCATION:Reengineering TechnologyCity Manager's OfficewFunding pool for technological improvements necessary to implement the recommendations made by the reengineering teams.2TOTALS FOR PROJECT REQUESTS FOR CAPITAL EQUIPMENT:Police Fire DivisionAmbulance ReplacementReplacement of two (2) medic ambulances currently in the Fire Division fleet, to meet the State's new EMS requirements for ambulances.[Coliseum's Guest Services/Image and Aesthetics (convenience, comfort, enjoyment and safety)Hampton Coliseum7Funds to upgrade concourse finishes, portable concession stands, computerized cash registers, additional concourse concession stands, concourse television monitors, interior signage, existing seating replacement, exterior signage, new marquee & toll plaza, central beer system, and central CO2 dispenser system.0Coliseum's Marketing/Event Development EquipmentFunds for a I-64 electronic marquee, basketball floor, seating expansion, artificial playing surface for indoor lacrosse/soccer/football/etc., and additional time keeping/scoring/message center devices.0Coliseum's Mechanical/Electrical/Lighting System9Funds for speaker clusters replacements, utility upgrades to Permanent/portable stands, sports lighting system replacement, house lighting system replacement, hot water heater for kitchen and locker rooms, incandescent lighting replacement, second power source, switchgear replacement, and arena duct replacement.3Coliseum's Support Facilities Upgrade/ModernizationFunds for storage building, renovate administration offices, lobby expansion, exterior plaza renovation, meeting room upgrades (Hampton & Chesapeake), press room upgrades, exhibition area upgrades, and suite addition.Copeland Park InfrastructureReconstruction of existing roadways within Copeland Park including curbs, gutters, drainage, landscaping and signage improvements.Fire Station GeneratorsReplacement of the Division's nine(9) emergency generators. (The generator at the NASA station is the property of NASA and therefore is not included.)Firefighting Bunker GearReplacement of current firefighting clothing worn by personnel in hazardous conditions. This clothing consists of the protective coat, pants and boots worn by firefighters in the performance of their duties on emergency scenes.Homeland Security BuildinguNew facility is required for storage of Homeland Security equipment and vehicles in a climate controlled environment.Portable Radio Upgrades*Police portable 800 MHz radio replacement.7Pre-wiring of Critical Facilities for Generator ServicePre-wire at least 23 critical facilities (schools, fire stations, police precincts, community centers, social services office) for emergency generators.Stormwater ProjectsFunds to conduct feasibility studies for stormwater basins and other projects as deemed by the Stormwater Capital Improvement Plan.Strategic Property AcquisitionhFunds for acquisition of property in strategic areas of the City as stated in the City's Strategic Plan./TOTALS FOR PROJECT REQUESTS FOR OTHER PROJECTS:Streets and Infrastructure:Building Maintenance:Community Enhancement: Education:Capital Equipment:Other Projects:-TOTALS FOR PROJECT REQUESTS FOR ALL PROJECTS:School Construction /Funding to support the school investment needs.Continue the program to waterproof the clubhouse by sealing the exterior walls, sealing windows, providing furniture and fixtures for the lobby area, providing an asphalt cart path, and golf course improvements to improve drainage and play.+Hampton's Golf Course Clubhouse Maintenance Soccer Fields on Dixon Property Teen Center Acquisition & DesignUTo acquire the old Sentara Health Center and revamp as a Teen Center. $2.0M in FY05.Parks & Recreation Maintenance"North Hampton Fire Station/Alt EOCBuckroe Strategic Area PlanDowntown Strategic Area Plan< Kecoughtan Strategic Area Plan-Retail/Shopping Center Revitalization ProgramColiseum Strategic Area PlanNFunding for the acquisition and demolition of property in the Kecoughtan area.bFunding to build an Alternate Emergency Operations Center capable of handling dispatch activities.Funding for acquisition, demolition, infrastructure, First Street extension, New Community Center and Park Improvements in the Buckroe area.Funding for Phase 2 of the Crossroads Parking Structure, Mercury Blvd Streetscape to Aberdeen Road, New Market Creek and Shopping Area Infrastructure in the Coliseum Central area.Funding for the acquisition of the Bright's Creek Property, Infrastructure, improvements to the Old Hampton Community Center, and Property Acquisition and Demolition in the Downtown area.Other Projects continued: Community Enhancement continued:VDOT Urban MatchBLocal funding contribution for VDOT major transportation projects.Public Boat Ramp*Other City Priorities as Deemed by CouncilCouncilFY11Funding to support the School's major maintenance projects needed for the school buildings and grounds, such as technology improvements, roof replacements, AC replacements, Gym Floors, bleachers and lighting, boiler replacements, fire alarm systems upgradeXReplaces broken curb, sidewalks and eliminates unused aprons from city owned properties. Buckroe - Acquisition/DemolitionBuckroe - New Community Center$Buckroe - Resort Boulevard ExtensionIndoors Basketball Facilities%Coliseum - Crossroads Parking Phase 2)Coliseum - Shopping Center Infrastructure Traffic/EngP&RPlan/Eng#Kecoughtan - Acquisition/Demolition.Kecoughtan - Acquire & Upgrade Legion PropertyFor Athletic use Kecoughtan - Redesign Eason Park !Kecoughtan - New Community Center On LaSallePhoebus Seafood MarketHEstablish outdoor seafood market in Phoebus along Mill Creek waterfront.:Provide a small waterfront park downtown on Salter's CreekBuckroe - InfrastructureBuckroe - Park ImprovementsbExtend Resort Blvd across Buckroe pier and trailer park property to connect with Bay Shore Avenue..Downtown - Bright's Creek Property AcquisitionDowntown - Infrastructure4Downtown - Old Hampton Community Center Improvements,Downtown - Property Acquisition & DemolitionSite work for proposed Boo Williams indoor basketball facility, w/ 400 parking spaces, landscaping and utilities. (Bldg privately funded.)Bridge Street Replacement/Replace Bridge Street Bridge with a new bridge.)Mobile 911/311 Incident Response VehiclesPolice Vehicle TechnologyRelocate the Wythe Fire StationPReplacement of current protective gear worn by personnel in hazardous condition.#Replacement of five roof sections. ZThe mobile platform provides a flexible solution to the technology interface requirements.<Implement mobile in car cameras and mobile in car computers.,Virginia Air & Space Center Roof ReplacementCommunity Enhancement cont.:Other Projects cont.:%Downtown - Merchant Lane Landing ParkEng SrvsFt. Monroe/Ft. WoolKecoughtan - Road ImprovementsPhoebus Master Plan"Phoebus - Fire Station Acquisition7Kecoughtan Corridor Fire Station Acquisition & BuildingNorth King Street - Master Plan V    6  S-Z"~%'(*,.0124 q6 W7g cc  H'?P2be  dMbP?_*+% '3=&C&"Times New Roman,Bold"&18Council Approved Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) FY06-FY10 (&16Project Descriptions)&18 &14 &"Arial,Regular"&10 ,)&R&"Arial,Bold"Updated &D at &T Page &P &?'?(?)?M\\FINSER01\BUD4250dXXLetter.HP LaserJet 4250 PCL62xeMkAf9(FQBEu]Qae9 YKոP+sxOh$FM?3EO5EoXOC OXOXyj6&g|o9¿9Z݃h1X9mտz]Mz9\w~{>RON4j5v/TZPVz L{|Aq|y Ð 2ɭ|"KXX??U} }  } } m} I} $} } $}  Column AXH  @ X X 8  *  *  F  *  *  *  *  g  f  f    X 8  b  W    X *  8  F        X *  *  8  8          !g"""""""#   $xtSAxtSA  -    $OAOA    $OAOA   $@wA@wA   $`&A`&A   $j@j@    $ jA jA    $ A A    $ 8lA 8lA    !$ @wKANA*QA*QASA# ptA %    $ 1A1A1A1A1A ,A $ %&VA -"aAQAQA3AsAWA !h"""""""# " # $$AA`&A`&A0A#KA % q ( p$jA\A#`A % % # &$>ApDA#QA % $' %&\%A& -hDA&`&A&HRJA&0A&ms`A !i"""""""# ) * +$ #AjAjAjAjA*AA% - x , $TAPATbA | , ~ 3`fASA>ASAOASAjAvpA - ( .$AA y , ~ =8\A'>A.AJA.A>A#bA % / ( 0$OAOA !"""""""# 1  2$AA z , }$>A.A#`FA? % 3 ( 4$jAjAjA 5 * 6$OAjAjAjA@w+A Dl~(qqqqqqqqyq(yyy(qqq(qyq * ! 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