Last Publish on 8/13/2014 11:28:57 AM
City Of Hampton, VA
22 Lincoln Street
Hampton, Va 23669
City Council - Evening Session
Council Chambers, 8th Floor, City Hall
Wednesday, August 13, 2014
7:00 PM
Linda Curtis, W. H. "Billy" Hobbs, Jr., Will Moffett, Teresa V. Schmidt, Chris Snead, Donnie R. Tuck, George E. Wallace, Mayor
Mary Bunting, City Manager
Vanessa T. Valldejuli, City Attorney
Katherine K. Glass, CMC, Clerk of Council

 INVOCATION - Councilman Billy Hobbs
 Consent Items
1.14-0319Approval of the minutes from the afternoon meeting of May 14, 2014, the special meeting (Oaths of Office), special meeting (Spotlight on Citizens - All America City), public comment session, and evening meeting of July 9, 2014, and from the special meeting (Retreat) on July 16, 2014.
2.14-0317Resolution accepting the donation of computer equipment totaling $6,197.28 donated from the Virginia Port Authority for use by our Dive Team.
3.14-0322Resolution Approving the City of Hampton, Virginia's Participation and Appropriation of the 2014-2015 Early Intervention Services for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities and their Families Contract Amendment, Part C of the Individual with Disabilities Education Act
4.14-0323Resolution Approving the City of Hampton, Virginia's Participation and Appropriation of the 2014-2015 Comprehensive Community Corrections Act and Pretrial Services Act Grant Funding Program through the Hampton-Newport News Criminal Justice Agency from the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services
5.14-0325Resolution to Approve and Appropriate Funds Awarded to Hampton Division of Fire & Rescue from the Financial Assistance for Emergency Medical Services Grant Program known as the Rescue Squad Assistance Fund Grant (RSAF) to Purchase Nine (9) King Vision Laryngoscopes Kits and Two (2) Lucas 2 Chest Compression Systems.
6.14-0326Resolution Determining Alvean Lyons, Inc. To Be The Only Source Practicably Available From Which To Procure Families Forward Resources And Services And Authorizing The Negotiation And Execution Of A Purchase Contract With Alvean Lyons, Inc. As "Sole Source”
7.14-0328Resolution to Approve and Appropriate 2015 Fire Programs Aid to Localities Funds from the Commonwealth of Virginia--Department of Fire Programs.
8.14-0329Resolution to Approve and Appropriate Funding Over the Full Amount of the 2014 Fire Programs Aid to Localities Funds from the Commonwealth of Virginia--Department of Fire Programs.
9.14-0330Resolution Approving the Appropriation of Additional Funds to the Capital Projects Fund for a VDOT HSIP Project at LaSalle Avenue and Queen Street
10.14-0331Re-adoption of the City of Hampton, Virginia’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)
11.14-0338Request for Refund for Tax Year 2014
12.14-0343Resolution Approving Fiscal Year 2014 Fourth Quarter Budget Adjustments
 Use Permit
13.14-0333Use Permit Application No. 14-00011: Proposal by Denise Gibson, to operate a Day Care 3 for approximately 60 children at 918 Big Bethel Road [LRSN 4001444].
14.14-0334Use Permit Application No. 14-00013: Proposal by Ben Johnson DBA Skin Deep, Inc. to operate a tattoo parlor at 1531 E. Pembroke [LRSN 12003420].
15.14-0341Ordinance to Amend and Reenact Chapter 35 of the City Code of the City of Hampton, Virginia by Amending: Section 35-11 of Article I Entitled “In General,” To Establish Fees for Review of Single Submission Subdivision Plats as Authorized by Va. Code § 15.2-2241.A.9; Sections 35-21 and 35-27 of Article II Entitled, “Preliminary Plat – Procedures,” Pertaining to Mandatory and Optional Preliminary Subdivision Plats and Effect of Approval; Sections 35-41, 35-43, and 35-50 of Article III Entitled, “Final Plat,” Pertaining to When Final Plats are Required, Contents of a Final Plat, and Effect of Approval; and Section 35-101 of Article V Entitled, “Development Plans – Requirements, Procedures for Permitting and Performance Assurances,” Pertaining to When Development Plans are Required.
16.14-0342Ordinance to Amend and Reenact Chapter 2 Entitled, “Definitions,” and Chapter 2.1 Entitled, “Uses Permitted,” of the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Hampton, Virginia By Amending Sections 2-2 and 2.1-2 Pertaining to Extended Stay Establishments and Hotels.
 General Items
17.14-0324An Ordinance to Amend and Reenact Chapter 9, Article VIII of the Code of the City of Hampton Entitled “Identification and Inspection of Rental Dwelling Units” by Amending Secs. 9-251 Pertaining to Notification, 9-252 Pertaining to Inspections and 9-268 Pertaining to Penalties
18.14-0327Ordinance to Amend and Re-Enact Chapter 2, Division 2 of the Code of the City of Hampton Entitled “Meetings” by Amending Secs. 2-36 and 2-43 Pertaining to Council Meetings and Deleting Sec. 2-45.1 Pertaining to Citizen Comment at Public Comment Periods
19.14-0346Ordinance to Amend and Re-Enact Chapter 37, Article II of the Code of the City of Hampton Entitled “Real Estate Taxes” by Amending Division 6, Sections 37-123 and 37-125 Pertaining to Certain Qualified Elderly and Disabled Persons Grandfathered Under the Prior Tax Exemption Program.
20.14-0321Resolution Approving the Amendment and Restatement of each of the Creation Agreement and Service Agreement of the Hampton Roads Regional Jail Authority
21.14-0332Resolution Approving a Governor’s Development Opportunity Fund Performance Agreement by and Among the City of Hampton, Virginia (the “City”), the Economic Development Authority of the City of Hampton (the “Authority”), The Fort Monroe Authority (“FMA”) and Liberty Source PBC, a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation (Doing Business in Virginia as Liberty Source PBC Corp.) (“Liberty”) and Transferring Proceeds Received From the Governor’s Development Opportunity Fund Grant to the Authority
22.14-0241to consider appointments to the 1619 Commission
23.14-0340to consider an appointment to the Peninsula Town Center Community Development Authority
24.14-0320Briefing at the one year mark after Council approved addition of Chapter 5, Animals, Article II, Agricultural Animals, Section 5.24.1 Location and Maintenance of Domestic Chickens Generally.
25.14-0335Briefing on Ordinance Amendments Pertaining Pertaining to Construction Requirements for New Construction and Substantial Improvements for Properties Located Within Flood Zone Districts
 Miscellaneous New Business
26.14-0246to consider the appointment of council liaisons to various Boards, Commissions and Committees.