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This funding will enhance the marketability of the affected lots in Langley Park. There is a limited amount of developable, industrial property available in Hampton. Mitigation of these wetlands provides the opportunity to increase our business tax base in an existing park. In 1987, a wetlands delineation was completed for the area indicating there were 13.6 acres. A redelineated was conducted in 2004, which now shows 7.84 acres of wetlands. (See ESG Wetlands Map) The ability of the IDA and the Department of Economic Development to market the land has been hindered by the need for prospective purchasers to pursue individual Corp permits for lots in Langley. This process can take anywhere from three to six months with no guarantee of approval. Purchasers could be required to pay into a wetlands mitigation bank and/or require them to purchase more property within the park to minimize the wetlands impact. If approved by the Corp, there could be conditions that are not consistent with our vision for development. If the Corp requires the purchase of more land on which to construct a 10,000 square foot building for example, than it could require the purchase of three to five acres within the area we are trying to mitigate when one acre is all that is required. This effectively reduces the amount of tax and job creation per acre and requires a company to purchase more land then they can effectively use now or in the future. The cost of wetlands mitigation is only going to increase in the future. 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