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There is hereby imposed a fee, in the sum of twenty thirty-five dollars ($20.00 $35.00), for the uttering, publishing or passing of any check, or draft, or order for payment of taxes or any other sums due the city or the treasurer thereof, which is subsequently returned for insufficient funds or because there is no account or the account has been closed, or because such check, draft, or order was returned because of a stop-payment order placed in bad faith on the check, draft, or order by the drawer. Such fee shall be added to the tax or other sum due and shall be in addition to all taxes, penalties, interest and other sums otherwise due. State law referenceAuthority for above section, Code of Virginia, 15.2-106. This ordinance shall be effective and the charges applied to billings made by the City of Hampton, Virginia on and after July 1, 2010. p   = > ? 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