ࡱ> hjg5@ 'bjbj22 (6XX$^.LLLLLLLL-------$@0R2h.LL.LL.TTTLL-T-T(T|:$,]%L@ PW,% -..0^. %R2^2]%2]%lLT*T~:LLL..D J D  MEMORANDUM TO: Hampton Planning Commission FROM: Terry ONeill, Director of Planning Irayda Ruiz, Senior Planner DATE: December 2, 2005 SUBJ: Kecoughtan Road Corridor Master Plan Staff is pleased to present to you the final draft of the Kecoughtan Road Corridor Master Plan for your review and consideration. We began this process back in March 2005 and have been working diligently over the past nine months to arrive at the vision and direction represented in the document before you. The Kecoughtan Road corridor stretches for over three miles beginning at its intersection with Settlers Landing Road on the edge of Downtown and running southwest to the Newport News city line. At one time, Kecoughtan Road was home to many thriving commercial enterprises which served both neighborhood needs as well as attracting customers from other parts of Hampton and Newport News. Today, the Kecoughtan Road Corridor serves a far different function than it did 40-50 years ago. As newer commercial districts emerged in Hampton and elsewhere on the Peninsula, the demand for commercial services in older corridors such as Kecoughtan Road diminished significantly. This overabundance of commercial land uses depresses commercial land values and tends to attract commercial uses which command very low per square foot values. Often these land uses are not neighborhood serving land uses and thus tend to present a detracting appearance and perception for the surrounding neighborhoods. The Kecoughtan Road of today and the future is a corridor of neighborhoods. It now serves as a neighborhood collector street which serves as the front door to the many diverse and historic neighborhoods along its course. Addressing these types of fundamental changes to the Corridor is the genesis of the Kecoughtan Corridor Master Plan effort. As we progressed through the planning process, six guiding principles for the future of the Kecoughtan Road Corridor emerged: PLANNING DEPARTMENT (757) 727-6140 FAX: (757) 728-2449 ONE FRANKLIN STREET, SUITE 603, HAMPTON, VIRGINIA 23669-3522 Kecoughtan Corridor Master Plan December 2, 2005 Page Two of Three Redefine the Kecoughtan Corridor as primarily a residential boulevard and neighborhood main street which will present an appropriate front door to the neighborhoods. Create memorable places and events along the length of the road which help to reinforce the unique identity and history of the various neighborhoods along the corridor. Consolidate commercial land uses to the two existing neighborhood shopping centers as much as is practical while still supporting viable neighborhood oriented business elsewhere along the corridor. Eliminate non-neighborhood friendly commercial uses while supporting commercial businesses which are truly neighborhood serving. Ensure that new development and redevelopment preserves and enhances the essential qualities of the neighborhoods: charm, water orientation, architectural styles, and the rich history of the area. Establish connections to existing and proposed open spaces, the water, schools, and other public facilities. Through the adoption of these guiding principles, all future actions should be evaluated to insure consistency with these key goals. Utilizing these principles as a foundation for action, key initiative areas were identified with accompanying recommended actions. A brief summary of these key initiative areas is provided below: West Kecoughtan Road Gateway (includes the area from Wythe Elementary School west to the Newport News line): Key Direction transform this area into a residential boulevard and gateway to the City. West Kecoughtan Neighborhood Commercial Center (includes the Wythe Shopping Center and areas immediately to the east and west along the corridor): Key Direction create a visually attractive and highly functional neighborhood serving commercial node to serve neighborhoods at this end of the corridor. New School Site (former Sentara Hospital site and Armstrong Elementary site): Key Direction dramatically improve community facilities by clustering a number of public facilities (schools, recreation center, senior center, ball fields, etc.) at this location. East Kecoughtan Neighborhood Commercial Center (includes the Food Lion and Southampton Shopping Centers, Crowne Pointe, Merrimac Shores, Sussex Village, the western portion of Newtown, and Merrimac and Little England Apartments): Key Direction a combination of revitalization efforts and redevelopment initiatives to create new residential opportunities aimed at home ownership focused around a high quality aesthetically pleasing neighborhood shopping/cultural node serving the neighborhoods at this end of the corridor. Sunset Creek Area (includes the eastern portion of Newtown/Ivy Home Road, areas around the American Legion site & ball field as well as the Eason Park-Darling Stadium area): Key Direction - link key assets at this important gateway to the Corridor in order to provide enhanced open space and recreational opportunities as well as identifying the future of Sunset Creek as predominantly a location for residential and water-oriented land uses. Kecoughtan Corridor Master Plan December 2, 2005 Page Three of Three As we have moved from one master plan area to another over the past two plus years, the community interest in these efforts grows. Participation in this effort was greater than the previous three culminating with an overflow crowd at our August 24, 2005 community meeting. In fact, we had to hold a second presentation on September 13, 2005 for those who were turned away by the Fire Marshal at Armstrong Elementary School. In some respects, one might also describe this effort as the most spirited or contentious depending on your perspective. While lots of participation and widely divergent opinions always amplify the logistical challenges for staff, in the end these characteristics are very positive. Widespread spirited community participation is a desirable goal rather than a sign of trouble. Reshaping our neighborhoods to adapt to a changing world is not an easy task and requires that we ask and debate tough questions that sometimes create controversy. Staff is committed to the ideal that we will get a better product when people are engaged and have passionate opinions regarding whats best for their neighborhood. We do make mistakes along the way which are almost always unintentional and originate from well-meaning intentions. Almost always, these missteps represent learning opportunities which provide the foundation for improvements to the next planning effort. Clearly we were fortunate to have so many passionate, involved community members in this process. Our Steering Committee should be commended for helping to advise us and guide us through this process. Reflecting the community, our Steering Committee often expressed divergent views on many issues. They committed many, many hours of their own time to come to meetings and help us get the word out to the community. They always gave us well-reasoned food for thought. Please keep in mind that the role of the Steering Committee was to provide staff with a working group that fairly represented the community upon which we could obtain feedback, advice, and discussion. The Steering Committee was not asked to vote or reach consensus on issues. The Steering Committee was also not asked to formally endorse the final recommendations. We hope that you find the work represented in the Plan to be both effective and representative of a broad spectrum of views. It is certainly not perfect and not without controversy. We do believe it represents a balance between setting bold direction for the future and being pragmatic. We also believe these recommendations represent a balance between the broad public interest and the interest of the individual. Staff looks forward to discussing the details of this proposed Plan with you in more detail. If you have any questions prior to the meeting date, please feel free to contact us. 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