ࡱ> -/,{`  bjbjFF 4,, ] $ h{ J   . 0cMR- 0]  l"  0   ] |D|   MEMORANDUM TO: Katherine Glass, Clerk of Council FROM: Lesa Yeatts, Deputy City Attorney DATE: 1/17/06 RE: Towing Advisory Board - Appointments Based on the following record of Council actions I am requesting that the matter of Citizen Representatives to the Towing Advisory Board be put on the Agenda for January 25th. 12/14/05 Council adopts Resolution permitting Board to meet annually and to permit City Manager to directly appoint two law enforcement representatives. 12/14/05 Council reappoints Clyde Laudermilk and Robert Tollenarre for his first term as towing representative Council defers remaining 3 citizen representative appointments to 1/11/06. 1/11/06 Council appoints the two law enforcement representatives directly appointed by the City Manager; Sgt. Killilea and Cpl Cline. No action on the 3 open citizen representative appointments. Please let me know if you have any questions in this regard.   >@FRThiqz{}R T    ƾhNq5hNq5CJaJ h %hNq5hm3ChNq5H* h3n^hNq5 hNq55 h4hNq5hNq5 hm3ChNq5h4hNq55hNq55CJaJhNq55>*CJaJhCJaJhjh[hCJUaJh[h@4CJaJ  ?@ijyzW X   t I  gdNq5 &#$/gd@4gd@4    gdNq521h:p[/ =!"#$% E Dd2 \F<  C Ab nh{cf[ Dn nh{cf[PNG  IHDR2y4gAMAPLTE𠠤8: pHYs߬IDATxۚ* P6cI yb.: !_&NڮNujVGc8mv*5Cx6 "4>*͸~~ݰBN؈1 4pdFZk) ^6{nCY#=bGz {z;hCCw\ᅀ*&1/sğVzUhΌSÝq8aqJ!Hw1:.kvv+G#逡1Z-~?^{ϳ*q4Yb㔽!SQ3 fxСu,;ă_w8Oq4k؎ hi/qp uu{;氺  ˮ[AwӪdasp8&0VZF.G0#3B6Mؿ:l8kr8l r8;ښ=02?$N.0^4iarL9F&)c 0,A'U畞a>2d4K9f=cv;/shi0\!G?$C>|~Fǥ)9>7u;51цF߸`>x9`^ţ&C68Nr$;Ƹcw|K3\RTsL4{xQ_1_5G%9}nY1و~Qan`31p.۹86mftx uW( gئՆ5q3Ţ`TSz؆'F=^wk%>ҺIu :q8*qslbxGe8_:CI$ՃXP#$jTНs "u}40'?8(r7pAsG$;.~T V#rtǛ8QK~%1nX1lx{]??%֣thp < Ѯst  qwgݯ~