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Maintain national accreditation for the Division. Continue employee development through improvement of professional education, managerial skills and technical law enforcement skills that will serve to better police our communities and enhance communications between the Police and the citizens of Hampton. Provide high quality police service while seeking cost effective means by which to police our City. Goals: Provide a level of protection to the community that addresses highway safety, crime suppression and improves the quality of life of businesses and neighborhoods. Provide Public Safety service to residents and businesses within the City of Hampton through interactive relationship between officers, community members, and businesses working toward the goal of reducing crime and its effects, traffic enforcement, and crime prevention and detection. Goals: Develop, implement, and supervise a comprehensive organizational strategy to secure the Hampton community from terrorist threats or attacks through Public Safety initiatives. fGoals: To provide safety for the school children crossing the street at intersections in school zones. uGoals: The Crimes Against Persons Unit is responsible for the investigation of major crimes which occur in the City such as murder, robbery, aggravated assaults and sex crimes. Investigators assigned to this unit interview witnesses, collect evidence, conduct criminal interviews, prepare case files, identify and arrest perpetrators, and assist with criminal prosecution. Goals: The Crimes Against Property Unit is responsible for investigating any crimes involving property, such as burglary, larceny, fraud, computer crimes, credit card fraud, identify theft, forgery, motor vehicle thefts, etc. The unit also works a Pawn Shop Detail to assist in locating stolen property and identifying suspects. The unit administers the Habitual Offender Program, which targets career criminals who live in Hampton or victimize the community. Goals: Identify, collect, preserve, analyze, and testify to items of evidence that are located at any given crime scene. These items of evidence are used as a means for successful prosecution in criminal and traffic matters in the City of Hampton. Goals: To assure that officers receive the most up-to-date, practical and relevant training in order to perform their job in the most professional and efficient manner possible. Goals: Assure that the officers hired by the Police Division are qualified and professional individuals who will reflect positively on the Division and the City. Goals: Assure that the officers' conduct is consistent with the Police Officers Code of Ethics, Policy and Procedure, Rules and Regulations and Laws. Additionally, assure that the Police Division is in compliance with all criteria set forth by CALEA. Goals: To provide direction and vision on the protection to the community in areas of highway safety, crime suppression and improvement of quality of life for businesses and neighborhoods. 1Goals: To Community Relations Unit records, develops, analyzes and implements comprehensive programs designed to anticipate, recognize and appraise crime risk and to initiate action to reduce criminal activity with in the City and provide police support for special events that take place within the City. Goals: The Hampton Police Division School Resource Officers will help provide a secure and safe learning environment at the City's Public Schools. They will provide increased communication and cooperation between Police, Students and School Staff. Goals: To become more efficient and reduce the delay's in the processing of information requests and service requests. Provides for the collection, security, presentation, and legal dissemination of records maintained by the Police Division. dGoals: Improve and enhance customer service, personnel training and development and equipment needs. Goals: Serve as program management for a variety of diverse initiatives to provide administrative and technical support and to ensure fiscal performance and accountability for funding appropriated to the Police Division. Goals: Maintain compliance with state laws and City ordinances regarding seized property and abandoned property. Maintain recordkeeping, storage, security, and disposition of evidence relating to crimes committed in the City of Hampton. Maintain recordkeeping, ordering and dissemination of equipment, uniforms, and supplies for Division employees and Units. Maintain security and integrity of evidence and non-evidence property. # Performance IndicatorsType of Measurement FY 03 ActualFY 04 ActualFY 05 EstimateFY 06 Target/Reduction of vehicle accidents on City roadwaysOutcome9Customer survey results from service delivery by officers&36 School crossings manned twice daily&Police augmentation for special events4Increase training hours provided to Division members7Increase the number of identification hits through AFISunknownFDecrease calls for service based on training given to Division members!Officers exceeding DCJS StandardsOutput:Man-hours of law enforcement training provided to officers!Number of in-house schools taught[Visit at least five new locations for recruiting, three of which will be primarily minority.Number of recruitment training sessions taught.Average percentage of Police Officer vacancies/Reduction of vehicle accidents on city roadwaysNeighborhood Watch meetingsLectures/toursHome and business surveysAbandoned vehiclesWarrants/Summons received EfficiencyWarrants/Summons served*Warrants/Summons administratively resolvedReports processedAddendums processedTraffic Summons processedFI Cards processedRecord Checks processedParking Tickets processedAccidents processedFatality Accidents:Total training attended by Administrative Branch personnelTotal weapon allotment providedOPrepare and submit fulltime and part-time payroll submissions on biweekly basisTotal property received by UnitTotal property disposed Total property returned to ownerb1 2j3419%@wGpHI(KEKM7 Fɀ  t)WM`i)or  dMbP?_*+%,$!&C&"Times New Roman,Regular"&12&P)?M>\\FINSER01\BUD2138PCL5P`o odXXLetter (8.5" x 11")LANIER 2124 PCL 5cLPT1:<T< d''''dd"UXX??U} } $} I }  } I } It  2  w_ @ :2 1 ;1 1 1  @  h@  h@   h@w@@@@Y@@@@@ ]]]]] ^^^^^ `. a/ a0 a1 a2 a3 b4 c5d@ea@ f g 6 5MbX?~ W@   7 h5iB@B@B@D@y v8 y5z`@za@z b@z`c@ vyzzzz v9 ~5 (@K@Y@ w v~w v: ~5 C@@d@ w; w v~wwm v< ~5@ܕ@P@ wv~w O= o>Opp@Op@Oq@Oq@ v? >8@)@B@@v O@ o>OK@OR@O@U@OV@ vA >@@ @@vv vB >@?@@v vC ~5Zd;O?S㥫?@@v~ vD ~5@a@ w wv~ww v6 ~5MbX?~ W@ w wv~ww OE o5OG@OD@OF@OI@Dl, TNX>>FNF>>>>>VNX !x@"#i@$%x@&h@',@(v@)v@*v@+v@,v@-@.;@/;@0J@1h@2J@3;@4,@5J@6@7@8@9:@;@<@=Y@>h@? zF y z\@za@zb@zd@!zyzzzz "zG "y"z1@z@_@z6@{;@#zyzzz{ $vH $y$|@|@|p@}@%vy|||} &OI &oJ&p.@pg@p_@pd@ 'OK 'oJ'p@pn@p@p#@ (:L (qJ(n@nF@n@n@):qnnnn*:qnnnn+:qnnnn,:qnnnn -r. -s/ -s0 -s1 -s2 -s3 .OM .oJ.p@pE@p@p"@ /ON /oJ/p+@pn@pͼ@p=@ 0OO 0oJ0p5@p/@p1@p A@ 0 1OP 1oJ1pE@p@p@p@ 2OQ 2oJ2p6@pӾ@p.@p@ 3OR 3oJ3p@p/@ 3t 3t 4OS 4oJ4p@pj@pH@p2@ 5OT 5oJ5p"@p&@p(@p*@ 6:U 6k56nO@nn@nr@nu@ 7:U 7k57nO@nn@nr@nu@ 8:U 8k58nO@nn@nr@nu@ 9vV 9y59xX@x`l@x`l@x|@:vyvvvv ;:W ;q>;lJ@lJ@lJ@lJ@ <:X <j5<pZ@pz@p@p@ =:Y =j5=pJ@pη@pd@pX@ >:Z >j5>p@p@p@p@?uuuuuuD l>>>>>>T>>L>>N>>>>>>>>>>@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_@uuuuuuAuuuuuuBuuuuuuCuuuuuuDuuuuuuEuuuuuuFuuuuuuGuuuuuuHuuuuuuIuuuuuuJuuuuuuKuuuuuuLuuuuuuMuuuuuuNuuuuuuOuuuuuuPuuuuuuQuuuuuuRuuuuuuSuuuuuuTuuuuuuUuuuuuuVuuuuuuWuuuuuuXuuuuuuYuuuuuuZuuuuuu[uuuuuu\uuuuuu]uuuuuu^uuuuuu_uuuuuuD@l`abcdefghijklmnopqrs`uuuuuuauuuuuubuuuuuucuuuuuuduuuuuueuuuuuufuuuuuuguuuuuuhuuuuuuiuuuuuujuuuuuukuuuuuuluuuuuumuuuuuunuuuuuuouuuuuupuuuuuuquuuuuuruuuuuusuuuuuu,H|p X(  l  s *X6* A@ `  +]`X6*W ldB  s *D@jJS]`W`X  # Aj0299239 ]&`YldB  s *D@jJ]`Y  T47*www))?"` `]`47*hZ H<Objectives: Continuing in our efforts to have the most successful clearance rate in the region. Implement and conduct aggressive proactive measures in crime reduction activities, i.e., operational plans or surveillance operations. Increase the successful closure of Part I property offenses by utilizing these proactive initiatives to identify and apprehend the perpetrators of these crimes <HH  abO zr  C *Aj0196228"` ]&`Ztt  c $7*"` ]`7*\ <Goals: The Crimes Against Property Unit is responsible for investigating any crimes involving property, such as burglary, larceny, fraud, computer crimes, credit card fraud, identify theft, forgery, motor vehicle thefts, etc. The unit also works a Pawn Shop Detail to assist in locating stolen property and identifying suspects. The unit administers the Habitual Offender Program, which targets career criminals who live in Hampton or victimize the community.<  `X  # Aj0299239-.]&`]zr   C *Aj0196228"`6CR]& `^>@<d000b       $%$%$%$%          "#"# !"#"#9: ! !$%$%"#9:9:9:9:9: ! ! !"#7 Sheet2 Fɀ ()&   dMbP?_*+%:e$!&C&"Times New Roman,Regular"&12&P)?M>\\FINSER01\BUD2138PCL5P`o odXXLetter (8.5" x 11")LANIER 2124 PCL 5cLPT1:<T< d''''dd"_XX??U} I} $} I }  }  } } I  @ ; `  @ @ +@ Y@ 7@ Q @Y@,`@Y@@@Y@J@J`@Y@           !TeA"@  #$%&''(  )* ~ +2"@h@ -..///000111  )* +6A"@ 2$%&''(  )* ~ + A "  2345675345675345675345675345675   )* +ư="5@8;,".40M"4$:$$ @! <@" T,# s,$ Y1% 1& 1' 1( 1) 1* 1+ 1, 1- 1. 1/ 1011Y2213141516171819 1:Y1;1<Y@=>? ! !"#888888 $ $ $!de+A"3@ %"% %9 %1&vvvvvv'vvvvvv(vvvvvv)vvvvvv*;;;;;;+;;;;;;,$%&''(-$%&''(.$%&''(/$%&''(0$%&''( 1 1)* 1+xA"$@ 2#23vvvvvv4vvvvvv 50006$%&''(7$%&''(8$%&''(9$%&''( : :)* :+-A"0@;<=>?@A < <)* <+%A"@ =$=>?BBBCCCDl"4>4"44"@ABCDEFG@HY@Iu@J@K@LMNO2PQY@RSTUVWXYZI@[Y@\]^_@BBBCCCABBBCCCBBBBCCCCBBBCCCD345675E345675F345675G345675 H H)* H+A"@ I%IJKLMNOPDDDDDD QE QFGHQIH/AJ@ R&RSTvvvvvvUvvvvvvVvvvvvvWKKLLMNXKKLLMNYKLLLMNZO [ [)* [+IA"@ \'\]^vvvvvv_vvvvvvDl4"4" 4"`abcdeY@f,g,h,ih jh kh lh mY@nopqrstuxI@yY@z{|}~`vvvvvvaKKLLMNbKKLLMNcKLLLMNdKLLLMN e e)* e+E@"@ fPf11111iKKLLMN ijKKLLMN jkKLLLMN k l m m)* m+A"@ n(nopvvvvvvqvvvvvvrvvvvvvsKKLLMNtKKLLMNuKLLLMN y y)* y+$#"@ z)z{|vvvvvv}vvvvvv~vvvvvvKKLLMN@JD4"$$$4"4"X@Y@Y@V@Y@KKLLMNKLLLMN  )* +.%A"5@ *vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvKKLLMNKKLLMNKLLLMN  )* +`A"@ +vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvKKLLMN  QRS+A" @ ,vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvKKLLMNKKLLMNKLLLMN<4"4"4"g@Y@,,,,  )* +$A"@ -vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvKKLLMNKKLLMNKLLLMN ~ T~> U VW T U X YYZ`+qA{D DDDDD$D1D:D<DHDQD[DeDmDyDDDDD[ X YYZ\u@+oD DDDD$D1D:D<DHDQD[DeDmDyDDDD 4">>\ D(  l  s *DJ* A@t$$]`DJ*0   Z~*@www))?"`j%ti]`~* <The Hampton Police Division is committed to providing the highest quality service to our citizens. Acting in partnership with the community, we will be proactive and promote a responsive and flexible approach to quality of life issues.<ldB  s *D@jJ]`?  T*www))?"`]`*A P<Objectives: Provide rapid Marine Patrol response, via rapid deployment of the required resources to complaints in Hampton's shallow-water rivers, creeks, and congested harbors/near coast, along with supporting the needs of the Dive and SWAT teams. Coordinate the U.S. Coast Guard, nearby military installations and cities to identify training and mutual support activities. Monitor and routinely stop vessels operating within our jurisdiction observed in violation of regulations. <P|f =e $j e$je$jY e5Z  T`*www))?"`:]``*B H<Objectives: To prevent injury or death to school children crossing at intersections. To assist in traffic control during special events or activities. To augment police services within the capabilities of the school crossing guards.<H|f =e $j eV$jWe$j e  T*www))?"`t"7)#]`*C X<Objectives: Implement effective strategies to reduce robberies and identify and prosecute those individuals involved in robbery offenses. Enhance pre and post investigative and interdiction procedures as related to missing persons and runaway reports. Increase effectiveness of the Unit. Support the Division's community policing philosophy and enhance the investigator's capabilities. Maintain clearance rates that exceed the national averages in murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault cases.<X|f =e $j e$je$je$jEe  T*www))?"`5!]`*E < <   TP*www))?"`[]`P*LF `<Objectives: Continue implementing innovative and cost effective policing programs to ensure clearance rates remain below national averages. Continue to reduce crime levels throughout the City to below national averages. Continue offering services and programs that educate the public on police services and law enforcement strategies. Continue to offer training programs throughout the year for employees to enhance policing abilities. <`=    {WX     T*www))?"`] `*p H<Objectives: Reduce motor vehicle accidents occurring on the roadway in the City by 10% by June 2006. Reduce specific criminal activity by 5% by June 2006. Provide police services that aid in the reduction of blighted properties by 5% by June 2006.<H|f =e $j  ef$jge$jS ett   c $*"`  f@"f] `*H4 2`<eObjectives: Offer sufficient computer terminal access to provide minimal customer waiting. Maintain over 95% operational equipment at any given time. Offer software and Internet searching assistance upon customer request. Provide a regular schedule of basic computer and Internet use classes. <`1    ^ a      2zr   C *Aj0196228"`:\x]& `tB   T|*www))?"`~*Z0] `|*B @<!Objectives: Continuing in our efforts to have the most successful clearance rate in the region. Implement and conduct aggressive proactive measures in crime reduction activities, i.e., operational plans or surveillance operations. Increase the successful closure of Part I property offenses by utilizing these proactive initiatives to identify and apprehend the perpetrators of these crimes <@f %j Q ea$jbe$je   T́*www))?"`59] `́*(6 P<9Objectives: Increase the training hours provided to division personnel on various forensic topics. Increase the number of identification hits of crime scene latent prints submitted to AFIS. Decrease the calls for service as it relates to increased training for division personnel. <P|f =e $j  ed$je6 e$j e5Z  T*www))?"`e?[G]`*7 ,X<YObjectives: Provide appropriate quality training which supports the mission and philosophy of the Division and provides for improved professionalism and efficiency of Division personnel Maintain 100% compliance on officer certification with DCJS and other regulatory agencies. Have all officers exceed DCJS requirements for firearms, defensive tactics and diversity training . Disseminate and present Police Division training information, material and programs. monthly. To use Division Instructors to conduct in-house in-service training. <X|f =e $j cejj e$j e$je,  Tl*www))?"`WI)Px]`l*(9 H<Objectives: Identify and use recruitment strategies and locations that will assist in recruiting a diverse population of individuals, both within and surrounding our local communities while maintaining the high standards previously set the they Police Division. Increase participation by Police Division personnel in recruiting new officers. Work to minimize police position vacancy rate.<H|f =e $j Je $j  e\$j]e  T*www))?"`yU<Z]`*,  =H<{Objectives: Conduct thorough, objective and timely investigations into all complaints of officer misconduct. Corrective action will be identified and acted on in a timely manner. Assure that the Police Division complies with all accreditation standards. Assure that that all written directives are complied with.<H|f =e $j  e]j e]je=  T *www))?"`R^xd]` *l 1H<cObjectives: Create traffic enforcement programs that reduces motor vehicle accidents occurring on the roadway in the City of Hampton by 10% by June 2006. Reduce specific criminal activity by 5% by June 2006. Provide police services that aides in the reduction of blighted property by 5% by June 2006.<H|f =e $j e$je$jb e1  T\*www))?"`q|x]`\*  aX<Objectives: To increase the public's awareness in the prevention of crime. To educate the public in crime prevention techniques both for residential homeowners and business owners. To provide high quality police service to groups, organizations and citizens during special events. The prompt removal of abandoned vehicles throughout the City.<X|f =e $j eL$jMe$j e"$j# ea  T*www))?"`}]`* X<Objectives: Continue to increase communications between police, students and staff. Continue to provide classroom instruction for students on state and local laws, personal safety and other topics a requested by the school staff. Continue to provide appropriate, effective and timely response to school related violence. Continue fostering the positive relationship with our City's youth and educate them on their responsibilities to the community.<X|f =e $j F eU$jVGe$jT eG$jHe  T*www))?"`j]`*_ XH<Objectives: To have 100% of accident reports entered into the Records Management System available upon request. A 50% reduction in delays in processing of customer information requests by synchronizing Police Division and Hampton Court System data. A 50% increase in the service of civil and criminal court documents within six months.<H|f =e $j  et$ju<e$j eX  TL*www))?"`RZ]`L* a H<{Objectives: Make sure officers attend schools and receive advance training. Make sure officers are properly equipped to complete assigned tasks. Maintain a clothing surplus for officers.<H|f =e $j eM$jNe$je  T*www))?"`\[]`*Pb x<Objectives: Support City wide emergency management, homeland security, disaster preparedness and domestic preparedness initiatives as the designated coordinating authority for the City. Provide administrative and technical support to the police division. Conduct all fiscal administration on behalf of the organization involving grants, payroll, procurement, contracts, and maintenance activities. Provide 24 hour technical support by installing, operating, and managing the operations of the Division's management information systems utilized by the Sheriff, Jail, Police Division, E911 Center, Emergency Management, and other criminal justice agencies and city departments who utilize information contained in systems. Conduct planning activities, program evaluation, and program implementation services for the Division. Provide supervisory oversight to the Crime Analysis Unit.<x|f =e $j oe$je$je$j)e$j eN$jO/e  T*www))?"`2x]`*c YH<Objectives: Maintain security. Maintain tracking system. 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