Last Publish on 8/4/2010 4:14:13 PM
City Of Hampton, VA
22 Lincoln Street
Hampton, Va 23669
City Council - Evening Session
Council Chambers, 8th Floor, City Hall
Wednesday, August 11, 2010
7:00 PM
Ross A. Kearney, II, Angela Lee Leary, Will Moffett, Christopher G. Stuart, Donnie R. Tuck, George E. Wallace, Molly Joseph Ward, Mayor
Mary Bunting, City Manager
Cynthia Hudson, City Attorney
Katherine K. Glass, CMC, Clerk of Council
Brenda J. Vaccarelli, Deputy Clerk

 INVOCATION - Councilwoman Angela Lee Leary
1.10-0361Hampton Sister Cities Report
2.10-0311Blight Management Briefing
 Consent Items
3.10-0334Approval of the minutes from the evening session of June 9, 2010; the special meeting of July 1, 2010; and the afternoon and public comment sessions of July 14, 2010.
4.10-0336Resolution Accepting and Appropriating Federal and State Disaster Assistance Grant Funding Received From the Commonwealth of Virginia for Eligible Expenditures Incurred as a Result of the November 2009 Nor'easter Storm
5.10-0337Resolution Requesting Renaming Hefflefinger Street to Albert Simpson Street from the Intersection of Rowe Street to the Intersection of Guy Street.
6.10-0339Resolution Approving the City of Hampton, Virginia's Acceptance and Appropriation of the Virginia Department of Emergency Management Hazmat Equipment and Training Grant of the 2009 State Homeland Security Program Grant from the National Preparedness Directorate, United States Department of Homeland Security
7.10-0340Resolution Approving the City of Hampton, Virginia's Participation and Appropriation in the 2011 Homeless Intervention Program Through the Hampton Department of Human Services from the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development.
8.10-0341Department of Homeland Security - FY 2009 Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program
9.10-0342Resolution Approving the City of Hampton, Virginia's Participation and Appropriation of the 2010-2011 comprehensive Community Corrections Act and Pretrial Services Act Grant Funding Program Through the Hampton-Newport News Criminal Justice Agency from the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.
10.10-0344Resolution Approving the City of Hampton, Virginia's Participation and Appropriation of the Virginia Operational Integration Cyber Center of Excellence (VOICCE) Grant Funding Program Through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security National Cyber Security Division.
11.10-0345Resolution to Accept a Donation of New Crossfit Exercise Equipment for Hampton Fire & Rescue from CrossFit Hampton Roads.
12.10-0346Resolution Approving the City of Hampton, Virginia's Participation and Appropriation of the 2010-2011 Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program Through the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.
13.10-0347Resolution Authorizing the Re-Appropriation of $224,844.00 from the General Fund balance to the Hampton Redevelopment and Housing Authority’s Hampton Business Incentives Corporation
14.10-0353Resolution Approving FY2010 4th Quarter Budget Adjustments
15.10-0355Resolution approving sole source acquisition of services from J Wandling Consulting for the City of Hampton Department of Information Technology to perform technical solutions support and development.
16.10-0357Resolution Re-adopting the City of Hampton, Virginia’s Emergency Operations Plan
17.10-0358Resolution Determining Christine Snead To Be The Only Source Practicably Available From Which To Procure Budget Management Training and Transition Services And Authorizing The Negotiation And Execution Of A Service Contract With Christine Snead As “Sole Source”
18.10-0364Resolution of the Hampton City Council Approving and Authorizing Submission to the State of the Fiscal Year 2011 Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board Performance Contract.
19.10-0366Resolution Authorizing The Acceptance of Money Donated To The City By RK Toyota For Hampton History Museum
20.10-0348Ordinance to amend and reenact the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Hampton, Virginia by repealing chapter 2 entitled “Definitions”, section 17.3-62 entitled “Definitions,” section 17.3-69 entitled “Boundaries and Definitions”, “section 17.3-115, entitled “Definitions,” section 17.3-122 entitled “Definitions,” and section 17.3-137 entitled “Definitions,” and by amending and reenacting sections 3-1, 3.1-2, 3.2-2, 3.3-2, 3.4-2, 4-1, 5-1, 17.2-3, 17.3-46, 17.3-54, 17.3-72, 17.3-123, and 18-21, and by adding a new chapter 2.1, entitled “Definitions” and a new section 18.23 entitled “Home Occupations.”
21.10-0349Ordinance to amend and reenact Article V of the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Hampton, Virginia entitled “Flood Zone District” by repealing Article V in its entirety and replacing Article V with section 17.3-31 through and including section 17.3-36.
 Use Permit
22.10-0302Use Permit Application No. 1065 by Langley View, LLC to place fill and crush an existing mound of concrete on a 36.1± acre lot located on the north side of Potter Lane, approximately 2,500 feet east of Armistead Avenue (LRSN 6000826).
23.10-0350Use Permit Application No. 1066 by Kings Way Montessori School Ltd. to allow a school at Hampton Baptist Church located at 40 Kings Way (LRSNs 2002979, 2002994 & 2002995).
 Conditional Privilege
24.10-0351Conditional Privilege Application No. 109 by Smiles and Giggles Learning Center Incorporated to allow operation of a Day Care 3 at Langley Christian Church located at 175 Fox Hill Road (LRSN 8003570).
25.10-0352Resolution authorizing the execution of a Lease Agreement between the City of Hampton and Girls, Inc. to lease 4051 sq.ft. of the Y.H. Thomas School Building at 1300 Thomas Street.
26.10-0354Resolution authorizing the execution of a Lease Agreement between the City of Hampton and Inspiring Minds to lease 6398 sq. ft. of the Y. H. Thomas School Building located at 1300 Thomas Street.
 General Items
27.10-0356Ordinance to amend and reenact Chapter 21 of the Code of the City of Hampton, “Motor Vehicles and Traffic”, Article VI “Pedestrians”, Section 21-188 “Distribution of handbills, solicitation of contributions and sales of goods or services on public roads and designated highways prohibited”.
28.10-0338to consider the appointment of an alternate to the Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads
29.10-0343to consider an appointment to the Wetlands Board
 Miscellaneous New Business