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City Of Hampton, VA
22 Lincoln Street
Hampton, Va 23669
City Council - Afternoon Session
Council Chambers, 8th Floor, City Hall
Wednesday, November 10, 2010
1:40 PM
Ross A. Kearney, II, Angela Lee Leary, Will Moffett, Christopher G. Stuart, Donnie R. Tuck, George E. Wallace, Molly Joseph Ward, Mayor
Mary Bunting, City Manager
Cynthia Hudson, City Attorney
Katherine K. Glass, CMC, Clerk of Council

Call to Order
1.10-0460Discussion - Ensuring Desired Development of Publicly Owned Real Property
ACTION: Moved to remove this item from the agenda to be discussed in a broader context at a future session of Council within a few months following the holidays.

MOVER: Councilmember Ross A. Kearney, II.
SECONDER: Councilmember Will Moffett.
2.10-0478Discussion of Just Compensation to Frank Ottofaro, Sr. for Property Acquisition
ACTION: Presented by Councilman Tuck. Councilman Tuck distributed documents in connection with the discussion of this agenda item and made a statement of his thoughts on the matter in support of his position that Mr. Ottofaro should have been compensated at the same rate as others who were similarly situated. Councilwoman Leary stated that she concurred with Councilman Tuck's position.
ACTION: Moved to authorize the City Attorney to meet with Mr. Ottofaro and come up with equal compensation that the others received based on the forumulas that were used for the other owners of properties on Spaulding Drive.

The motion failed.

MOVER: Councilmember Donnie R. Tuck.
SECONDER: Councilmember Angela Lee Leary.
3.10-0485Briefing on Status of Ft. Monroe
ACTION: Presented by Mary Bunting, City Manager.
Regional Issues
New Business
  Councilman Kearney asked the City Manager to ensure that the appropriate research is done by the Police Department to ensure that the moped issue is included in Hampton's legislative package for this year's session of the General Assembly.

Mayor Ward made a statement about the Council/Manager form of government and about the disruption that is caused when members of Council go directly to staff for information.

Councilwoman Leary echoed Councilman Kearney's wishes on the moped issue. She also requested that any instances of Council members going directly to staff need to be documented.

A short discussion took place on the difficulties which arise when members of Council go directly to staff for information. Mayor Ward indicated there were several instances of this and the chain of command should be respected. Vice Mayor Wallace indicated the topic was not intended to be personal but rather a reminder of how communication should take place. Councilwoman Leary indicated that if there was a desire to move to the strong mayor form of government it should be discussed openly. Councilman Moffett asked the Manager to clarify the appropriate way to communicate and the Manager responded.
Closed Meeting
10-0465Closed session as provided in Virginia Code Section 2.2-3711.A.1, .3, .7 and .29
ACTION: Approved

MOVER: Councilmember Ross A. Kearney, II.
SECONDER: Vice Mayor George E. Wallace.
10-0475to consider appointments to the Neighborhood Commission

10-0481to consider appointments to the Hampton Federal Area Development Authority

10-0482to consider the appointment of an alternate to the Wetlands Board

10-0483to consider appointments to the Mayor's Committee for People with Disabilities.

10-0489to discuss the acquisition of real property in the Buckroe area of the City where discussion in open session would adversely affect the bargaining position or negotiating strategy of the City.

10-0493to discuss the award of a public contract involving the expenditure of public funds where discussion in an open session would adversely affect the bargaining position or negotiating strategy of the city.

10-0492to consult with legal counsel employed by the city regarding specific legal matters pertaining to Ft. Monroe and requiring the advice of such counsel.

4.10-0466Resolution Certifying Closed Session
ACTION: Adopted - Councilman Moffett left during the closed session prior to the certification vote.

MOVER: Councilmember Angela Lee Leary.
SECONDER: Vice Mayor George E. Wallace.