ࡱ> ;=:{` `bjbjFF .(,,`\ \ \ \ $ l $Xhv  &GGG:  GGG pch\ <0l,6(66  Gr  = l  & An Ordinance to amend and re-enact Section 2-290, Article XII, of the Code of the City of Hampton, Virginia Entitled Federal Area Development Authority BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of the City of Hampton, Virginia that the Code of the City of Hampton, Virginia, be amended and re-enacted as follows: ARTICLE XII. HAMPTON FEDERAL AREA DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY Sec.2-290. Created; composition; powers and duties; etc. [Findings]Findings WHEREAS, the Council of the City of Hampton, Virginia (the City Council) has determined that it is advisable to provide for the creation of created the City of Hampton, Virginia Federal Area Development Authority (FADA) pursuant to the Authorities for Development of Former Federal Areas Act, Chapter 63, Title 15.2 of the Code of Virginia of 1950, Code of Virginia 15.2-6300 et seq) as amended (the Act); and WHEREAS, a public hearing has been was held on April 27, 2006, by the City Council on the adoption of this the Ordinance pursuant to the Act and the Ordinance was adopted after two readings on May 11, 2005; and WHEREAS, pursuant to emergency legislation enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia, a new federal area development authority shall be created by the City Council to govern the reuse of the federal area and military installation known as Fort Monroe and the jurisdiction of the current FADA will be limited to those federal areas within the boundaries of the City of Hampton other than Fort Monroe; WHEREAS, the City Council proposes to create created the FADA in order to enable more efficient cooperation with the federal government and to increase the value of federal installations in the City of Hampton, Virginia (the City) by promoting the development of federal employee housing, including military housing, office buildings and other infrastructure through increased coordination between military, private industry, and academic and research institutions located in the City and the Hampton Roads area, and it is the intent of the City Council that the current FADA to be known as the Hampton FADA continue its mission and purpose as set forth herein as it relates to federal areas in the City other than Fort Monroe; and WHEREAS, the creation of the Hampton FADA will benefit the citizens of the City by promoting increased employment opportunities, a strengthened economic base and increased tax revenues as a result of development or redevelopment areas in the City, other than Fort Monroe, that are or have been occupied by a United States governmental activity or operation as well as areas adjacent to such authority. NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF HAMPTON, VIRGINIA: (b) Creation of authority. The City of Hampton, Virginia Federal Area Development Authority (the Hampton FADA) is hereby created as a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Act, with such public and corporate powers as set forth in the Act. (c) Boundaries of the Hampton FADA. The Hampton FADA boundaries shall include areas within the City, other than Fort Monroe, that are, or have been occupied by a United States governmental activity or operation and areas adjacent to such authority. (d) Purpose of the Hampton FADA. The Hampton FADA is created for the purpose of exercising the powers set forth in the Act, including fostering and stimulating the industrial, social and other economic development in its area of operation. (e) Board of commissioners. The Hampton FADA shall be governed by a board of commissioners of up to seven (7) members to be appointed by resolution of the City Council. All of the members shall be residents of the City. The members shall serve for terms of not more than four (4) years each. (f) Effective Date. This section shall take effect immediately upon its adoption. Adopted on First and final reading at a regular meeting of the City Council of the City of Hampton, Virginia, held March 28, 2007. ________________________________ Mayor _____________________ Clerk of Council =k0 1 > ? 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