ࡱ> ilh bjbj }zt5$Pkw# 1R $6.RG0w!!!`tw! : City of Hampton, Virginia FY2014 Community Development Block Grant and HOME Program Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Funds are awarded to the City of Hampton on an annual basis from the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to develop viable urban communities by providing decent housing, a suitable living environment and economic opportunities principally for low-to-moderate income persons. The rationale for determining priorities for housing and community development needs is based upon census data and the needs identified during the implementation of the Hampton Neighborhood Initiative. The Housing and Community Development Issues and Strategies are fully described in the City's 2011-2015 Consolidated Plan for Housing and Community Development. Resources FY 2014 Community Development Block Grant Program$973,263FY 2014 Estimated CDBG Program Income $25,000 CDBG Revolving Loan Fund $40,000FY 2014 HOME Investment Partnerships Program $392,452 FY 2014 Estimated HOME Program Income $195,000 Total Resources Available: $1,962,785 Proposed Activities Community Development Block Grant Program 01 Acquisition (Hampton Redevelopment & Housing Authority): Acquisition of vacant lots and properties with deteriorated structures in support of affordable homeownership activities and neighborhood revitalization plans. $145,613 02 Disposition (Hampton Redevelopment & Housing Authority): Funds for the maintenance of acquired property and legal disposition costs. $50,000 03 Housing Programs (Hampton Redevelopment & Housing Authority): Funds for the Wheelchair Ramp Program, Exterior Improvement Program, Emergency Repair Grant Program, and the Weatherization & Energy Efficiency Program. $90,000 04 Housing Services (Hampton Redevelopment & Housing Authority): Direct project costs (direct overhead and administration) to support CDBG & HOME activities for housing initiatives that benefit low to moderate income individuals and neighborhoods. $262,642 05 Partnership for a New Phoebus (Partnership for a New Phoebus): Administrative costs to support economic development activities in the Phoebus area of the city. $36,000 06 Support Services to Neighborhood Center Programs (Parks & Recreation): Operational costs and technical assistance for programs at the Newtown Learning Center and the Y.H. Thomas Community Center. $138,066 07 Community Development Planning & Grant Administration (Community Development) CDBG and HOME Program grant administration and neighborhood planning in low to moderate income areas of the City. $194,483 08 Demolition (Community Development): Demolition of blighted structures that are substandard, declared public nuisance, or acquired by the HRHA with CDBG funds.  $75,000 09 Contingency: Available to cover cost overruns in CDBG funded activities. $6,459  Total CDBG Funded Activities:$998,263 CDBG Revolving Loan Fund (Hampton Redevelopment & Housing Authority) 10 Housing Programs: Permanent removal of funds to support the CDBG Housing Programs activity. $40,000Total CDBG Revolving Loan Fund Activities:$40,000 HOME Investment Partnerships Program (Hampton Redevelopment & Housing Authority) 11 Homeowner Rehabilitation: Program provides deferred-forgivable loans up to $25,000 city-wide and up to $50,000 in Hampton Housing Venture areas to qualified Hampton homeowners to rehab their principal residence. $100,000 12 Homebuyer Assistance: Program provides downpayment and closing cost assistance to low to moderate income homebuyers purchasing homes constructed/ rehabilitated by the HRHA or a Hampton CHDO. $150,000 13 Acquisition/Rehabilitation: Program supports the acquisition and rehabilitation of housing that will be sold to low to moderate income homebuyers. $124,824 14 New Construction/Rehabilitation: Program provides funds to increase the quality of new construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing by the HRHA.  $114,515 15 Community Housing Development Organizations: Set-Aside Funds to assist Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) with the acquisition, development, or sponsorship of affordable housing. $58,868 16 HOME Administration: HOME program planning, administrative, marketing and monitoring costs. $39,245  Total HOME Activities: $587,452  TOTAL ACTIVITIES:  $1,625,715 Time Line: March 30, 2013Begin Public Comment PeriodApril 24, 2013; 7 pmCity Council Meeting Public HearingApril 29, 2013End of Public Comment PeriodMay 1, 2013; 7 pmCity Council ActionMay 10, 201332Submit to the Department of Housing & Urban Development for review  For more information: If you have questions or would like more information on the City of Hamptons CDBG and HOME Programs, please contact Angelique Shenk in the Community Development Department, Housing and Neighborhood Services Division at 727-6192 or ashenk@hampton.gov.      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