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Healthy Families: Hampton families will be healthy, self-supporting families who raise their children to be productive, contributing citizens. &,P+ Vision for School Age Programs  !Accessible  Meets in neighborhood Schools Low cost  helps working families afford homes Self-Sustaining  user fees and grants High quality  Building assets Promotes school success  Homework, tutors, and teachers Support for at-risk  educational and behavioral support for struggling students, tuition assistance for families with needs\Z !, # jZ02After School  Overview  The current program began in 1998 with 1 site and 62 participants The program has grown to include 27 After School sites and over 1400 participants. 2"$i7 Site Growth X/Funding,,Fees (revenue source) In-Kind Donation Volunteers Align Services  leverage resources Grants 21st Century Learning Centers (20) USDA (15) Title 1 (14)t]:U 6\1 Financial  `3Parent/ Student Survey School Year 04/05 91% believed that the program helped improve their child s grades 91% believed their child learned good habits in after school 100% believed there was always something good for their child to do in after schoola4School Success Percentage of SOLs passed Aberdeen 76% Moton 73% Tarrant 72% Lincoln Park 63% Bassette 90% Bryan 100% Lee 93% Lindsay 46% Mallory 78% Wythe 75%6ZvZv>":School Based ProgrammingrLarge group games Homework assistance Each site has at least one High School Tutor with a minimum G.P.A. of 3.00 Arts  Dance, Drama, Graphic Art Technology Field Trips Service LearningB&KI&KI Enrichment Opportunities*0$lGymnastics Monart Art Tae Kwon Do Zoom Science Art of Reading Photography 28 Different Enrichment Choices! 6mZ $0a$ [d5Staffing |Current employ 134 people 44 Leaders 62 Aides (22 college students and 40 adults) 28 Tutors (all High School students).bb  Staff Training6vFirst Aide/CPR Blood borne Pathogens New Employee Orientation Site Orientation Customer Service Behavioral Management 6vv Staff Development Conflict Resolution Program Evaluation Indoor/Outdoor Games Make it/Take it Workshops Fun (Practice What We Preach!!)After School Partners  Partners who cares about children after school Alignment of organizations missions City  youth development, safety Schools  educational success Non Profits  Individual goals/missions Peninsula Council for Workforce Development -Career Cafe Alternatives Inc.  Youth development and training Big Brothers/ Big Sisters  Mentors2]2+After School in Hampton A Brilliant Success2, tCity Council and School Board leadership and backing Dedicated Staff Hard working parents And the best kids in town "tu/4#$?RWY[^_bc C 0` 33` 33g` ffwww^vp3` p` fb7_{` f3vmB` 3` f` f` 333MMM` ̙33>?" dd@(t?%dd@  @` n?" dd@   @@``PT    @ ` ` p>>^N0 0|(  PT   "  H" @    BX3f"` @    6" P  @    6"P  @    6" @    6ɪ" @     <0" p @     Hd"   @     6H"  @     <’jJ"p @     6Tƒ"p @  tB  6D)"  tB  6D>" tB  6D>"tB  6DԔ"tB B 6DjJ"  tB  6DjJ" tB  6Do"tB  6DjJ"pptB B 6Do"ptB  6DjJ"`tB  6DjJ"``tB B 6Do"  tB B 6Do"P P   6˒ "@`}  T Click to edit Master title style! !$  0Β " `  RClick to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level!     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Quality After School Programming Latch Key StudentsSlide 8!Vision for School Age Programs After School – Overview Site GrowthFunding Financial Parent/ Student Survey School Success School Based ProgrammingEnrichment Opportunities StaffingStaff TrainingAfter School Partners ,After School in Hampton A Brilliant Success  Fonts UsedDesign TemplateEmbedded OLE Servers Slide Titles_kkglasskkglass  !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghijklmnpqrstuvwxyz{|}~Root EntrydO)PicturesCurrent UserSummaryInformation(oUPowerPoint Document( DocumentSummaryInformation8