Last Publish on 8/7/2015 1:41:22 PM
City Of Hampton, VA
22 Lincoln Street
Hampton, Va 23669
City Council - Evening Session
Council Chambers, 8th Floor, City Hall
Wednesday, August 12, 2015
6:30 PM
Linda Curtis, W. H. "Billy" Hobbs, Jr., Will Moffett, Teresa V. Schmidt, Chris Snead, Donnie R. Tuck, George E. Wallace, Mayor
Mary Bunting, City Manager
Vanessa T. Valldejuli, City Attorney
Katherine K. Glass, CMC, Clerk of Council

 INVOCATION - Councilwoman Teresa Schmidt
 Consent Items
1.15-0236Approval of the minutes from the 9 a.m. and evening sessions of July 8, 2015, and the special meeting of July 15, 2015.
2.15-0238Annual Review of the Hampton-Newport News Community Service Board FY 16 Performance Contract
3.15-0240Resolution Determining Alvean Lyons, Inc. To Be The Only Source Practicably Available From Which To Procure The Services Of The Families Forward Initiative For Hampton Families And Authorizing The Negotiation And Execution Of A Contract With Alvean Lyons, Inc. As A “SOLE SOURCE”
4.15-0243Ordinance to Amend and Reenact Chapter 32.1 of the City Code of the City of Hampton, Virginia Entitled “Solid Waste” to Add New Section 32.1-41, Solid Waste Rate Determination
5.15-0244Resolution Approving the City of Hampton, Virginia's Participation and Appropriation of the 2015-2016 Comprehensive Community Corrections Act and Pretrial Services Act Grant Funding Program through the Hampton-Newport News Criminal Justice Agency from the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services
6.15-0245Resolution to Accept and Appropriate Grant Funds Awarded to Hampton Division of Fire and Rescue (HDFR) by the Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services—Rescue Squad Assistance Fund and Matching Funds from HDFR’s Fiscal Year 2016 Operating Budget
7.15-0251Resolution Approving Fiscal Year 2015 Fourth Quarter Budget Adjustments.
8.15-0258Request for Refunds for Tax Year 2015
 Community Plan Amendment
9.15-0250Comprehensive Plan Amendment No. 022-2015 Update of the Transportation section of the Hampton Community Plan (2006 as amended).
10.15-0248Rezoning Application No. 15-00002: by Shervonne Banks to rezone .2+ acres at 1204 E. Pembroke Ave. (LRSN 12000782) from General Commercial (C-3) District to Neighborhood Commercial (C-1) District without proffered conditions to operate a respite care facility.
11.15-0252Ordinance To Amend And Reenact Chapter 3 Of The Zoning Ordinance Of The City Of Hampton, Virginia By Amending Sections 3-2 Entitled, “Table Of Uses Permitted” Pertaining To The Uses Of “Boat Tour/Charter Boat Docking Facility;” “Boathouse, Pier, Dock, Ramp, Commercial (Public Or Private);” And “Marina, Including Boat Sales, Rental, Storage And Fuel.”
12.15-0253Ordinance To Amend And Re-Enact Article 3 Of Chapter 9 Of The Zoning Ordinance Of The City Of Hampton, Virginia Entitled “O-CC District - Coliseum Central Overlay” By Amending Section 9-23 Pertaining To Modifications to Permitted Uses.
13.15-0254Ordinance To Amend And Re-Enact Article 2 Of Chapter 5 Entitled “MD-1 District – Townhouse Multifamily,” Article 3 Of Chapter 5 Entitled “MD-2 District – Multifamily Residential,” Article 4 Of Chapter 5 Entitled “MD-3 – Multifamily Residential,” Article 2 Of Chapter 6 Entitled “C-2 District – Limited Commercial,” Article 1 Of Chapter 8 Entitled “Langley Flight Approach Districts,” Article 3 Of Chapter 8 Entitled “Buckroe Bayfront Districts,” Article 2 Of Chapter 9 Entitled “O-CBP – Chesapeake Bay Preservation Overlay,” Article 4 Of Chapter 9 Entitled “O-FZ – Flood Zone Overlay,” Article 1 Of Chapter 14 Entitled “Use Permits,” And Article 2 Of Chapter 14 Entitled “Rezoning, Conditional Zoning, And Zoning Ordinance Amendments” Of The Zoning Ordinance Of The City Of Hampton, Virginia Pertaining To The Correction Of Erroneous Citations Resulting From The Recodification Of The Zoning Ordinance Approved On March 25, 2015 And Enacted On June 1, 2015.
14.15-0246Rezoning Application No. 15-00001: by Todd Center, L.L.C., c/o Tower Park Corporation to rezone 3.13+ acres at 1700 Todds Lane [LRSN 3003904] and a portion of LRSN 3003903 from Limited Commercial (C-2) District to General Commercial (C-3) District with proffers, to facilitate the establishment of a mixed-use development to include: office, retail, and self-storage to create an e-commerce center.
 Use Permit
15.15-0247Use Permit Application No. 15-00001: by Todd Center, L.L.C., c/o Tower Park Corporation to operate the self-storage component of the proposed mixed-use development to include office, retail, and self-storage for the establishment of an e-commerce center.
16.15-0249Use Permit Application No. 15-00010: by Hampton University for a university use at 65 Marshall Avenue on Hampton Universities main campus [LRSN 12001034].
17.15-0241Ordinance Authorizing the Transfer of City Property Located at 17 Freeman Drive, Containing a Parcel for Pump Station 119 (LRSN 13001523), Comprising 2,500 Square Feet (0.0574 Acre), More or Less, and the Remaining Parcel at 17 Freeman Drive (LRSN 7000111), Comprising 12,508 Square Feet (0.2871 Acre), More or Less, from the City of Hampton to Hampton Roads Sanitation District
 General Items
18.15-0257to consider an appointment to the Peninsula Town Center Community Development Authority
19.15-0259to consider an appointment to the Building Code Board of Appeals
 Miscellaneous New Business
 Public Comment