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In cooperation with the City’s Parks and Recreation Department, the class cleared brush, picked trash, planted grass and trees, built benches and purchased a new entryway sign for the Park. The City agreed to compliment the efforts by investing in playground equipment; the Class also planned to build a shelter. Due to unforeseen circumstances, neither the playground equipment nor the shelter were able to be installed before the Class of 2004 graduated; however, it is our understanding that City’s Parks and Recreation Department still has full intentions of finalizing the revitalization as envisioned by the Class. Through raffles, t-shirts sales and the charitable giving of individual and corporate citizens, fundraising efforts raised $10,296.35 cash dollars for the Park. While a portion of these funds were expended in support of the efforts outlined, funds of $6,832.60 remain. With your blessing, the Leadership Institute Class of 2004 is respectfully asking for the opportunity to donate these remaining funds to the City’s Parks and Recreation Department, with the stipulation that they be expended solely for the purpose for which they were raised – to beautify Ridgway Park. Sincerely, The Leadership Institute Class of 2004 Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Leadership Institute Class of 2004* Marc Barthello, Military Traffic Management Command (United States Army) Susie Bartlome, Old Point National Bank John Boyle, Hampton Roads Transit Rusty Carter, The Virginia Gazette Doug Coenan, PBS & J Maritza Davila, Thomas Nelson Community College Rose Dawson, Zel Technologies Gary Egan, The Mariner’s Museum Beth Fogarty, Christopher Newport University Norm Hahn, Thomas Nelson Community College Delia Hudgins, Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Darlene Jackson, 1st Advantage Federal Credit Union Kim Johnson, Girl Scout Council of the Colonial Coast Michael King, City of Newport News Jim Leahy, United States Army Barb Lito, City of Newport News Flo Martinez, The ARC of the Virginia Peninsula Patricia Melochick, City of Hampton Janet Millard, Peninsula Agency on the Aging Julie Palmer, The ARC of the Virginia Peninsula Gerald Patesel, Peninsula Agency on the Aging Steve Porter, Sentara Hospitals Deborah Richardson, Old Point National Bank Kenneth Richardson, City of Hampton (Sheriff’s Office) Gina Ross, Northrop Grumman Sue Sampson, Northrop Grumman Amy Scott, Sylvan Learning Center Simone Terry, Newport News Public Schools Pete Thomas, ViGYAN, Inc. Jeff Wassmer, Spectrum Comm Inc. * Each member is listed with their employer at the time of their participation in the program, which may not be their employer today. 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