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The building would allow Langley Visiting Professors, as well as NIA researchers, the ability to conduct research on NIAs campus. It has been proposed that city staff work with NIA to try to secure approximately $4.5 million in state and federal funding for this project.Budget amendment Pilot Wireless ProjectBudget amendment request for the commonwealth to fund a pilot wireless project to deploy wireless within a mixed-use section of Hampton to study its effects on economic development, digital inclusion, impact on education, benefits to public safety and social services, and financial modeling of open wireless networks. Budget amendmentWorkforce Development StudyStudy resolution for a workforce community audit needs assessment to build off of the economic and labor market trends data captured in some of our existing environmental scans. The assessment could allow an outside researcher/consultant to conduct structured research on the employment and training needs of the local business community. Based on input from other workforce systems, the assessment would take approximately 6 months and involves 300 stakeholders ensuring that a wide range of populations and business sectors have input on specific regional job training needs. From the assessment, we could develop a strategic economic and workforce development plan which would highlight most importantly ways to address the creation of a business driven curriculum in our schools. The study could be used to: -Internally to set our own work agenda and develop individual job goals and objectives for staff -Guide the workforce dev initiatives of our partners and community based organization -Focus resources more efficiently and serve targeted groups, i.e. businesses, schools, etc. -Address the workforce needs of businesses, schools, and community. Keep agenda in front of potential users Study resolution with an accompanying budget amendment HRBT StudyA study by the General Assembly to examine tolling the Hampton Roads Bridge in exchange for providing congestion relief to the tunnel. Study could also examine utilizing the tunnel for some type of transit. Study resolution and accompanying budget amendment to study congestion relief at the HRBT (cost: TBA by General Assembly)Reimbursement for Expenses Related to Fort MonroeSince May 2005, when Fort Monroe appeared on the BRAC list, the City of Hampton has expended approximately $1,000,000 to navigate through the BRAC process. This expenditure includes costs related to the HUD Homeless Screening process, the environmental characterization and clean-up process, legal fees, etc. Because the vast majority of the property belongs to the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the rest reverts back to the federal government, the city is seeking reimbursement for the funds it has expended over the past two years. Budget amendment for approximately $1,000,000 to reimburse the city for expenses related to Fort MonroeTerm Limits for Council MembersA charter change to restrict the number of terms that a Hampton City Council member can serve to two termsCharter change400th Anniversary CelebrationFunds to Support Hamptons 400th Anniversary Proposed events include a number of major historical events during 2010, including Founder Day, a year-long celebration with themed months pertaining to Hamptons vast history [$400k], Hamptons Sister Cities (Anyang, South Korea-Pietermaritzburg-Msunduzi, South Africa-Vendome, France-Southampton, England) special programs and events [$40k], updating of the 375th Anniversary edition of Hampton: From the Sea, to the Stars Book, highlighting the past 50 years of Hampton history, publishing Historical Markers & Landmarks of Hampton booklet with map, a 2010 Family Reunion, hosting a reunion with 400 Hampton families, and an African American Commemoration. This is also an excellent opportunity to sustain the excitement about Virginia as a historical tourist destination similar to the enthusiasm that the Jamestown 2007 celebration garnered. The program is expected to cost over $1 million. State financial assistance is appropriate as the Commonwealth will benefit from the enhanced tourism visitation associated with this effort.Budget amendment for approximately $1,000,000 to support the citys 400th anniversary in 2010 Predatory LendingPayday and car title lending are fairly well recognized statewide problems. While the availability of short-term loans is important, it is equally important that state law provide adequate protections for consumers so that they are not charged exorbitant interest rates to obtain necessary cash-flow. The City of Hampton supports legislation to restrict the ability of these companies to charge exorbitant interest rates, as well as a reexamination of current statewide practices so that citizens are afforded reasonable protections.Support legislation to limit or eliminate predatory lendingVirginia Enterprise Zone ProgramThe Virginia Enterprise Zone Program, administered by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development, offers incentives to companies to create jobs, build buildings, or renovate/expand buildings. However, over the past few years, the General Assembly has not fully funded the program, and therefore, companies have received a pro-rated share of the amount for which they qualify (last year companies received $0.60 on the $1.00). The Support for budget amendments to fully fund the Virginia Enterprise Zone ProgramCommunications Tax Legislation AmendmentsIn 2006, the Virginia General Assembly passed HB 568, the legislation to significantly restructure local telecommunications taxes. The bill significantly repealed the direct authority of local governments to administer nearly half a billion dollars in tax revenue. Local revenues have been replaced with newly created state-administered taxes. Despite the City of Hamptons, and a number of other localities, repeated attempts to convey our concerns with the proposed legislation throughout the 2006 legislative session, the bill was passed. In addition, localities were given repeated assurances that we would not lose revenue as a result of this tax reform. Unfortunately, our initial reservations have become a reality: since the legislation was implemented in January 2007, local governments across the Commonwealth, including the City of Hampton, have experienced a considerable loss of revenue as a result of the passage of HB 568. The City of Hampton supports efforts to increase rates, in particular the E-911 rateSupport for amendments proposed by VML/VACO to increase rates and restore lost revenue to the localitiesK-12 RebenchmarkingLocalities are spending an estimated $2.8 billion annually on K-12 operating expenses above the states SOQ match requirements 57 percent of the total dollars spent on K-12 education in Virginia. On average, Virginia localities shoulder a much higher share of K-12 funding than in other states. SOQ prevailing methodology does not use current data for cost-sharing with localities, lagging behind in figures for projected enrollment. The City of Hampton supports efforts to augment the states share of SOQ funding to alleviate this additional burden to the localities. Support for budget amendments proposed to allocate additional funds to localitiesEminent DomainLegislative passed during the 2007 General Assembly session now severely restricts the ability of local housing authorities to condemn land in the redevelopment process. In addition to this legislation, a constitutional amendment was proposed (and defeated) to limit the power of eminent domain by disallowing the ability of making amendments to this provision without the passage of another constitutional amendment. Opposition to any legislation or constitutional amendment crafted to further limit the ability of housing authorities to use eminent domain Added: Electric Utility Rate Leg Illegal Immigration Firefighter Background Checks 2=>Z[jk  + , - . = > A W X c d  ɾɾɾɾ hC2\hC2hC2\ h>\ hU hU h\qhC2hvNhpRhi@G h{hL~h>h']hUhSDh!hL~h{hU D2>[ku?kd$$Ifl\!'-86[  t 6@09644 laytL~$$&@#$/Ifa$gd D}* - Dkd$$Ifl\!'-86[  t 6@09644 laytL~$&@#$/Ifgd D- ? @ A X D6 $7$8$H$IfgdU kd@$$Ifl\!'-86[  t 6@09644 laytL~$&@#$/Ifgd D D;; $IfgdC2kd$$Ifl\!'-86[  t 6@09644 laytL~$&@#$/Ifgd D dMp4fY[  xyz S[Y\^vw ]_vw+͹ٱ٪٪٪٪٪٪٥hhi@GH*] hi@G] hdBWhi@Ghi@Ghi@GH*hpRhpRH*hhU h>hpRhL~h\qhi@Gh! hU hL~ hC2\hC2hC2\hC2 hC2hC2;Y xy$&@#$/Ifgd D $7$8$H$IfgdC2 $IfgdC2 TDDDD$&@#$/Ifgd Dkd$$Ifl\!'-86[  t 6@09644 laytL~  <STDDDD$&@#$/Ifgd>kd $$Ifl\!'-86[  t 6@09644 laytL~HWXTDDDD$&@#$/Ifgd>kd$$Ifl\!'-86[  t 6@09644 laytL~XYwTD;DD $Ifgdi@G$&@#$/Ifgd Dkd`$$Ifl\!'-86[  t 6@09644 laytL~+SU %&x3_o;<wzm[ \ } $$%˿ӻӻӐӌӷӄӀhqZh{hShpRhS ph?1hMhRhL~56CJ\aJhBB*phhMhRB*phhBhMhRhE5h\qh\qH*h\qh!hL~ hdBWhi@Ghi@G hi@G]hhi@G] hi@G6]hdBWhi@G6]2&<xyTD8DD $$Ifa$gdMhR$&@#$/Ifgd Dkd$$Ifl\!'-86[  t 6@09644 laytL~yz\ TDDDD$&@#$/Ifgd Dkd$$Ifl\!'-86[  t 6@09644 laytL~ $B%C%TD;DD $IfgdT$&@#$/Ifgd Dkd@$$Ifl\!'-86[  t 6@09644 laytL~%A%D%X%%%%%&&& ' '_'''''''%(4(Z((()))))&*)***0*1*}*h 1h,IhCRhSDh^h>h=h!hTh[Vh@yhhchc>*hchShL~hLc#C%D%X%'''TDDDD$&@#$/Ifgd Dkd$$Ifl\!'-86[  t 6@09644 laytL~''')'*(*TDDDD$&@#$/Ifgd Dkd$$Ifl\!'-86[  t 6@09644 laytL~(*)***1*K*_*}*TOOOOOgdU kd $$Ifl\!'-86[  t 6@09644 laytL~51h0:pCR= /!"#$% $$If!vh5565[ 5 #v#v6#v[ #v :Vl t 6@965565[ 5 ytL~$$If!vh5565[ 5 #v#v6#v[ #v :Vl t 6@965565[ 5 ytL~$$If!vh5565[ 5 #v#v6#v[ #v :Vl t 6@965565[ 5 ytL~$$If!vh5565[ 5 #v#v6#v[ #v :Vl t 6@965565[ 5 ytL~$$If!vh5565[ 5 #v#v6#v[ #v :Vl t 6@965565[ 5 ytL~$$If!vh5565[ 5 #v#v6#v[ #v :Vl t 6@965565[ 5 ytL~$$If!vh5565[ 5 #v#v6#v[ #v :Vl t 6@965565[ 5 ytL~$$If!vh5565[ 5 #v#v6#v[ #v :Vl t 6@965565[ 5 ytL~$$If!vh5565[ 5 #v#v6#v[ #v :Vl t 6@965565[ 5 ytL~$$If!vh5565[ 5 #v#v6#v[ #v :Vl t 6@965565[ 5 ytL~$$If!vh5565[ 5 #v#v6#v[ #v :Vl t 6@965565[ 5 ytL~$$If!vh5565[ 5 #v#v6#v[ #v :Vl t 6@965565[ 5 ytL~$$If!vh5565[ 5 #v#v6#v[ #v :Vl t 6@965565[ 5 ytL~$$If!vh5565[ 5 #v#v6#v[ #v :Vl t 6@965565[ 5 ytL~@@@ NormalCJ_HaJmH sH tH DAD Default Paragraph FontRi@R  Table Normal4 l4a (k(No Listj@j CR Table Grid7:V0}"T2>[ku-?@AXY x y  < SHWXYw&<xyz\BCDX!'"(")"*"1"K"_""00 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 0000000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00000@AXY x  < Sw&<xyz\CD"b00h00Lb00(j00b00j00b00%,`00h00 `00j000-j000-j000-j000j000j000b00 h00 `0 @0 h00 h00 0 h0 j0 j00h00h00 j00 h00h00h00 0 h00h00h00h000 j00h0, 0h000h00j00LM0 j0"0#,h0"0 0j00LW +%}*"&-  Xy C%'(*}* !#$%'()}*#Y0Z [#\5/]^_4i,`,Balbz{0 0 5 Q V __zzEE%%**"      !"4 ; ; U \ ffLL,,22"   !"9*urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttagsState8*urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttagsCity= *urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags PlaceType=#*urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags PlaceName9"*urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttagsplace `#"# "# #"" #" #"""""""""IWv"|""_""t   QZ[Y4 4 !!*"|""v"|""rdm)(@s|ocx쏆{]@'X4M̴& 0:>t|*Vo+!蒊VȞZFĚ(~nkP87bnLRW`y)&o98^U 1`!! \#C2n:UCSDi@G,ILrQMhRSU(*[']LcbkLlrm>mOToS pL~~[VB\q:>$$ Dc@yvN?12!XE5/=9pR{CRTqZ,=2>[k-?@AXy  < SHWXYw&<xyz\BCDX!'"(")""@h}"@UnknownGz Times New Roman5Symbol3& z Arial;Wingdings"1h󸆮у%X>%X> 4dl"l"2qHP ?CR2 SuggestionAuthorized Userkkglass   Oh+'0   @ L X dpx SuggestionAuthorized User Normal.dotkkglass2Microsoft Office Word@@:@#6@#6%X՜.+,0 hp   City of Hampton, VA>l"  Suggestion Title  !"#$%&'()*,-./012456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIKLMNOPQSTUVWXY\Root Entry F6^Data +1Table3,WordDocument7TSummaryInformation(JDocumentSummaryInformation8RCompObjq  FMicrosoft Office Word Document MSWordDocWord.Document.89q