Last Publish on 2/27/2008 6:07:34 PM
City Of Hampton, VA
22 Lincoln Street
Hampton, Va 23669
City Council - Afternoon Session
Council Chambers, 8th Floor, City Hall
Wednesday, February 27, 2008
2:01:35 PM
Anderson W. Clary, Jr., Randall A. Gilliland, Angela Lee Leary, Charles N. Sapp, Joseph H. Spencer, II, Paige V. Washington, Ross A. Kearney, II, Mayor
Jesse T. Wallace Jr., City Manager
Cynthia Hudson, City Attorney
Katherine K. Glass, Clerk of Council

Call to Order
  The Mayor indicated that Vice Mayor Gilliland would be arriving a bit late and Councilman Washington continues to recuperate from his surgery.

Vice Mayor Gilliland joined the meeting at about 3:40 p.m.
1.08-0070Buckroe Park Expansion & Public Improvements – Project Status Report
ACTION: Presented by Terry P. O'Neill, Jr., Planning Director; Fred Whitley, City Engineer; Jim Wilson, Director of Parks and Recreation; and the City Manager, Jesse T. Wallace, Jr.
Regional Issues
New Business
  Councilwoman Leary brought two citizen inquiries to record. Councilwoman Leary was asked by a citizen what the HBIC was and found some information on the City's website. She also met with a citizen today to discuss his request for a permit to add on to his primary residence. She wanted this matter put to record. It involves 205 Hampton Avenue and she provided the Clerk with a copy of a signed statement concerning the meeting.
  Mayor Kearney indicated he was approached by citizens who live next to a holding pond and they inquired as to who was responsible for cleaning holding ponds. He asked the Manager to report back on this issue.

Mayor Kearney initiated a discussion of the Hampton Roads Transportation Authority (HRTA) . He indicated that Councilman Sapp represents Hampton on the HRTA and suggested it might be appropriate for Council to give some guidance on the City's position. Councilman Sapp said he would be willing to try to get an agenda item before HRTA to further delay the imposition of taxes if that is Council's desire. His sense is that the City's best interest is served if he continues to participate and try to effect change. The Mayor will attempt to get the issue placed on the agenda for discussion at the next meeting of the Peninsula Mayors and Chairs group.
Closed Meeting
08-0062Closed session as provided in Virginia Code Section 2.23711.A.1, .3 and .7
ACTION: Approved

MOVER: Councilmember Joseph H. Spencer, II.
SECONDER: Councilmember Angela Lee Leary.
08-0079to discuss the acquisition of real property for a public purpose in the Phoebus area where discussion in an open meeting would adversely affect the bargaining position or negotiating strategy of the City.

08-0080to discuss or consider the acquisition of real property in the Buckroe area for a public purpose, or the disposition of publicly held real property, where discussion in an open meeting would adversely affect the bargaining position or negotiating strategy of the City.

08-0084to discuss or consider the disposition of publicly held real property in the Downtown Hampton area, where discussion in an open meeting would adversely affect the bargaining position or negotiating strategy of the City.

08-0085to consult with legal counsel employed or retained by the City regarding specific legal matters requiring the provision of legal advice by such counsel with respect to state funding issues.

08-0086to discuss personnel matters involving land development.

07-0684to consider an appointment of an alternate to the Wetlands Board.

08-0021to consider appointments to Hampton’s 2010 Celebration Committee

08-0040to consider the appointment of an alternate to the H2O Community Development Authority.

2.08-0063Resolution Certifying Closed Session
ACTION: Adopted

MOVER: Councilmember Angela Lee Leary.
SECONDER: Councilmember Anderson W. Clary, Jr..