ࡱ> y{x'` 5bjbj 8`-2ZZZZZZZn###8#\J$LnWh$$($$$&&&,W.W.W.W.W.W.W$Yh}[RWZ)%%))RWZZ$$4gW,.,.,.)Z$Z$,W,.),W,.,.:hZZ<$$ @"K88#l*P;W}W0W`;+\*+\ <+\Z<&&,.t'|'&&&RWRW-^&&&W))))nnn$$nnnnnnZZZZZZ MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE CITY OF HAMPTON AND THE SCHOOL BOARD OF THE CITY OF HAMPTON THIS MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT is entered into this ___ day of _____ 2010, by and between the CITY OF HAMPTON, a municipal corporation of the Commonwealth of Virginia (hereinafter City), and the SCHOOL BOARD OF THE CITY OF HAMPTON, a body corporate of the Commonwealth of Virginia (hereinafter School Board or the Schools), collectively the parties. WITNESSETH: WHEREAS, the City and the Schools share a mutual interest in the advancement of excellence of the public, education and government (or "PEG") cable television channels provided through the City's franchise agreements with local cable television providers; and WHEREAS, the Schools manage two of the existing PEG broadcast channels and a studio and broadcast facility for educational, public interest and government programming; and WHEREAS, the City manages one of the existing PEG broadcast channels and a studio and broadcast facility for government and public interest programming; and WHEREAS, both parties have an interest in promoting quality programming to facilitate effective and appropriate use of the PEG channels; and WHEREAS, both parties seek to assure that all PEG channels are managed in an efficient, cost effective manner for the mutual benefit of the City, the Schools and the Community; and WHEREAS, both parties seek to create a collaborative venture focused on managing the PEG channels as a community resource that serves the needs of both parties. NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants contained herein, and for other good and valuable consideration, the parties do hereby agree to jointly undertake the management of the Citys and Schools cable television operations to better leverage the parties public, education and government channels. The consolidated operations will be known as Community PEG TV and will be managed by a shared governance committee in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth below. 1. Term of Agreement. a. This Agreement shall become effective on July 1, 2010 and shall automatically renew annually unless otherwise terminated by one of the parties. b. This Agreement may be terminated at any time by either party on the anniversary of the effective date (July 1) of any year upon thirty (30) days prior written notice to the other party. 2. Purposes. a. This Agreement establishes and sets forth operational arrangements regarding Community PEG TV. Community PEG TV is a joint venture charged with the management and provision of the Citys and the Schools cable services and the operation of PEG channels for the City and the School Board. PEG access channels shall be defined as the non-commercial public, non-commercial educational, and non-commercial government access channels provided to the City by any cable operator(s) franchised by the City. At this time, there are three channels allocated to the City by Cox Communications Hampton Roads, LLC, and three channels allocated to the City by Verizon Virginia, Inc. b. This Agreement also establishes a City and Schools Cable Services Committee (the "Committee") as the entity to oversee and advise on the operations of Community PEG TV. The composition, duties, responsibilities, and authority of the Committee shall be as set forth herein. c. Activities addressed in this Agreement shall further serve to enhance the effectiveness of communications from the City and the School Board to the Hampton community. 3. Nature of Agreement. The legal relationship between the parties hereto shall, for purposes of this Agreement, be a "joint venture." 4. Community PEG TV a. Composition. The Committee shall be composed of five (5) members, two (2) to be designated by the City Manager and three (3) to be designated by the Superintendent of Schools, which is based on the relative contribution of each party. b. Meetings. (i) The Committee shall hold its initial meeting prior to July 1, 2010 and then shall meet on a regular basis or as needed or by request of any Committee member. In the event an issue(s) requires immediate resolution, the chairperson of the Committee may call a special meeting of the Committee. Its first chairperson shall be designated by the School Superintendent and agreed to by the City Manager. (ii) A majority of members of the Committee constitutes a quorum for conducting Committee business. Fiscal Year 2011 Transition terms. (i) The City agrees that the Schools will manage Community PEG TV during fiscal year 2011. (ii) The City will appropriate and contribute $200,000 in operating funds. (iii) The Schools will appropriate and contribute $500,000 in operating funds. (iv) The City will create a capital fund that will be available to Community PEG TV from applicable PEG surcharges received from cable operators franchised by the City. d. Duties. The Committee shall be responsible for: (i) Appointing a Director of PEG Services who shall manage the day-to-day operations of Community PEG TV. Applicants for the Directors position shall be limited to current City and school employees. (a) the Director of PEG Services shall be an employee of the Schools. Supervision and annual performance evaluation shall be performed by the Executive Director of Public Relations and Marketing, with the concurrence of the Committee. (b) The Director of PEG Services shall determine the appropriate staffing for Community PEG TV and shall supervise said staff, all of whom shall be employees of the schools. Applicants for staffing positions shall be open to City and school employees for at least one week. In the event a suitable applicant is not found, the position shall be advertised to the public. (c) The Director of PEG Services will also be responsible for: (1) Establishing general written policies, procedures, rules, and regulations regarding the use of the facilities, equipment, and programming for Community PEG TV. The policies, procedures, rules and regulations shall be reviewed periodically by the Committee to assess effectiveness and applicability to the Community PEG TV goals; (2) Compiling and recommending the annual budget to fund the operations to the City Manager and the Superintendent of Schools; (3) Compiling and recommending a five-year capital plan to the City Manager and the Superintendent of Schools; (4) Monitoring and reviewing budget revenue and expenditures to ensure the mission directives of the City and Schools are met in an equitable fashion; (5) Designating priority by adopting written criteria to be followed. e. Operational Responsibilities. Community PEG TV will provide the following services to the City: (i) Appropriate broadcast management and programming suitable for a government channel to include the live and re-broadcast of council meetings, special events and other productions consistent with the needs and desires of the city. (ii) Broadcast all City Council meetings, work sessions and proclamation events. (iii) Broadcast all Planning Commission meetings. (iv) Operate in-house public address system and support for a/v systems as required for presenters during broadcast of meetings. (v) Produce six (6) short series of thirty (30) minutes duration per month such as Hampton Council Speaks and My Hampton, My History. (vi) Produce event format programs shot in the field, generally unedited/un-narrated such as Transportation Meetings, Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies, etc. (vii) Coordinate with the Citys IT department to provide web streaming content through the Citys Granicus contract and live streaming capability. (viii) Manage the Citys video bulletin board for providing information to citizens. (ix) Other services as may be requested from time to time by either party to be billed hourly based on verified production cost. 5. Community PEG TV - Personal Property. a. Acquisition. (i) All physical resources such as existing broadcast and production equipment and vehicles currently utilized by the City and Schools will be made available to Community PEG TV for coordination. Coordination of physical resources is defined as the authority to determine the utilization, application, location, and disposition of said resources. Ownership of the physical resources will remain with the initial purchaser or contributor. A physical inventory of all physical resources shall be maintained through the respective inventory systems of the parties, and copies of such inventories will be made available to Community PEG TV. (ii) Responsibility for providing appropriate property insurance rests with the party retaining ownership of the physical resources. (iii) All future acquisition of television/video-related equipment or other physical resources will be co-owned by the parties. b. Disposition. Upon termination of this agreement as specified in Section 1 above, all property held by Community PEG TV shall be disposed of as follows: (i) Property purchased or contributed solely by the City shall be the sole property of the City. (ii) Property purchased or contributed solely by the School Board shall be the sole property of the School Board. (iii) Property purchased or acquired by Community PEG TV using capital funds shall be co-owned by the City and the Schools. In the event of termination, the equipment purchased with capital funds shall be equitably distributed by the Committee. (iv) Any disputes regarding disposition of property shall be submitted to the City Manager and Superintendent of Schools for resolution. 6. Community PEG TV - Other Property. The City agrees to make its studio facility on Mercury Boulevard and the broadcast room in city hall, 8th floor, available to Community PEG TV during the term of this Agreement. Community PEG TV will be responsible for maintenance of the facilities, other than landscaping and the cost of utilities. Likewise, the School Board agrees to make its studio facility at Jones Middle School availability to Community PEG TV during the term of this Agreement. Community PEG TV will be responsible for maintenance of this facility, other than the cost of utilities. The City and the Schools shall maintain insurance coverage for the duration of this Agreement. 7. Dispute Resolution. Any disputes arising from the terms of this Agreement shall be submitted to the Committee for a recommended resolution. That recommendation shall be submitted to the City Manager and the Superintendent of Schools for final determination. 8. Liability. Any liability of the joint undertaking shall be divided equally between the participating parties and all settlements or judgments in satisfaction of such liability shall be shared equally by the parties hereto. Each party shall promptly give notice of all claims to the other, the Committee, and the respective insurance carriers. Modification. There may be no modification of this Agreement, except in writing, executed by the authorized representatives of the City and the Schools. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have caused this Agreement to be executed by their duly authorized officers. CITY OF HAMPTON By ___________________________ City Manager SCHOOL BOARD OF THE CITY OF HAMPTON By ___________________________ Superintendent of Schools APPROVED AS TO FORM AND LEGAL SUFFICIENCY: _____________________________________ Chief Deputy City Attorney APPROVED AS TO FORM AND LEGAL SUFFICIENCY: ______________________________________ School Board Attorney APPROVED AS TO CONTENT: ______________________________________ APPROVED AS TO CONTENT: _____________________________________     Page  PAGE 11 of  NUMPAGES 11 `aft} 3 G H K ^ 4 5 < = J K 촧sh]hRhRhRhhVOJQJhh^OOJQJhhH"OJQJhhONOJQJ^Jhhp8OJQJ^JhhpOJQJ^JhhH"OJQJ^Jhh^OJQJ^Jhh^5OJQJ\^J&hh^5CJOJQJ\^JaJ&hhp5CJOJQJ\^JaJ&hhH"5CJOJQJ\^JaJ 8`a b  $ 0d^a$gdd@7$8$H$`gd$ 0d`a$gd$ 0d`a$gd$ 0da$gd $ 0a$gd55K ` g q r Y b b }Z[6CɾԾԨꨒwjhhI_OJQJ^Jhh^>*OJQJ^Jhh^OJQJ^JhhONOJQJhhI_OJQJhhtOJQJhhmLOJQJhhp8OJQJhhOJQJhh^=OJQJhhm OJQJhhVOJQJhhH"OJQJ)CM[ak!'(*[`i),279^btu,0\_   38%󍚀hhOJQJ^JhhpOJQJ^Jhh*AOJQJ^JhhtOJQJ^Jhh^>*OJQJ^JhPM?OJQJ^JhhAOJQJ^JhhpOJQJ^Jhhp8OJQJ^Jhh^OJQJ^J2 ]j"Sgws\$$$ 0d^a$gd$ 0Hd]H^a$gd$ p0H0d]H^`0a$gd$ p0Hd]H^a$gd$$$ 0d^a$gd$ p0d^a$gd$ p0d^a$gd Vf{TU{Zk}ɼɯɢɢɼɼɯɢɢ䯼{hhTOJQJ^JhhuNOJQJ^JhhOJQJ^Jhhp8OJQJ^Jhh"OJQJ^Jhh!TPOJQJ^JhhONOJQJ^Jhh>*OJQJ^Jhh^OJQJ^Jhh^>*OJQJ^J-wVcZ}%u+T q p  d^ `gd 0p0d^p`0gd$ 0p0d^p`0a$gd$ & F 0da$gd$ 0pd^pa$gd$ pd^a$gd$ 0pd^pa$gd  %+uz{ #T  !̿٨̛̛󎁲tjjt]hhF OJQJ^JhPM?OJQJ^Jhh&OJQJ^Jhh!TPOJQJ^Jhh^OJQJ^Jhh=OJQJ^JhOJQJ^JhhVOJQJ^Jhhp8OJQJ^JhhuNOJQJ^JhhTOJQJ^JhhONOJQJ^Jhh\OJQJ^J$  !!! 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