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Army MWR received the revenues from sponsorships, merchandise commission, concessions and beer sales from the concerts at Fort Monroe. According to John Gentile, the amount received did not cover the $200,000 that Army MWR spent on the series. Army MWR is not planning on spending $200,000 on the 06 concert series. Q: What will be the total cost to the City? A: The request from Whisper Concerts is $100,000 plus City to provide offsite traffic control and two uniform police officers at each event. The total amount is approximately $105,500. Q: When would the City not be providing seed money to this event any more? A: The 05 concert series was sold to Council during the BRAC process by Whisper Concerts/Fort Monroe as an opportunity for the military and the community to get together and showcase Fort Monroe. City contributed $100,000 in sponsorship money for that purpose. There were four concerts at Fort Monroe and two at the Coliseum. Army MWR funded a lions share of the 05 series but it will not fund the 06 series. The purpose of the 06 series is very different than 05. This time, the Fort Monroe consideration is no longer applicable. Based on the current proposed concept, Citys contribution will be required indefinitely. Q: Can this concert series be done on a charge for admission basis? A: Theoretically yes, but John Gentile indicated that this concert series is based a free admission concept and he does not wish to change the nature of the series by selling tickets. City should not assume the role of a concert promoter in this case.      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