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Steiner focuses not only on the value enhancement of each center, but also on the animation of each development. Throughout the year they provide a wide array of events that are designed to help fill a communitys need for interaction and bring a sense of vitality to each of Steiners developments. Listed below are the major developments that Steiner + Associates has completed or are currently developing, in a number of cases with the use of tax assessment bonds. Completed Projects Adventure Aquarium Camden, NJ May 2005 Zona Rosa Town Center Phase I Kansas City, MO (Northland) May 2004 Newport on the Levee Newport, KY (Cincinnati) Oct. 2001 Easton Town Center Phase I Columbus, OH June 1999 Easton Town Center Phase II Columbus, OH Sept. 2001 Centro Ybor Ybor City, FL (Tampa) Oct. 2000 Newport Aquarium Newport, KY (Cincinnati) Oct. 2001 Projects Under Development The Greene Town Center Beavercreek, OH (Dayton) Aug. 2006 Bayshore Town Center Glendale, WI (Milwaukee) Nov. 2006 Zona Rosa Town Center Phase II Kansas City, MO (Northland) Summer 2007 Easton Town Center Phase III Columbus, OH Fall 2007 Arlington Town Center Phase I Arlington, TX Fall 2008 Peninsula Town Center Hampton, VA Fall 2008 The registered legal owner of the projects land and improvements will be a Limited Liability Company. Shareholders in the LLC will be entities controlled by Morton Olshan of New York based Mall Properties, Inc. and Yaromir Steiner of Columbus based Steiner + Associates, Inc. Mall Properties, Inc. Mall Properties, lead by Morton L. Olshan, has been a leading firm in New York City real estate for over 30 years. Mr. Olshan owns one of New Yorks largest apartment ownership and management groups, which at one time operated in excess of 25,000 units. Through Mall Properties Inc., Mr. Olshan develops major real estate projects on a national level such as regional shopping enters, power centers, multi-use developments and hotels. The group has been developing hotels since the 1970s which are managed by Olshan Hotel Management. Steiner + Associates, Inc. Steiner + Associates is a full-service real estate development company specializing in the creation of New Urban Retail centers. Steiner projects combine a broad assortment of specialty retail, restaurants, and entertainment venues with civic elements to create destination centers designed to be gathering spots for the communities in which they are located. Founded in 1993 by Yaromir Steiner, Steiner + Associates is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. With more than 350 employees, Steiner provides Development, Merchandising & Leasing, and Property Management Services. Listed below are the major developments that have been completed or are currently being developed by entities which include Steiner + Associates and Mall Properties. Completed Projects Easton Town Center Columbus, OH June 1999 Adventure Aquarium Camden, NJ May 2004 Zona Rosa Town Center Phase I Kansas City, MO (Northland) May 2005 Projects Under Development The Greene Town Center Beavercreek, OH (Dayton) Aug. 2006 Bayshore Town Center Glendale, WI (Milwaukee) Nov. 2006 Zona Rosa Town Center Phase II Kansas City, MO (Northland) Summer 2007 Arlington Town Center Phase I Arlington, TX Fall 2008 Peninsula Town Center Hampton, VA Fall 2008 BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON MALL PROPERTIES, INC. Mall Properties, Inc. is a real estate development organization designed to provide a full range of real estate services to projects in which the company's principals are involved on an ownership basis. The company founded in 1968 has been engaged in all forms of real estate development with great emphasis on commercial, retail and hotel properties. With the exception of a group of hotels which were owned and operated in conjunction with partners, all of the properties developed by Mall Properties have been retained, and continue to be managed by the company. SHOPPING CENTER DEVELOPMENT A significant portion of the Mall Properties activities is concerned with the development and operations of regional shopping centers and/or commercial developments. The company has built four such centers, each in excess of one million square feet, two six-department store centers - one in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and one in Fairfax, Virginia, a five-department store center in Hampton, Virginia, and a unique urban project in White Plains, New York with two department stores. In addition to these centers, which all involve new construction, a 30-year old center in Babylon, Long Island was purchased a number of years ago, and a major renovation and expansion of that center has been undertaken. Mall Properties has also built several smaller centers, including a 400,000 square foot specialty center in Atlanta, Georgia, a 40,000 square foot strip center in Hampton, Virginia, and two additional centers totaling 250,000 square feet in Baton Rouge. Five of the stores formerly occupied by the former B. Altman Department Store Company have been redeveloped into a series of unique retail and commercial developments. In most of these centers, the development of the shopping center has moved hand-in-hand with the development of other commercial properties as part of an overall planning and design concept. The most involved of these projects is the Cortana development in Baton Rouge, which encompasses over 400 acres and involves a long-range development program including residential, industrial, and planned fringe commercial area that is directly related to the enclosed mall center. This center demonstrates Mall Properties unique skills, bringing together in ownership a division of the J.C. Penney Company as well as the principals of Mall Properties and two local businessmen. Similar development, although on a smaller scale, is carried out at most of the other shopping centers, where related commercial developments are planned along with the center. Illustrative of the variable projects Mall Properties has undertaken are these three diverse projects: A) Northway Mall, Colonie, NY This 30 year old center originally built by Mall was demolished for the redevelopment of a 300,000 square foot center anchored by Target, Marshalls and Jo-Anns ETC. Construction was completed in early 2001. B) Siegen Lane Market Place, Baton Rouge, LA A 250,000 square foot addition to this large power center commenced in late 1999 with several large tenants including Bed Bath & Beyond, Old Navy and T.J.Maxx and will continue on an ongoing basis for several years. C) Easton Town Center, Columbus, OH In conjunction with The Georgetown Group and The Limited, Mall has participated in the development of this unique Town Center Development of over 1,000,000 square feet. Phase II of this project opened in late 2001 features a Nordstrom and Lazarus department stores and 200,000 square feet of high fashion apparel and specialty store. The following is a listing of development properties: 1) Cortana Mall, Baton Rouge, LA 1,600,000 sq. ft. shopping center J.C. Penney, Dillards, Foleys, Sears, Mervyn's and Steve & Barrys University Shop. (a joint venture with J.C.P. Realty) 2) Coliseum Mall, Hampton, VA 1,100,000 sq. ft. shopping center J.C. Penney, Hechts, and Burlington Coat Factory 3) Fair Oaks, Fairfax, VA 1,600,000 sq. ft. shopping center Hechts, J. C. Penney, Lord & Taylor, Sears, and Macys (a joint venture with The Taubman Company) 4) The Westchester, White Plains, NY 1,100,000 sq. ft. shopping center with 4,000 enclosed parking spaces Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus (a joint venture with the Simon Property Group Inc.) 5) Northway Mall, Colonie, NY (See A above) 6) Akers Mill Square, Cobb County, GA 450,000 sq. ft. retail complex Sports Authority, Office Maxx, Toys-R-Us 7) Great South Bay Shopping Center & King Kullen Plaza, Babylon, NY 600,000 sq. ft. retail complex (redeveloped and expanded) Swezey's, Marshalls, King Kullen Supermarket, and Old Navy 8) Coliseum Square, Hampton, VA 40,000 sq. ft. specialty center 9) West Plaza, Glendive, MT 125,000 sq. ft. retail complex K-Mart 10) Siegen Lane Market Place, Baton Rouge, LA 1,000,000 sq. ft. regional power center. Wal Mart, Sam's Wholesale Club, Lowe's Home Centers, Cinemark Theaters, Courtyard by Marriott and Residence Inn (See B above) KIMCO JOINT VENTURE During the liquidation and dissolution of the holdings of City Stores, a joint venture was formed with the Kimco Real Estate Development Organization for the purpose of acquiring a substantial package of real estate. The remaining properties, managed by Kimco, represent a diverse group of real estate holdings in both the Philadelphia Metropolitan area and New Orleans. LISTNUM 2 \l 7 Former Clover Store, Philadelphia, PA converted to J. C. Penney LISTNUM 2 \l 7 Cottman & Castor, Philadelphia, PA 190,000 sq. ft. shopping complex LISTNUM 2 \l 7 Dillards Department Store, New Orleans, LA 180,000 sq. ft. department store building owned and leased to the occupying tenant 4) Cottman & Bustleton, Philadelphia, PA 212,000 sq. ft. shopping complex B. ALTMAN & COMPANY In 1985 the outstanding stock of the B. Altman & Co. was acquired by a partnership (KMO-361) of which the principals of Mall Properties are the majority partner. All of the locations have been redeveloped by Mall Properties. A listing of the store sites is as follows: 1) New York City, New York The flagship Manhattan store is a 900,000 sq. ft. building occupying the entire city block from Fifth to Madison Avenues and from 34th to 35th Streets. 215,000 sq. ft. have been sold to The New York Public Library for their new Science Industry and Business Library a major new institution in New York City. 140,000 sq. ft. has been sold to Oxford University Press for their New York headquarters. The balance of the building has been sold to The City University for its Graduate Campus creating one of the most unique public building in New York City. 2) White Plains, NY The site of the former Altman's store has been developed into The Westchester a 1,100,000 sq. ft high fashion shopping center with branches of Nordstrom and Neiman-Marcus. This project was originally a Joint Venture with J.W. O'Connor & Co. whose interests were purchased by the Simon Co. 3) Manhasset, NY 127,000 sq. ft. building occupying a key position adjacent to the Americana Shopping Center, one of the premier shopping centers on the north shore of Long Island. This building has been redeveloped with quality shops and stores, and includes Crate & Barrel and Abercrombie & Fitch. 4) The Fashion Center, Paramus, New Jersey 170,000 sq. ft. store - as part of an enclosed mall center has been redeveloped with Bed, Bath and Beyond and T.J. Maxx. 5) St. Davids, PA A free-standing 169,000 sq. ft. store occupying a 23 acre site. Development of the site was completed in 1993 with a Genuardi Super Market, Bed Bath & Beyond, T.J. Maxx, Drug Emporium and Micro Center. OTHER COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENTS In addition to the retail and shopping center properties, Mall Properties has undertaken a number of other commercial developments, the most significant of which is the development of the Savoy, a 238 unit luxury hi-rise condominium in Manhattan at Third Avenue and 61st Street. The building was completed in 1987 and the residential units sold. However, the 30,000 sq. ft. retail base has been retained. A listing of a number of other ventures is contained below. LISTNUM 2 \l 7 \s 1 Savoy, New York, NY A luxury 238 unit, 43 story condominium with retail and garage space. LISTNUM 2 \l 7 Lakeville Medical Building, Lakeville, NY 18,000 sq. ft. medical building. LISTNUM 2 \l 7 State Office Building, Baton Rouge, LA 150,000 sq. ft. former Sears Department Store building converted to office use and leased to the State of Louisiana. LISTNUM 2 \l 7 99 Hudson Street, New York, NY A 16-story, 160,000 sq. ft. industrial loft building converted to office space for public service institutions. LISTNUM 2 \l 7 Philco-Ford Building, Atlanta, GA 50,000 sq. ft. special purpose building built for the occupant and later sold to them. LISTNUM 2 \l 7 Cortana Fringe, Baton Rouge, LA On the property adjacent to Cortana Mall the following has or will be taking place, a Lowes Home Store, Computer City, Kids-R-Us, Old Navy and several restaurants as well as a 220,000 square foot Wal Mart superstore. 7) Bass Lofts, Atlanta, GA Conversion of former Public High School into 133 loft apartments 8) Park Place, Atlanta, GA Conversion of two industrial buildings of 105,000 square feet into first class office buildings. LAND DEVELOPMENT Mall Properties, in addition to its other activities conducts a substantial operation which is organized for the purpose of acquiring undeveloped parcels of property for either investment purposes or for possible long-range development opportunities. The basic principles involved in Mall's commercial properties development are similarly applied in this area. The intent has been to organize unrelated and fragmented land holdings, and subject them to a planning and development program, which can be implemented in the most useful and profitable manner. Land Development Projects: 1) Cortana, Baton Rouge, LA A 415 acre land acquisition on which there has been developed two shopping centers and numerous other commercial properties. 2) Siegen Park, Baton Rouge, LA A 500 acre commercial and residential property which is now under development as a specialty "power center". 3) Tallahassee Park, Tallahassee, FL (sold out) A 40 acre commercial subdivision containing primarily food related users. 4) Deerfield, Allentown, PA (sold out) A 150 home residential subdivision which included both land sale and custom home building. 5) Columbus Highland, Columbus, GA (currently in development) 140 acre land assemblage which is being developed for residential and commercial uses. 6) Tarpon Village, Tarpon Springs, FL (sold out) 67 acre residentially zoned property. 7) Ockawamick, NY 350 acre recreational property. 8) Douglas County, GA 750 acre mixed use property. 9) North Haven, CT 120 acre commercial and residential property. 10) Meridian, ID (sold out) 45 acre mixed use property now under development. 11) Mercury Plaza Shopping Center, Hampton, VA This former 300,000 sq. ft. center is slowly being emptied and will be cleared for future commercial development. JANOFF & OLSHAN, INC. This firm, is a broadly-based real estate management company operating from New York City. Janoff and Olshan manages almost all of the commercial projects owned by the Mall Group, and provides complete management, maintenance, bookkeeping, accounting and insurance services. The proper management over the life of the projects developed by Mall is absolutely essential, and property management is a matter of high priority. Janoff & Olshan and Morton Olshan have been leaders in the New York City residential market for more than three decades. Mr. Olshans introduction into the real estate business was through the acquisition and operation of New York City rent controlled or rent stabilized apartment buildings. The development of Janoff & Olshan, Inc. as a full service management organization and the later formation of Olshan Management, Inc. as a firm specializing in the operation of large cooperatively owned subsidized residential projects created a leadership role in the operation and management of New York City residential property. At one time these combined companies operated in excess of 25,000 units. Olshan Management handled 10,000 units of Mitchell-Lama assisted housing including the Southridge and the Fort George Hill projects, and, in conjunction with the New York City Community Preservation Corporation nine individual housing projects were completely rehabilitated and marketed as affordable rental units in a period from the mid 1970's through the mid 1980's. Mr. Olshan had served on the board of The New York Urban Coalition which was very instrumental in saving thousands of residential units for productive re-use. Until recently Mr. Olshan served on the board of The Community Preservation Corporation which through its numerous activities has preserved over 50,000 units throughout New York State. At present Janoff & Olshan still maintains an active presence in the New York City residential market managing over 3,500 rent controlled and rent stabilized units, almost of which are owned by Mr. Olshan and his associates, as well as several premier buildings such as The Savoy and The Concorde. PARKCHESTER A joint venture was formed between Morton L. Olshan, Jerry OConnor and the Community Preservation Corporation for the purpose of acquiring the Helmsley interests in Parkchester a 12,000 unit residential and commercial complex in the heart of the Bronx. In 1998 the venture took possession of 6,000 residential units, over 500,000 square feet of retail space and four parking garages. This venture in association with the two condominiums has renovated the south condominium with its 8,000 apartments with new windows, new electricity and new water and sanitary service. The north condominium with its 4,000 units is presently underway. At the same time the redevelopment of the retail tenancy and renovations to the long neglected physical plant are being completed. MALL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY As part of the Mall Group, Mall Construction Company acts as a general contractor or construction manager on many of the projects undertaken. By operating as a general contractor as well as a developer, Mall Properties can bring the fullest range of management control in to insure that individual projects will be carried out with the quality of construction and timing demanded by the ownership group. OLSHAN HOTEL MANAGEMENT This enterprise was formed to apply the expertise obtained in the management of commercial and residential properties to the hotel industry. All of the hotels under our ownership are operated and managed by this organization. They presently operate under the Hilton, Marriott and Holiday Inn franchises. HOTEL DEVELOPMENT Hotel properties have been a continuous part of the company's development since the early 1970's and are managed by an in-house hotel management division (See section concerning Olshan Hotel Management). The following are the hotels currently owned and managed: 1) Holiday Inn - Fair Oaks, Fairfax, VA A 312 room development opened in 1984 and expanded in 1987. A Holiday Inn award winner. This hotel will be converted to a full service Marriott Hotel commencing January 2005. 2) Marco Island Hilton, Marco Island, FL A 298 suite destination resort, developed and opened in 1985. A Mobil Travel Guide four-star and AAA 4-Diamond hotel. 3) Marriott Courtyard, Baton Rouge, LA A 120 room limited service hotel developed as part of the Siegen Lane Marketplace property opened in 1997. 4) Hilton Columbus A 314 room full service commercial hotel with conference center part of the Easton Town Center Development opened mid 2000. 5) Marriott Residence Inn, Easton, Columbus, OH Also a part of the Easton Town Center Project. This 120 room facility opened in the Summer of 2000. 6) Marriott Residence Inn, Baton Rouge, LA This 108 room facility has opened in 2000 adjacent to the existing Courtyard Hotel. 7) Marriott Courtyard Easton, Columbus, OH 120 room hotel opened in the summer of 2003.     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