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This general area is included in the Tide Mill Creek Initiative (pp. 39-40) recommendations of the adopted Coliseum Central Master Plan. The recommended future land use for this general area is for residential uses not institutional/medical uses as proposed by the CSB. Since the proposed use is currently not in conformance with the recommendations of the Coliseum Central Master Plan, I would recommend the following steps prior to Council considering any final action on the sale of this property. 1. City staff and CSB representatives host a community meeting to discuss their proposal. 2. Based upon community feedback, the City Manager and Council can decide whether or not to proceed forward. If the decision is to move forward, Council would need to direct staff to begin the public hearing process to consider amending the Coliseum Central Master Plan/Community Plan to change the recommended land use for this site from residential to medical/institutional uses. 3. Based upon this direction, staff will schedule public hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council to consider such an amendment. The amendment process will take between 90 and 120 days on average due to our adopted public notification procedures. This is a similar process to what was initiated relative to the possible location of the Boo Williams facility on this site. You may recall that the community objected to this use and as a result staff proceeded to locate a different site that was acceptable to the surrounding community. If you have any further questions regarding this process, please contact myself or Donald Whipple, Senior Planner at 727-6140.  . / Э ж  t | % & K Z @ G В Е ',01^dexy:;ˆ”ВЕн§N[\_ќј№јьјшјшфшјшфшьшьшьфьшьфьшьшьфшьшјшьшьфьфьфшјh>shw—hc§hc§hоv5hоvhp^U. 6^ŽЙКЮЯ> ? ˆ ‰ œ  † ‡ ь 2 §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§_§2 —<=>лм_§§§§§§§,1hАа/ Ар=!А"А# $ %ААаАа а†œ@@ёџ@ NormalCJ_HaJmH sH tH DAђџЁD Default Paragraph FontRiѓџГR  Table Normalі4ж l4жaі (kєџС(No List_ џџџџ 6^ŽЙКЮЯ>?ˆ‰œ†‡ь2—<=>лмa h‹0 €h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€h‹0€_ 2 _ _ №8№@ёџџџ€€€ї№’№№0№( № №№B №S №ПЫџ ?№џџœ:ЧМЭ':Чœ-ž:Ч А'Ÿ:ЧŒЌѓ :ЧФи)Ё:ЧЄ€,Ђ:ЧмВ-Ѓ:ЧŒЉєС wррчa Э~цјјa 8*€urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags€date€=*€urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags €PlaceName€8*€urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags€City€9*€urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags€place€ œoЄ€2006€5€6€Day€Month€Yeara 9?a 3t|KZ'``2йкн§ N [ ^ a a lхkЎKšaO х& Ќ5k9 y7>sNaHJоvЈ!ћ7#Eo$?*(4g()Ћq)s *,,*.;,є.э//?g/ШN28б^9Цs<+=И">9`>nqAеtIцNЈPЦjP}UQћkQЏOUp^UV\h]уf^Њ~aeqb"d…0d (gЁdiюk˜Mm‹2nпo q~ s•!s7vЉ{Ћ&{o3|я)€E3ƒhƒV…ъm†jfˆ^:РH“–w—]ž~oŸїBЂцЄ‡hЌБАяOГЬ]М<НRС "УЈHЦ>Э4д|иЋй_zкГdл!Iм &оlсЂсГ[уg:чџ.эьuэUZђ†(ѓVѓцVѓƒAїЙјШ,ље0њc§џ@€Ќ…Є_ P@џџUnknownџџџџџџџџџџџџG‡z €џTimes New Roman5€Symbol3& ‡z €џArial"qˆ№аhz3ІFz3ІFz3ІFfљfљш№ ДД24d[ [ 2ƒ№HP)№џ?фџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџе0њ2џџ MEMORANDUM kkglassўџр…ŸђљOhЋ‘+'Гй0€˜ ДРЬифє  0 < H T`hpxф MEMORANDUM Normalkkglass2Microsoft Office Word@@ЃП’‰Ц@ЃП’‰Ц@ЃП’‰ЦfљўџеЭеœ.“—+,љЎDеЭеœ.“—+,љЎD hpˆ˜  ЈАИР Ш пфCity of Hampton[ Ј  MEMORANDUM Title<@Ьдмќ0_AdHocReviewCycleID_EmailSubject _AuthorEmail_AuthorEmailDisplayName_ReviewingToolsShownOnceфЭdCbCSB Mason Tract Memotoneill@hampton.govO'Neill, Terry ўџџџўџџџўџџџ!"#$%&'ўџџџ)*+,-./ўџџџ§џџџ2ўџџџўџџџўџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџRoot Entryџџџџџџџџ РFpJу’‰Ц4€Data џџџџџџџџџџџџ1TableџџџџWordDocumentџџџџ.SummaryInformation(џџџџџџџџџџџџ DocumentSummaryInformation8џџџџџџџџ(CompObjџџџџџџџџџџџџqџџџџџџџџџџџџўџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџўџ џџџџ РFMicrosoft Office Word Document MSWordDocWord.Document.8є9Вq