ࡱ> {` (-bjbjFF x,,$>,,,,,,,4,$o$o$oho$o,~pp"ppprrr$h@, wrr w w,,pp4M|M|M| w|,p,pM| wM|M|h,, pp ;-J$owpFբ0ʝF+w++,0r:PsM|0tt%rrr{^rrr w w w w,,,$" O ,,, O,,,,,,,,, PETITION FOR THE CREATION OF THE PENINSULA TOWN CENTER COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY TO THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF HAMPTON, VIRGINIA November ____, 2005 WHEREAS, the undersigned (the "Petitioner") is the owner of certain parcels of land in the City of Hampton, Virginia (the "City"), containing approximately _______ acres, as more particularly described on Exhibit "A" attached hereto; WHEREAS, Petitioner desires to develop such property as a pedestrian friendly mixed use, town center development with commercial and residential uses designed with new urbanism planning and architectural principles, including a network of connected public streets and urban park sites and other public improvements which will benefit the citizens of the City and will increase commercial, housing and recreational opportunities and expand the City's tax base; WHEREAS, the Petitioner proposes to create a community development authority as permitted under Virginia Code Sections 15.2-5152, et seq., and other applicable provisions of Chapter 51, Title 15.2 of the Code of Virginia of 1950, as amended (the "Act"), to provide financing for certain public improvements necessary to meet the increased demands placed upon the City as a result of development within the community development authority district. NOW, THEREFORE, Petitioner respectfully requests that the City Council of the City of Hampton (the "City Council") adopt an ordinance creating the Peninsula Town Center Community Development Authority (the "CDA") pursuant to the provisions of the Act, and in support of such request, Petitioner represents and states as follows: Standing and Jurisdiction. Petitioner is currently the owner of more than 51% of the real estate to be included in the community development authority. All such real estate is located wholly within the City. Name and Boundaries of the Proposed District. Petitioner requests that the City Council create the CDA pursuant to the authority granted in the Act. The boundaries of the CDA district (the "District") will be as described on Exhibit "A" attached hereto as such boundaries may be modified by the City Council upon request of the Petitioner. The District will be entitled the Peninsula Town Center Community Development Authority District. A conceptual plan of development within the District is attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit "B". Services and Facilities to be Undertaken by the CDA. The CDA will undertake to finance, acquire and construct certain public improvements pursuant to Section 15.2-5158 of the Act, as generally described on Exhibit "C" attached hereto and incorporated herein (the "Improvements") and may undertake to provide such other facilities and services as are permitted by the Act. All Improvements will be constructed in accordance with applicable governmental standards after obtaining all necessary permits and approvals therefor. Proposed Plan for Providing and Financing the Improvements. The CDA will issue bonds in one or more series (the "Bonds") to finance all or a portion of the Improvements shown on Exhibit "C" under the authority of the Act, specifically Virginia Code Sections 15.2-5158 and 15.2-5125 as those Sections may be amended. The Bonds will be issued in one or more series in an amount sufficient to pay the costs of the Improvements, the costs of issuing the Bonds, any debt service reserves and interest on the Bonds during acquisition and construction of the Improvements and for a period of approximately two years after completion of construction. The CDA's revenue bonds shall not constitute a pledge of the full faith and credit of the City, nor shall they be an obligation of the City or the Petitioner but shall be payable solely from the revenues received by the CDA. In no event will land or real property assets outside the District be taxed or assessed to make payments on the revenue bonds. The Petitioner proposes that the CDA request the City Council to establish a special ad valorem real estate tax and a special assessment upon the property within the District to finance the Improvements as provided in Virginia Code Section 15.2-5158(A)(3) and (A)(5). The Petitioner proposes that the CDA and the City enter into an agreement whereby the City will pay to the CDA certain incremental increases in tax revenues generated within an area to be designated by the City in amounts and from sources to be approved by the City. The CDA or its designee will contract for the construction of the Improvements and for their operation and maintenance until such time as the Improvements are conveyed to or dedicated and accepted by the applicable governmental entity or until such time as the responsibility for operation and maintenance is assumed by another entity in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Benefits from CDA Construction of Facilities. Petitioner represents that the following benefits are expected to be derived from the construction of the Improvements by the CDA: The proposed Improvements and services to be undertaken by the CDA will support commercial and residential growth in an urban setting to serve the citizens of the City, will support a wider range of commercial facility and housing options and will promote economic development and redevelopment in the City by attracting residents and will generate additional tax revenues for the City. The redevelopment and development supported by the Improvements is expected to diversify and increase the City's tax base. The financing of the Improvements by the CDA will provide needed public improvements such as a network of connected roads, parking facilities, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, storm water management and retention systems, parks, street lights, landscaping improvements, recreational facilities, and other such improvements as permitted in the Act, and will permit such improvements to be constructed more expeditiously than would otherwise be possible. The creation of the CDA is in the interests of the residents and owners of the property within the District and in furtherance of their public health, safety and general welfare. CDA Board Members. The members of the Board of the CDA shall be selected under the applicable provisions of Virginia Code Section 15.2-5113. The Petitioner recommends the persons on the attached Exhibit "D" to be appointed by the City Council to serve as the initial members of the CDA Board. Memorandum of Understanding. The Petitioner understands and agrees that prior to the issuance of any revenue bonds by the CDA, the policy adopted by the City Council requires that the CDA and the City enter into a Memorandum of Understanding to the City specifying a plan of finance which will include: a development plan of the District, proposed District projects and improvements, including estimated costs; a preliminary feasibility study; a schedule of proposed revenue bond financings together with their purpose and estimated amounts; a plan of finance structure, including the sources of repayment of the revenue bonds; a methodology for the determination of the special assessment in the District; information concerning the Petitioner, including any previous involvement with special assessment districts within the Commonwealth of Virginia and elsewhere; the Petitioner's equity contribution, excluding land, the District's overall debt structure; and assurances that the CDA's revenue bonds will not constitute a pledge of the full faith and credit of the City, nor shall they be an obligation of the City but shall be payable solely from revenues received by the CDA. The Petitioner agrees that the City may require that the Petitioner pay the City's costs for legal, financial and engineering review and analysis with respect to the Improvements and the finance plan described in this Petition. Respectfully submitted, PETITIONER: MALL PROPERTIES, INC. By: Its: Approved as to Form: ___________________ City Attorney Exhibits: A - Description of Community Development Authority Boundaries B - Conceptual Plan of Development C - Preliminary Description of Improvements D - Proposed Initial CDA Board Members EXHIBIT A Description of Community Development Authority Boundaries Property OwnerParcel NameCity of Hampton Tax IDBagwell Investments, L.L.C.Parcel A07F0010000000ABagwell Investments, L.L.C.Parcel A-207F0010000000APC2Bagwell Investments, L.L.C.Parcel B07F0010000000BBagwell Investments, L.L.C.Parcel C07F0010000000CJ.C. Penney Properties, Inc.Lot 107F0010000001Hampton Mall AssociatesLot 207F0010000002Hampton Mall AssociatesLot 307F0010000003Hampton Mall AssociatesLot 407F0010000004Hampton Mall AssociatesLot 507F0010000005J.C. Penney Properties, Inc.Lot 607F0010000006Hampton Mall AssociatesLot 707F0010000007Hampton Mall AssociatesLot 807F0010000008Hampton Mall AssociatesLot 907F0010000009Hampton Mall AssociatesLot 9A07F0010000009ABagwell Investments, L.L.C.Lot 1007F0010000000PCB EXHIBIT B Conceptual Plan of Development EXHIBIT C Preliminary Description of Improvements public IMPROVEMENTS Improvements Estimated Cost EXHIBIT D Proposed Initial CDA Board Members NameAddressTelephone NumberEmail Address ::ODMA\PCDOCS\DOCSNFK\1013198\3     PAGE  PAGE 2 \\FIN\243587.1  !6   ! 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