ࡱ> EGD` "bjbjss 72DDDD$hW$Y h"v| `dEqD ^'0W,[#i`[#[#* bV? W Explore Hampton 2007 Explore Old worlds, New worlds, Our world Hampton Jamestown 2007 Celebrations and Commemorations Hampton's participation in Journey Up The James (Visit of the Godspeed) Hampton is one of several cities selected to host the Godspeed during the Journey Up The James celebration. On April 28, 2007, the Godspeed, Discovery and Susan Constant depart Virginia Beach. They will journey the Chesapeake Bay toward the Hampton and James Rivers. Hampton has invited character vessels representing different eras in American history to join the boats progression, including the Cousteau Societys vessel Alcyone.Media and spectators will have the opportunity to view the ships progression from Fort Monroe. History stations will also be located throughout downtown, extending the party from the piers and Mill Point Park to the Virginia Air & Space Center, Hampton History Museum and along Queens Way. Costumed period entertainers roam dockside and downtown and ships are open for touring. Great American Dock Party: All marinas throughout Hampton Roads are invited to get on board! The Journey Up the James will be the event to kick off the boating season. Recreational boaters will receive postcard mailers encouraging them to begin the 2007 season on the Chesapeake Bay and in the harbor of Hampton Roads with the Great American Dock Party. Each participating marina is requested to provide a dock party for the visiting boaters, but the real party will be on the, escorting the Jamestown vessels as they retrace the course of the Virginia Company. Captain John Smith Four Hundred Project/The Saltana Project: A display featuring a replica of the 30-foot open boat or shallop in which John Smith explored the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries during a 3-month, 1,700-mile voyage, will be featured on the downtown waterfront near Godspeed. The shallop will be displayed in Hampton April 28 & 29. International Childrens Festival takes place in Mill Point Park on Eaton Street in Downtown Hampton on April 28 from 10 a.m. 4 p.m. The festival honors the cultures of nearly thirty nations, including Native Americans, through crafts, dance, ceremonial dress and storytelling. Interfaith Service: A service all faiths and cultures will be held in Mill Point Park, Sunday, April 29 (location to be confirmed) Followed by a reception open to the public (location to be confirmed). Annual First Landing Celebration at Hamptons First Landing Monument at the V.A. Medical Center on Sunday, April 29, 2007 at 3 p.m. First person interpreters, musical entertainment, and special guest speakers are included in the program. Community Partner Events A Town of Neighborhoods: Grants made available through the Hampton Neighborhood Commission will encourage Hampton residents to research, document and share their family, business, and neighborhood history. Projects including cemetery restoration, historical signs, neighborhood heritage museum exhibits, and oral history gathering will also be considered. The information will be compiled into a narrative, available to all of Hampton. Photography, personal manuscripts and neighborhood artifacts will be presented in a special 2007 exhibit at Hampton History Museum. Virginia Air & Space Center unveils Space Bound 2007: The Centers new Space Gallery, opening in 2007, will coincide with the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, celebrating the spirit of exploration by inspiring the explorers of tomorrow. The new Space Gallery will feature state-of-the-art, interactive exhibits that highlight NASA technologies and space science through compelling stories of human ingenuity. Hampton History Museum Native American Gallery: Hampton History Museum is slated to recreate its Native American Gallery to reflect the interior of a Kecoughtan native dwelling at the time of the first settlers' arrival. The entire gallery will be located within a long house, with artifacts creatively displayed to convey the lifestyle of people native to land on which Hampton now occupies. The visitor will be surrounded by those experienced by the Kecoughtan. Hampton 2007 special events The Jamestown Exhibition, Hampton Institute and the Gilded Age: African American Furniture Making in Virginiafrom February, 2007 through July, 2007. By using historic photographs from the Jamestown 1907 Exposition, Hampton University-made furniture, as well as furniture used in African American middle-class homes, this exhibition will explore the contribution of African Americans to the traditions of expositions and life in the Gilded Age. Other H.U. Museum special exhibits include: Afri Cobra: Contemporary American Works Rooted in Africa: This exhibition will highlight recent works by the oldest and most consistent artist group born out of the black arts movement of the late 1960s and 1970s. From the River: Pamunkey Indian Pottery Traditions: The historic tradition of Pamunkey pottery will be featured in this exhibition. Hampton History Museum Hampton at the Sevens. This exhibit will highlight the history of Hampton in each of the past five centuries, focusing on 1507, 1607, 1707, 1807, 1907, and 2007. It will include artifacts, interpretive panels and a timeline. A yearlong calendar of Special Events We have asked the planners of all annual events to utilize the Jamestown 2007 theme of exploration and discovery. These include Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, International Childrens Festival, Hampton Blackbeard Festival, Fourth at the Fort, Afrikan American Festival, Hampton Jazz Festival, Hampton Bay Days, and Hampton Holly Days. The Afrikan American Festival recognizes African and African-American culture through art, textiles, dance, music and prepared food. Lecture series at Hampton History Museum, Virginia Air & Space Center and Hampton University Museum will honor the contributions of African Americans, Native Americans and present, modern-day pioneers. Virginia Intertribal Festival: Hampton Coliseum will be the site of the Virginia Intertribal Festival.Tribes from across the United States will be invited to participate in the July 21-22, 2007, event set to educate the public and build communication, understanding and consensus among the participating tribes. A Jamestown 2007 Signature Event. African American Imprint on Virginia: Virginias Historically Black Colleges and Universities will host a series of conferences and events celebrating the contributions and influence of African Americans on American society. Hampton University Museum will host a series specifically honoring the impact of African Americans in the realm of Arts & Humanities. @vwx  . 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