Last Publish on 9/27/2005 12:10:17 PM
City Of Hampton, VA
22 Lincoln Street
Hampton, Va 23669
City Council - Evening Session
Council Chambers, 8th Floor, City Hall
Wednesday, September 28, 2005
7:30 PM
Randall A. Gilliland, Angela Lee Leary, Charles N. Sapp, Joseph H. Spencer, II, Turner M. Spencer, Rhet Tignor, Ross A. Kearney, II, Mayor
Jesse T. Wallace Jr., City Manager
A. Paul Burton, City Attorney
Brenda J. Vaccarelli, Clerk of Council
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 Consent Items - First Reading
1.05-0418Resolution appropriating an amount not to exceed $5800 from the contingency fund to perform an archaeological survey on Fort Wool, as outlined in the scope of services dated September 8, 2005, to the City Managers Office
2.05-0472Proposed acquisition of property, known as 1511 N. Armistead Avenue, from Tina D. Benchic.
3.05-0481Acquisition of easement from Emrose Hampton, LC., (Bojangles) on property located at 1599 Briarfield Road.
4.05-0500Acquisition of eight (8) fee right-of-way parcels from various property owners on Joynes Road.
5.05-0610Proposed acquisition of two parcels of property, known as 1614 Pembroke Avenue W and 1554 Pembroke Avenue W also known as 1554-1556 Pembroke Avenue W, from John T. Doran.
6.05-0611Proposed acquisition of property, known as 601 Armistead Avenue N, from G.B.’S Towing & Auto Repair, Inc.
 Consent Items - Other
7.05-0335COPS 2005 Technology Grant
8.05-0340Department of Homeland Security, Office of Domestic Preparedness, through the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, Fiscal Year 2005 Citizen Corps Grant
9.05-0342Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant 2005
10.05-0513Acceptance of Donation from L. Nelson Farley
11.05-0549Holiday Schedule, Calendar Year 2006
12.05-0568In Recognition of the First Civil Engineer Squadron, Langley Air Force Base.
13.05-0565Proclamation in Recognition of the St. George Brewing Company, Winner of the 2005 Virginia Beer Cup for Excellence.
14.05-0598Proclaiming October as Disability Awareness Month.
15.05-0427Plaque Presentation to the Northampton Cheerleaders and Fair Distributing for their 2nd Year Contribution of Services to City of Hampton Employee Appreciation Cookout
16.05-0534Presentation regarding the 2005 United Way Campaign.
17.05-0345Public hearing to review Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnership (HOME) Program performance and to obtain the vewis of citizens on housing and community development needs in the city of Hampton.
18.05-0413Annual Report of the Neighborhood Commission
 Rezonings - Second Reading
19.05-0567Rezoning Application No.1213 by Claude Lym to rezone 0.67+/- acres fronting 205 +/- along the east side of Bethel Road beginning 510’+/- north of its intersection with Todds Lane from Neighborhood Commercial (C-1) District to General Commercial (C-3) District with conditions for the expansion of an existing self storage facility
20.05-0579Rezoning Application No.1210 by Thomas Chandler to rezone 7.0+/- acres at 2809 North Armistead Avenue from One Family Residence (R-11) District to General Commercial (C-3) District for self storage units.
21.05-0580Rezoning Application No.1211 by Frank Cotrupi to rezone 3.7+/- acres at 1343 Big Bethel Road from One Family Residence (R-11) District to General Commercial (C-3) District for self storage units and 6.4+/- acres Residential Transition (R-T) for an office.
 Ordinances - Second Reading
22.05-0589An Ordinance to amend and reenact Chapter 2 of the City Code of the City of Hampton, Virginia by creating a New Article XVI, Titled “ The “H2O Community Development Authority”.
 General Items
23.05-0554Appointment to Peninsula Disability Services Board.
24.05-0564Appointments to the Golf Course Advisory Committee.
25.05-0581Appointment to the Hampton Employees' Retirement System (HERS) Board.
26.05-0582Appointments to the Hampton Arts Commission.
27.05-0593Appointment to the Federal Area Development Authority
28.05-0594Appointment to the Social Services Local Advisory Board
29.05-0533Appointments to Hampton Senior Citizens' Advisory Committee
30.05-0602Appointment to the Hampton Clean City Commission.
31.05-0604Appointment to Peninsula Agency on Aging, Inc.
32.05-0325Appointment to the Industrial Development Authority.
33.05-0343Appointments to the Neighborhood Commission
34.05-0570Appointment to Building Code Board of Appeals
 Other Items
35.05-0512Appeal of Refusal of Taxi Driver Permit
36.05-0309Addition of Division 7 entitled, "Fuel Charge" to the current City Code Chapter relating to vehicles for hire.
 Audiences Granted to the General Public
 Miscellaneous New Business