Last Publish on 10/19/2009 4:05:55 PM
City Of Hampton, VA
22 Lincoln Street
Hampton, Va 23669
City Council - Afternoon Session
Council Chambers, 8th Floor, City Hall
Wednesday, October 14, 2009
1:04:22 PM
Randall A. Gilliland, Ross A. Kearney, II, Angela Lee Leary, Joseph H. Spencer, II, George E. Wallace, Paige V. Washington, Jr., Molly Joseph Ward, Mayor
J. B. Oliver, Jr., Interim City Manager
Cynthia Hudson, City Attorney
Katherine K. Glass, Clerk of Council

Call to Order
  Councilwoman Leary was not present at roll call but arrived a few moments later.

Assistant City Manager, Mary Bunting, substituted for Interim City Manager, J. B. Oliver, Jr., due to his planned absence. Mr. Oliver was able to be present for the meeting but Ms. Bunting handled the meeting since that is what was planned.
1.09-04262010 - 400th Anniversary Committee Update
ACTION: Presented by Gwen Cumming and Will Moffett, Co-Chairmen of the committee. The committee is assisted by staff Art Thatcher, Erin Black, and John Eagle. Other committee members were also present.
2.09-0437Discussion of City of Hampton’s Bond Capacity and Prioritization of Projects Dependent on Bond Funds
ACTION: Presented by Karl Daughtrey, Director of Finance, and Chris Snead, Budget Director.
Regional Issues
New Business
  Councilman Kearney indicated that he had questions on some items on the evening agenda and wanted to get them answered before the evening meeting if possible so the evening meeting wouldn't be unnecessarily delayed.

He had a question about what else the City was gaining from the tenant on item #22 and Ms. Bunting explained. Councilman Kearney indicated he had comments on the ordinance concerning awnings that he'll make tonight. He also questioned the residency requirement and the possibility of expanding it to public safety officials. The City Attorney indicated Hampton is limited by state law. Councilman Kearney inquired about the possibility of requesting a Charter change to allow it and Councilman Wallace indicated that the public safety department heads should be consulted.

On item #30, Councilman Kearney questioned the value mentioned for Downtown property and its conflict with other information he recently saw. The City Attorney indicated the rate was calculated based on comparable space Downtown which doesn't necessarily reflect the value of all Downtown property. Councilman Kearney asked for a copy of the report used.

Councilman Wallace expressed some questions on evening agenda item #2. Councilwoman Leary also had some questions on that item and plans to meet with Mr. Peterson on the item in between the afternoon and evening sessions.

Council was also provided with a map concerning the HRSD easement on the evening agenda.
3.09-0442I move to add the word "only" to the beginning of the last sentence of the resolutions proposed under agenda items 09-0411 and 09-0412 on the evening agenda for clarity.
ACTION: Approved

MOVER: Councilmember George E. Wallace.
SECONDER: Councilmember Ross A. Kearney, II.
Closed Meeting
09-0428Closed Session as provided in Virginia Code Section 22.1-3711A.1, .3 and .7
ACTION: Approved

MOVER: Councilmember Ross A. Kearney, II.
SECONDER: Councilmember Joseph H. Spencer, II.
09-0431to consult with legal counsel employed or retained by the City regarding specific legal matters requiring the provision of legal advice by such counsel and to discuss threatened litigation.

09-0432to discuss or consider the acquisition and or disposition of real property in the Buckroe area for a public purpose, where discussion in an open meeting would adversely affect the bargaining position or negotiating strategy of the City.

09-0435to discuss personnel matters involving a Council member and the City Manager

09-0316to consider an appointment to the Hampton Federal Area Development Authority

09-0317to consider appointments to the Planning Commission

09-0384to consider an appointment to the Fort Monroe Federal Area Development Authority.

09-0404to consider appointments to the Mayor's Committee for People with Disabilities

09-0427to consider appointments to the Neighborhood Commission

4.09-0429Resolution Certifying Closed Session
ACTION: Adopted - Councilwoman Leary stated that she believed the portion of item #09-0435 which dealt with a personnel matter concerning a City Council member was not a proper subject for closed session.

MOVER: Councilmember Paige V. Washington, Jr..
SECONDER: Councilmember Ross A. Kearney, II.
  Following closed session, Councilman Wallace indicated that he would like to remove item #14 from tonight's Consent Agenda to explain the LED lights. He also asked that the Council consider expanding the Purchasing & Procurement Oversight Committee to include an appointee from the School Board. The City Attorney will bring this to a future Council meeting.

Councilman Kearney discussed the awning ordinance with staff and staff is willing to change the ordinance to not require a change in the amount of insurance yet the ordinance will achieve the most important issue which is to obtain coverage over a wider range of encroachments rather than the amount of coverage.